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Why Instagram Usernames Matter And How To Create The Best One?


In this age, social media plays a very significant role in almost everyone’s life. It has become one’s virtual avatar in the internet world. Besides, we all have unique names, yet some people may carry common words. However, personality differs from one to another. 

So, eventually, the username, the name that we represent ourselves to people on social media, is a prominent and demanding detail. 

As you see, if you are deciding to engage yourself on social media, of course, you need a nice username that will make you stand out from the billions of crowd.

Especially, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are accustomed to having millions of users, which thereby requires an exceptional amount of work on your username to attract or be forgettable among your followers.

As a whole, if you keep all these things in mind, I hope at the end of the article, you may have some idea on how to create an iconic username. Remember, it has to be ICONIC, such that whoever comes across your profile, must leave with a recognizable ring to it. 

Instagram usernames

It’s no surprise that there have already been a lot of great usernames taken on Instagram since there are 800 million users! It’s still okay, you’ll find the perfect username for your account.

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Why do we need a good Instagram username?

Consider you are commenting on a public account post, and your comment is in fact interesting. Now it manages to get the attention of several Instagrams and eventually, people will look at your profile.
As you see, besides your comment, your profile, which mainly consists of a username and a tiny version of your profile picture the only two things that are shown to the other users. 

A profile picture is up to you, you can either keep it or not, but, coming to a username, you should have one, and that too has to be a unique one. 

As a result, if your username is unique enough to attract attention, you’ve literally won the Instagram game. Continue reading, to know the secrets of coming up with trendy yet sleek usernames ever! 

A good example of why username matters: 

We all might’ve known of big celebrities’ Instagram IDs. For instance, let’s take the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan; if we type ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ in the search, we often come across his fan accounts, and never his original account in the first few searches. Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan’s Instagram ID username is @iamsrk.


Well, I am not commenting on his username, it is just that he is a star, and of course, there will be so many accounts (especially fan accounts) with his name as the username. Eventually, coming up with a smart username is the most viable option in 2022. Besides, no one wants their username to be an already existing one, right?

Things to consider while creating a username:

#1 Simple to spell 

On the other hand, usernames are often chosen to be easy to remember. Such as, if people are looking for you on the internet, most of the time, names that are easily spelled are remembered longer than ever. 

#2 Relevance

Does your chosen username make any sense with your content? 

Let’s say, if your account is related to food, then choose something that strongly attracts foodies. Or, if it is about dogs or animals in particular, then come with your dog name as your username. But remember, make it simple as well as creative to sound. Because anyone would possibly search for you on the internet, and no one wants it to be a laborious process, am I right?  

#3 No overwriting

Keep it clean and crisp. Instead of filling with numbers and special characters, use only alphabets. Since I personally feel a proper username is something that looks short and neat. The neater the bio and username are, the better the profile will be! 

Other Tricks and tips to create the best Instant Insta-usernames: 

  • Make sure, the username you are crafting has a sound pronunciation, moreover, an easy one. 
  • Use partial names and phone numbers and never your full name. 
  • Never and ever use your email ID as your instagram. 
  • When opening social media accounts, especially financial accounts don’t use the same username and password
  • Reusing the same username over and over makes it easier to track you as well as uninteresting. 
  • You can also add some of your favorite words while creating a username. Like if you are a dog lover, adding your dog’s name alongside a profile picture of you and your dog will inevitably captivate many people, including me!
  • Make sure your username does not give away your password, like a series of numbers or letters, or the first word of a two-part phrase.
  • When choosing a username, make sure it reflects the account type, such as business, social, or personal. 

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Still clueless about settling on the right username?

Besides, coming up with your own username is quite hard and tricky. So, in that case, there are several username generators available online. All it needs is time to get installed and your preference, and you are all set to craft a whole new and unique username. 

In the username generator, there are various choices, you can choose your username, such as: 

  • The drop-down menus let you customize a username by choosing a random category.
  • Or using one to 50 characters, choose a username that is easy to pronounce or read.
  • Or you can enter a favorite word and the generator will provide dozens of options with that word in them.
  • The username should reflect your personality – whether it’s a screen name, a Twitter name, a medieval name, or an elf name – if people will see it.

Top 10 Username generators with the maximum downloads:

  1. Jimpix
  2. Fancy Text 
  3. Nordpress
  4. WeShare
  5. LastPass
  6. Lingojam
  7. Nitreo 
  8. IUG


Usernames are to be chosen in such a way that they should be offbeat, so whoever comes across your profile on Instagram, will surely remember you; it doesn’t matter who you are, but your username indeed will. In that case, picking a suitable username is the only possible option, to carry your weight on your Insta wala friends. 



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