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Abhay 2 Trailer Holds The Thrill Firmly For The Audience

Abhay 2_derje

Abhay Web Series, Stay Awaited fro Ram Kapoor Transformation

The ZEE5 Original Hindi crime thriller, Abhay, emerges with a brand new season, Abhay 2 that is filled with more suspense hidden in its fold. Just like Abhay, season one, there are high expectations from the audience’s corner as it seems to have presented in a much darker and murkier tone. The lead character, Kunal Khemmu will be shown once again in the skin of Abhay Pratap Singh, the investigation officer who will again be seen solving puzzles to get closer to the root of the crime.

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Officer Abhay Pratap Singh

Abhay season 2 and abhay web series with kunal khemu instagram and ram kapoor transformation_derje
A still from Abhay Web Series of Season 1, follow on Kunal Khemu Instagram

To talk about Abhay, he has been portrayed as not an ordinary character but a heroic figure that possess a clear concept about the criminal mind as well and criminal acts. However, like any other ordinary man, he also has a haunting past that gives light to validate his present paranoia. It is because of his traumatic experiences from the past that Abhay Singh Pratap has been brought into the dark world.

The character of Abhay, in Abhay 2 will bring up the character of Abhay Singh Pratap to confront many other challenges. Now what awaits is what are the new situations that Abhay will fall in Abhay 2 and most importantly how he is going to solve them and resolve the criminal cases that will be shown in the series.

What The Trailer of Abhay 2 Unfolds

Abhay season 2 and abhay web series with kunal khemu instagram and ram kapoor transformation_derje
See Kunal Khemu Instagram and Ram Kapoor Transformation in Abhay Season 2

The trailer of Abhay 2 has revealed that the officer will be facing a sharp-minded criminal, played by Ram Kapoor, who will be involved in the act of kidnapping little children in the city. He would even blackmail officer Abhay by playing games with him. The audience gets to know about the condition that has been put in front of Abhay. Kapoor, in the character of the villain, puts out a set of rules that Abhay has to follow to save the children.

Abhay 2 is based and inspired by true events, where the protagonist, officer Abhay, sets out to investigate the dark gruesome world of crime. Apart from saving the lives of innocent children, he will also be fighting against the inner demons that haunted him.

Unlike season one, which comprises 8 episodes for different cases, this season of Abhay 2 is a bit different from the first season where there were many more cases that he has been solving in every episode. This creates a belief that the audience will need to stick to the end of the season to know about the resolution of the entire story that Abhay 2 will be depicting. He has even portrayed as a man who can go up to any extent to resolve a case. He carries his chase for the villains and criminals with his witty mind and unique interpretations.

Casts of Abhay 2

Abhay season 2 and abhay web series with kunal khemu instagram and ram kapoor transformation_derje
Ram Kapoor Transformation for Abhay 2

With director of the series Abhay 2, Ken Ghosh, there will be many other characters in the season such as Chunky Pandey who will play the double-faced criminal, Asha Negi will be seen as a journalist, Snadeepa Dhar as Inspector Komal, Elnaaz Norouzi as Officer Natasha, Anupriya Goenka as Supriya and so on.

The Actor of Abhay 2, Kunal Khemmu has reported how his inbox is flooding with the messages from people who are excited about the new release and are eagerly waiting to unfold the mysteries of this season.

Kunal Khemu in abhay 2_derje
Check out Kunal Khemu Instagram and his performance in Abhay Season 2

Kunal Khemmu who is generally seen in comic acts will be heading with a drastic change that will be playing the role of a serious ‘angry-young-man’, which was very unpredictable for the audience. Yet he has successfully played out the character and received praises.

Abhay Season 2 -Abhay web series


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