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5-Self-Help Books To Get Enlightened

5 -Self-Help Books To Get Enlightened

Self -Help Books are always there for you, no matter what is the situation. They never feel bad, they listen to you and always give you knowledge that will help you in the future. Self-help books are the best companion for Self Empowerment. When it comes to thought, a reading may help you. When you read something, that goes into your mind. So, Always try to read something positive that will you for forever. This is the proper feeding for your mind. Everyone has a different taste for books. Some go for Romantic Books. Some people like reading horror stories or others may like thrilling ones. But for our mind, we should always have a connection with some positive books. I love to know if you write here the name of books. Those books, that may help you during your rotten phase of life.

Life Is What You Make It-

A well-written Self-Help Book about a girl by well-known writer Preeti Shenoy. This Self -Help book helps many of us to know exactly what we want. The book is about a girl who has bipolar disorder and then how she has started her struggle. It will help you to understand that small things do matter in life. Once a girl was a topper and then she was not able to read the books. How she again reached from bottom to the top by using small techniques. When we live in this life we often forget the basic things. But this book may help you to understand yourself in a better way. Do read such kind of books on life.

Self -Help Book-By Preeti Shenoy
Life is What You Make it- By Preeti Shenoy

You Can Heal Your Life- One of the Self-Help Book For Healing –

Many of you heard about positive affirmations, right? This is one of the well-known books. This Self-Help book deals with the positive power of affirmations. How do things work? once if you have started saying this you will know this. When you talk to yourself in front of the mirror, things go into your subconscious mind. You start visualizing that. Soon that becomes reality. This book has positive affirmation for each problem and discusses the criteria for doing it well. The book is available on Amazon.

Self-Help Books
You can heal Your life- By Louise Hay

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck -Attitude Self-Help Books-

When we start thinking about something, we stress ourselves a lot. Overthinking creates a situation like anxiety. When we worry about something, most of the things don’t happen. When you care about things a lot, you start having a fear. We all have to go from sufferings. When we start thinking about them. We start to give more power to problems. Everyone should change this perspective, start living positively. One of the books for Self Help and self-empowerment. This book is available on snapdeal, amazon, Flipkart.

Self-Help Book by Mark Manson
The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck- By Mark Manson

The Power of Your Sub Conscious Mind- Best Self-Help books of all time-

This book will give you all the answers to your questions. We see why one person is happy and the other is anxious? Why one person is still happy, healed, fine with ample of incurable diseases, why not the other one. How does your subconscious mind works? This book is an amalgamation of different things. It changes the perception of people. Diseases were also curable during ancient times. So many questions and this one book. So, start reading this for self- empowerment and you will get all the answers soon.

Self-Help Book by Dr Joseph Murphy
The Power of Your subconscious mind -By Dr. Joseph Murphy

Year Of Yes-

This Self-Help book writes this Self-Care book by SHONDA RHIMES. Start saying yes to the things that you may feel scary. Once you do, you will start pushing yourself. When you say yes to things, new opportunities come in front of you. You feel confident when you start taking risks. Soon you can see yourself on the top of the world. New things are waiting for you so start reading and exploring more.

Self-Help Book by Shonda Rhimes
Year Of Yes-By Shonda Rhimes

Here are the picks of our favorites Self-Help books, comment yours down below and let us know. And remember self-help is the best to help!

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