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10 Wow Anushka Sharma Jeans Collection

Anushka Sharma_derje

Look at Anushka Sharma Jeans, Anushka Sharma Styles, and Anushka Sharma Outfits

Anushka Sharma is one of the highest-paid female actors in Bollywood industry who is also an acclaimed producer. Apart from her incomparable talent, the actress is also setting fire in the fashion industry with her exclusive fashion sense. Her appearance has left her fans already in awe. She has also launched her brand called Nush, which offers a varied range of fashion and regular clothing. So let us take a tour to Anushka Sharma’s wardrobe and get a look into Anushka Sharma jeans and denim collection.

Here are some of the Anushka Sharma jeans collections that you would love to steal as your everyday essentials. Let’s get into it without much ado.

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High Waist Knotted Trouser

Anushka Sharma jeans online_derje
Anushka Sharma jeans online – Knotted Trouser

Anushka Sharma Jeans collection includes a high waist trouser which is supported with a knot around the waist along with wide legs. The denim trouser is in Prussian blue colour which the actress paired with a flared top with a chain in the front and around sunglass. She was also holding a water bottle and her phone while posing for the camera. She also appeared for a video wearing the same which she has uploaded on Instagram.

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White Denim Jeans

Anushka Sharma jeans online_derje
Anushka Sharma jeans online – White Jeans

In another occasion, the actress was spotted wearing a high waist white denim jean, with a contrasting blue denim jacket with a black crop top underneath, which has checker lines in the wrist part. She was wearing the same sunglass and a pair of black sneakers and a black bag suspended in one of her hands. This is one of the incredible looks contributed to Anushka Sharma jeans collection.

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Textured Spread-Collar Denim Shirt

Anushka Sharma jeans online_derje
Anushka Sharma jeans online – Denim T-shirt

 Anushka Sharma uploaded a photo where she has displayed her index finger of her left hand showing that she has voted and has proved to be a true citizen of the country. With a clean light make-up look, the blue denim shirt gave her a smooth yet beautiful appearance.

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Regular Distressed Patched Denim Jeans

Anushka Sharma style nush brand_derje
Anushka Sharma outfits – Patched Denim Jeans

The actress appeared with a book in her hand while wearing a mustard yellow printed T-shirt along with distressed blue denim jeans which has patches of Prussian blue denim clothes on it. The collection of the jeans is a must-have for people who love to experiment their looks with different dresses. This is perfect to create a casual look.

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Distressed Skinny Grey Jeans

Anushka Sharma style nush brand_derje
Anushka Sharma outfits – Grey Jeans

Anushka Sharma looks incredibly cute in a grey coloured distressed jeans which she paired with a teal blue top with few designs on it. The sleeves of the tops are flared in style. She let her short hair flow loosely on her shoulder while she wore a sweet smile for the camera.

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Slim Fit Denim Jeans

Anushka Sharma style nush brand_derje
Anushka Sharma outfits – Slim Fit Jeans from Nush Brand

With an Off-white Tshirt, the actress has been spotted wearing the black denim jeans which has its button on both the hides and not in between like the regular jeans. Along with these, she wore a pair of off-white sneakers and big round earrings. Indeed a must-have among Anushka Sharma Jeans collection to get a unique appearance.

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Distressed High Waist Ripped Shorts

Anushka Sharma outfits_derje
Anushka Sharma Style – Distressed shorts

Anushka Sharma is legit giving fashion goals with her exclusive distressed shorts along with a baggy white graphic tee with “BE THE KIND WHO IS KIND” printed on it along with a  black belt around her waist and a pair of off-white sneakers. She wrote light jewellery including bangles and earrings and paired her look with a round black shade for her eyes.

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High Rise Heavily Washed Straight Jeans

Anushka Sharma outfits_derje
Anushka Sharma Style – Washed Jeans

Anushka Sharma has recently posed for the camera, with another Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, where Anushka Sharma was spotted wearing a high waist heavy washed denim jeans with a plain black belt. She paired the look with a royal blue Shirt with light floral prints and baggy sleeves. She wore a pair of big round earrings and pencil heels.

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Women Denim Jacket

Anushka Sharma outfits_derje
Anushka Sharma jeans collection- Denim Jacket

In a distressed blue coloured denim jacket that Anushka Sharma wore with a floral printed one-piece with black and white contrasting colours is giving a pure fashion vibe. She posed for it with a beige handbag and a gladiator heel. The actress looks incredible in her casual hairstyle that goes perfectly with her appearance.

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Wide Leg High waist Jeans

Anushka Sharma jeans collection_derje
Anushka Sharma jeans collection – Wide leg jeans

The actress has been spotted on her way to somewhere wearing Prussian blue jeans which has wide legs in the design along with a three-quarter sleeved white basic tee. She was also carrying a grey coloured handbag and wearing a pair of black heels.

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Anushka Sharma has recently produced the web series, Patal Lok and Bulbbul, which was released in Amazon and Netflix respectively. With her talent and fashion contributions, she is rocking in her career and surprising her fans every day.

Nush brand launched by Anushka Sharma

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