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How To Achieve The Perfect Euphoria Makeup?

The teen series Euphoria is not only an epitome of Gen-Z drama but also a new inspiration for various fashion and beauty enthusiasts. The extravagant glitter, neon eyeshadows, crystals, and fashionable outfits have largely captured many of our eyes lately. Surprisingly, even the non-beauty-enthusiasts fell head over heels with the new form of makeup, namely the Euphoria Effect. 

A few months back, there was also a trend on the internet, where many artists reeled with their Euphoria makeup and outfit to the series soundtracks. Apparently, the trend is still on. People said trying on Euphoria makeup brought them a new level of confidence and boldness in what they are doing. Well, it’s all thanks to the crew’s lead makeup artist, Donni Davy!

Euphoria Makeup

Before jumping to ace your euphoria makeup, you should know what you want. There is Rue, Cassie, Maddy, Kate, and Jules; all of whom have given an individual makeup style. 

Scroll down to know who you want to dress up like today, is it Zendaya’s subtle makeup or Maddy’s iconic New Year look? 

Rue’s drug addict-but-sober look

Zendaya, the queen of many hearts, played the role of Rue, a drug addict in the drama. People eventually fell in love with Rue’s no-makeup look, but in the actual case, it also required a lot of work! 

Throughout the series, Rue was portrayed as a person who is tomboyish and to be less interested in fashion, compared to other characters. However, Rue’s drug trip makeup is still stuck on every Euphoria fan’s mind. 

How to do Rue’s no-makeup makeup?

The ever popping question wherever anyone watches Euphoria is, ‘Does Rue wear makeup?’ Actually, she does wear makeup, but in the least amount as compared to other casts in the series. Yet, the glamorous queen, Zendaya reveals that she comes to the set after her skincare routine.

The key ingredients of Rue’s no-makeup makeup are MAC foundation to even tone her skin and dabbing on cream highlighter, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, which Davy describes as the hero of Rue’s no-makeup look. 

Euphoria Makeup

How to do Rue’s Hallucinatory makeup?

The hallucinatory scene is the most loved scene, as it shows Rue’s first-ever stunning makeup look. The makeup artist of the drama reveals that Rue’s glittery effect is to show that any girl can express themselves through makeup. Moreover, if you notice keenly, the glittery makeup is created under her eyes, to make them look like tears.

Davy used a shimmer foundation followed by many different kinds of loose glitter, to achieve the “galaxy look.” For Rue’s tears, she combined water with “a lot of gold glitter” and let the mixture drip gently down Zendaya’s face.

On the whole, Rue’s makeup is kinda wholesome and also best for sensitive skin, as it doesn’t require much makeup work. 

Cassie’s aesthetic makeup

Cassie Howard is the most adored and pitied character of the series Euphoria. Season 2 of Cassie began with a simple (but powerful!) rhinestone liner. Her regular makeup consists of a simple foundation, highlighter, mascara, and perhaps a little eyeliner.

However, she took her makeup to the next level when she pulled off the rhinestone look in the New Year’s Eve episode. Also Davy  explained that the pleasant-peachy makeup is intended to contrast Cassie’s choice to have sex with Nate Jacobs, her best friend Maddy Perez’s ex-boyfriend.

Cassie’s Rhinestone look

A skin-friendly eyelash glue and any type of gem (preferably rhinestone) are all you need to give out the perfect Cassie look. First apply the lash glue over the dry and cleaned area, for a clear outline, you can also use a white or light-colored eyeliner to mark their locations. After that, gently attach the stones to your eye using tweezers.

After it dries, press the gem firmly to make it stick to your face for a longer-lasting look. And ta-da, your Cassie Howard look is ready to take on the world! Though, Sydney Sweeney commented that her look in Euphoria has a delicate, airy appearance that is appropriate for any situation. 

Kat’s badass makeup

At the start of the series, Kat is portrayed as a modest, virgin, Wattpad writer, who wears understated makeup, and odd-one-out in the series. As the series moves on, she loses her virginity and becomes a sex god alongside, and not only does this bring a new identity to the character Kat, but also, her new makeup side.


How is Kat’s green lime crime makeup done?

Kat is increasingly made to appear edgy in a gothic, punk, bad-girl kind of manner in the last few episodes! With her newfound fortune(which she earned with her sexual power), Kat experiments with strong eyeliner, red lipstick, (small skirts, fishnets, and outfits with a bondage-inspired aesthetic, switching from modest apparel and spectacles to contacts. 

One of her looked-on-Google makeups was her New Year’s Eve look! Kat went for dramatic and vivid eye makeup for the opening of season 2. For a dramatic elevated look, Davy revealed that to ace this look one needs to mix a chartreuse tint all the way to the top of the brow bone.

Then, using a flat brush, apply a shimmering blue hue over the top after using concealer to remove any visible imperfections. Well, you are hereby officially able to pull off Kat’s New Year’s Eve! 

Jules’s glam makeup

If you have already watched Euphoria, all the seasons, then you must have known by this time that Jules is the actual queen of Euphoria makeup! So far, I think, Jules gave the highest number of makeup looks.

Jules usually dresses and wears things that match her mood. In the first few episodes, she is shown using her multicolored eyeliner to make amusing patterns and forms amid a montage in which she is texting a male and feels enamored.

Every new outfit of Jules will create every new form of makeup, says Davy. Even if the makeup is simple, Jules, in fact, herself has drawn a trademark for the star of the show. Her much-appreciated makeup look was also the New Year’s Eve, Season 2 Episode 1, where Jules wore that intense dark eyeliner, a fresh eye art, one may say. 

How to recreate Jules’s New Year’s Eve look?

This New Year’s glam of Jules actually doesn’t require too many cosmetics, but a bold dark eyeliner. And some glitter to spark things. One of Davy’s “blink and you’ll miss it” designs is Jules’ New Year’s Eve one.

Jules appears to be in subtle makeup for most of the first episode, but when she notices Rue at the party across from the fire pit, her face is immediately illuminated in realism. And that is when we next get to see Jules’ gorgeously crafted eyeliner and the delicately applied glitter on her lids. As a result, this is how one of Jules’s sexiest looks emerged. 

Maddy’s fan-faves makeup

The actual badass and a drama queen of Euphoria, Maddy Perez, has never failed to entertain her fans even through her makeup looks. Moreover, this look turned Alexia Demie’s career into an all-new level of modeling.

According to Davy, most of Maddy’s iconic makeup looks are to show that despite her shero personality, Maddy is a die-hard romantic who longs to escape her parent’s loveless marriage and her insane-turner-abusive lover. And that is how everyone became smitten with the most relatable and feminine touch character, Maddy. 

Euphoria Makeup

How to do Maddy’s iconic New Year’s Eve makeup?

Maddy has undoubtedly delivered outstanding looks this season in both the fashion and beauty spheres and thus far, she hasn’t let us down. And in light of that, Maddy’s iconic New Year’s eve look was designed by an LA-based makeup artist, Alexander French.

She was seen arriving at the New Year’s Eve celebration wearing a specially made AKNA all-black dress and matching gloves. With a hair comb headband, a dark, lined lip, and eyeliner so precise it could almost poke Nate’s eyes out, she plays up the early 2000s vibe.

Speaking of her sharpest eyeliner in TV history, French used NARS, a smudge-proof eyeshadow, and various eyeshadow palettes, typically Chanel (for the crease), Pat McGrath (for the silver shade eyeshadow), and Metal-Morphosis for the final touch. 

Apparently, according to the stats, Maddy is considered one of the best-dressed students of Euphoria Highschool. So, whether you are planning a special occasion or just want to feel adorable, Maddy’s every look has you covered! 


Euphoria makeup is primarily focused on the eyes, or simply what we can call eye makeup. Back then, as you see eye makeup needed only two things- mascara and eyeliner, but now, we need a palette of eyeshadow, eyelashes, contour, highlighter, and whatnot! It is all just the start of the Euphoria Effect. Who knows if any new trend can be brought out by Euphoria Season 3?

The makeup guru of the series, Donni Davy herself commented ‘Just go for it, explaining that Euphoria makeup is all about redefining what everyday makeup means and being fearless with it.

Not only makeup artists, but celebrities as well started opting for Euphoria makeup for various occasions, including premieres, catwalks, or red carpets. Besides, the too glittery look, the euphoric makeup, indeed, brought a new light to the fashion and beauty sphere. 


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