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5 easy steps to make a hair bun

5 easy steps to make a hair bun

Hair buns are the most comfortable and easy to wear hairstyle. Despite being simple they give a sleek and stylish look to your hair. 

A Hair bun is a hairstyle in which your hair is pulled back into a pony and then it is twisted or plaited then wrapped around and secured.

Here are 6 types of Hair buns which you can try out by just following 5 simple steps!

1) Classic Top-Knot hair bun

hair bun

1st step- Pick your hair up into a high ponytail

*The height of the pony tail depends on how high up you want your top-knot  to be. Use a comb to give it a clean look, or if you want your bun to be messy just use your hands to make your pony.

2nd step- Once you got your ponytail start twisting it.

3rd step- Then you wrap up the twisted hair into a bun and hold it.

4th step- To secure your bun tie it with a hair tie.

5th step- loosen up your bun to give it more volume.

*To secure the bun more firmly after loosening use bobby pins or U-pins.


2) Messy bun

hair bun

1st step-Bring your hair up to a high ponytail. 

*to the height you want your bun to be.

2nd step- Take a hair tie and put your hair through it, then twist your hair tie.

3rd step- Then bring the hair tie over to your hair and put your hair through it and stop half way.

4th step- Now scoop the hair left backwards and secure it with a hair tie.

5th step- Then try to fix it around.

*loosen or tighten up your bun according to your liking and there you go, now you have a cute messy bun! 


3)Braided/Plaited hair bun

Step 1- Pull your hair up into a ponytail

*to the height you want your bun to be, use a comb for a neat look.

Step 2 – Now simply braid your ponytail till the end and hold it

*you don’t need to use a elastic to tie it because you’ll secure it with a bobby pin, if you feel the need to use a elastic then use a clear elastic to reduce its visibility in order to attain a clean look.

Step 3- Now twist the braided hair into a bun.

Step 4- Secure the bun with a few bobby pins.

Step 5- Use a hairspray to set the bun.{This is an optional step}

*This hairstyle can be worn in a wide range of clothing. You can wear it with a jean and top or with a saree and it would suit both perfectly!


4)Ponytail bun-



Step 1- Pull your hair into a ponytail preferably in the midsection of your head.

Step 2- Take a hair tie and put your hair through it once. 

Step 3- twist your hair tie and put your hair through it once again.

Step 4- But this time don’t pull your hair ends all the way, this will give it a look of both a ponytail and a bun!

Step 5-Now to secure the bun just twist your hair tie around it once again.

*a life saving and time saving hair bun for whenever you get too lazy to do your hair.


 5)Space buns-

Step 1- Part your hair down the middle.

*comb your hair until it is knot free.

Step 2- Make two pigtails on your head where you want your space buns to be.

*Back comb your hair if you feel like you want to give it more volume.

Step 3- Lift one ponytail up to the crown section of your head ,then twist then pigtail away from your face.

Step 4- Now wrap it up into a bun and secure it with bobby pins, Loosen up your bun until you like the way it looks!

Step 5- Now repeat the step on your other pigtail and your space buns are ready to serve!

Space buns are originally a Japanese hairstyle and they call it “odango” which also means a Japanese dumpling.


6) French twist-



Step 1- Make a low ponytail and pull your hair in your crown section to give your hair more volume.

*The ponytail can be loose or tight, however you would like it!

Step 2- Now hold your ponytail in your right hand and take your index and middle finger on your left hand and tightly wrap the base of your ponytail up over your fingers to the right.

Step 3- Hook and twist your fingers to the left one full turn counter-clockwise as you bring it to your head, use your right hand to keep the ends at the bottom secure.

Step 4- Hold your hair tightly in place and with your right hand gently pull the base of your twist upwards to finish the French twist.

  • Step 5- Now secure the twist with French pins or U-pin. 

            Start at the bottom, hook the pin to the right then push it against your head and in towards the middle.

*You might need 5 to 6 U-pins. Use as many as you need to secure your twist tightly.

You can also use a large claw clip to secure it.


Hair bun facts:


  •  A bun can be secured using a hair tie, barrette, bobby pins, a hair stick, a hair net or simply a pen or pencil you are not using.
  • Hair buns are a unisexual hairstyle so anyone with medium hair length can wear a hair bun!


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