10 DIY TAN REMOVAL FACE PACKS – Face Packs for Tan Removal and Glowing Skin

tan removal face packs for healthy skin

Why do you need tan removal face packs? We all are busy these days and have some work every time. It can be indoor or outdoor work. But, we have to go out either to the office or to attend a party or some meetings etc. Sun exposure is almost there present every time. Our skin gets tanned when it’s exposed to the sun. You all might think about the ways to get rid of this tan problem as each of you wants good healthy and glowing skin.

Don’t worry!! We have got some amazing homemade tan removal face packs for you. Follow these recipes on the face pack for tan removal and glowing skin.

Glycerin And Lemon Face Pack

Glycerine and lemon juice tan removal face packs.
Tan Removal Face Packs – Lemony Vibe

Tan removal face packs are easy to make as you need only few ingredients that are available in your kitchen.

You need:

  • 2 tablespoon glycerine
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice


Take some glycerine and lemon juice in a bowl in equal amounts. Mix it well. Now, apply this solution using a cotton ball to your skin and rinse it off after 10 minutes.


  • Brings back the moisture to your skin.
  • It removes impurities.
  • Fastens the healing process.
  • It will make your skin glow.

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Gram Flour(besan) And Milk Face Pack

Milk and gram flour tan removal face packs
Tan Removal Face Packs – Milky Mood

You need:

  • 3 tablespoon gram flour
  • 2 tablespoon milk


Take gram flour and milk in a bowl and mix it well. Make a thick paste of it as you have to apply it on your face and it should stay on your face. Apply it and leave it for 30 minutes or more. Rinse it off once you see the pack is dry. Now, dry your face with a soft towel.


  • You can use milk in the form of face cleanser as many cleansers have milk in it.
  • It removes impurities from your skin and pores.

Honey, Tomato And Lemon Juice

Tomato, honey and lemon juice tan removal face packs.
Tan Removal Face Packs – Honey Hopes

You will need:

  • ½ tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoon tomato pulp
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Some water


Take honey, tomato pulp, some lemon juice and mix it well. Now, add some cold water to the mixture and mix it. Apply this mixture to your face and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash your face and dry your face with a soft towel.


  • This mixture helps in removing tan from the face.
  • It helps in bleaching.
  • It also helps in removing the impurities and tightens the pores.

Gram Flour(besan) And Tomato Face Pack

Tomato and gram flour DIY homemade tan removal face pack.
Tan Removal Face Pack at Home


  • 3 tablespoon besan
  • 3 tablespoon tomato pulp


Mix the tomato pulp and besan in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your face and keep it for 30 minutes. Then, rinse it off.


  • Helps in de-tanning.
  • It helps in skin whitening.
  • This face pack makes the skin much smoother than before.

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Aloe Vera And Gram Flour(besan)

Aloe vera and besan tan removal face packs for instant glow.
Tan Removal Face pack at Home

You will need:

  • Aloe vera gel
  • 2 tablespoon besan


Aloe vera gel and besan in a bowl. Don’t leave any lumps of besan. Apply it to your face. Keep it for at least half an hour. Rinse it off when you see it’s dry.


  • It helps in tan removal.
  • This pack brings freshness to the face and makes your skin glow.
  • Soothes your skin.

Milk And Papaya

Milk and papaya face pack  for tan removal.
Face Pack for Tan Removal and Glowing Skin

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoon papaya pulp
  • 2 tablespoon milk

Process of the face pack to remove tan:

Make a thick paste of milk and papaya. Don’t make the paste too loose. Apply the paste on your face and rinse it off after 35 minutes when it’s dry.


  • Papaya helps in tan removal within minutes.

Orange Juice And Yoghurt Face Pack

Orange juice and Yogurt tan removal face packs are too quick to make at home.
Tan Removal Face Packs – Citrus Cravings

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoon orange juice
  • 3 tablespoon yoghurt

Process of the face pack to remove tan:

Take an orange and make juice of it. Now, add yoghurt to the orange juice. Apply this mixture to your face and keep it for 20 minutes. You can also keep it as long as you want if you want better results. Rinse it off with cold water.


  • Orange helps in tightening pores and skin whitening.
  • Yoghurt lightens the skin colour.
  • It is a de-tan face pack.

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Yoghurt And Gram Flour (besan) Face Pack

Homemade Tan Removal Pack – Besan Face Pack To Remove Tan

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoon yoghurt
  • 4 tablespoon gram flour

Process of the face pack to remove tan:

Mix yoghurt and besan in a bowl. Make a thick paste of it. Apply it to your face. Keep this paste on your face for 20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water and dry it with a soft towel.


  • This face pack brings glow to your face.
  • It helps in skin whitening.

Rosewater, Lemon And Cucumber Face Pack

Tan Removal Face Packs – Hydration Home

You will need:

  • Cucumber juice
  • 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon rose water

Process of the tan removal face pack at home:

Mix cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water in a bowl. You can also make a thick paste besan into it. Apply this pack to your face and wash it after 30 minutes.


  • It acts as cooling agents and soothes the skin.

Multani Mitti And Rosewater

Tan Removal Packs At Home

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoon Multani Mitti
  • 2 tablespoon rose water


Mix Multani Mitti and Rosewater well in a bowl. Make a smooth paste of it. It should not be too dry. If you feel it’s dry, then add some rose water more to it. Apply this tan removal face packs on your face and rinse it after 15 minutes till it’s dry.


  • It helps in the nourishment of the skin.
  • It acts as a good moisturizer and helps in tan removal.

So, these are the homemade tan removal face packs you can easily make from the ingredients available in your kitchen. These tan removal face packs at home help in instant tan removal from your skin and make it look more healthy and glowing than before. It removes the blemishes and tightens the pores and gives you a new fresh look instantly.

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Best Lightweight Body Lotions for Summer to Feel Fresh Throughout Your Day

body lotion for summer

Sometimes, we think about how to keep that glow on our face or in what ways we can remove that tan from our face. But, body lotion works best. We go for cleanups, or make homemade tan removal face packs and do our best to protect our skin. We get conscious when there’s a pimple pops on our face. We try hard to find every best possible way to deal with that. But, most of us always forget to think about our bodies as well. Our body also needs some good treatment. Nourishment of our whole body is necessary to get rid of that dry skin flakiness, or suntan and what not.

During summers, we try hard to do everything possible to protect our skin from harmful rays. Body lotions work the best as they help a lot in keeping our skin sweat-free, fresh, retaining the moisture be it in summers or winters. Always remember, lotions made for winters shouldn’t be used in summers as they might make your skin oily. We have got some amazing lightweight best body lotions for you that will keep your skin hydrated in summers.

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10 Best Body Lotions For Summer in India

Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion – Dove Body Lotion For Summer


Rs. 110/- for 100 ml,
Rs.250/- for 225 ml,
Rs.350/- for 400 ml

How can I moisturize my body in summer? Dove body lotion for summer_Derje
How can I moisturize my body in summer? Dove body lotion for summer

This Dove body lotion for summer keeps your skin hydrated all day. It helps in the nourishment of your skin, moisturize your skin well. This lotion has no negative reactions.

Himalaya Aloe & Cucumber Refreshing Body Lotion


Rs.260 for 400ml

How can I moisturize my body in summer?_Derje
Best Body Lotions For Summer

The mixture of aloe vera and cucumber keeps your skin cool and fresh and also smells good. It’s cost-efficient.

Jergens Soothing Aloe


Rs.669 for 600ml

Best Body Lotion for Summer in India_Derje
Best Body Lotion for Summer in India

This lotion absorbs real fast, heals, and gives your skin a soothing effect. Ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, glycerin works best during summers because they keep our skin cool and fresh. And also help in treating and preventing sunburns.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 Body Lotion


Rs.110/- for 100 ml

Vaseline body lotion for summer_Derje
Vaseline body lotion for summer

It has a good fragrance, protects from tanning, and helps in whitening your skin. If you’re concerned with fairness and skin whitening, then go for this moisturizer

Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh


Rs.210 for 200ml

Vaseline body lotion for summer_Derje
Vaseline body lotion for summer

It’s best to use it in summer. It has a fragrance of cucumber and aloe vera and gives your skin a cooling effect. It also protects your skin from harsh rays and repairs dry skin which is why it’s the best body lotion for dry skin in India.

Parachute Advanced Summer Fresh


Rs.265 for 250 ml

Best Body Lotion for Summer in India_Derje
Best Body Lotion for Summer in India

This one is my favorite during summers because it smells so fresh and summery, absorbs very quickly without leaving the skin oily. It provides a mild cooling sensation when applied. It comes at a reasonable price, and one bottle lasts long. Can be used by both oily skin and dry skin.

Lotus Herbals Aloe Soft


Rs.250 for 250 ml

Best Body Lotion for Summer in India

This lotion is for tropical weather. It’s lightweight and non-greasy plus gets easily absorbed into your skin without making it feel sticky or greasy. The cucumber extracts present in its formulation instantly calm your skin with a cooling effect & make it feel nourished & refreshed. This SPF 20 body lotion is the protection that your skin needs from the harmful UV rays of a mildly persistent summer. Aloe helps treat skin irritation, sunburns. It gently moisturizes your skin without making it greasy & leaves it nourished and hydrated.

Also go through self tanners for summer.

Nivea Express Hydration – Nivea Body Lotion


Rs.349 for 100 ml

Which Nivea body lotion is best for summer?_Derje
Which Nivea body lotion is best for summer?

Get that deep moisturization that lasts long with this NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion. Its fast-absorbing light formula with Sea Minerals and Hydra IQ leaves your skin feeling soft and supple quickly.

Himalaya Herbal and Cocoa Butter Intensive – Best Lotion For Summer


Rs.260 for 100ml

Best Moisturizer for Summer in India_Derje
Best Moisturizer for Summer in India

No matter you have a dry, chafed, or scaly skin. This herbal body lotion from Himalaya is one solution for all your skin problems. As you know dry and damaged skin needs extra protection. The Himalaya body lotion penetrates deeply into your skin to nourish it and instantly moisturizes it. It contains cocoa butter, a natural moisturizer and it softens the skin

Vaseline Intensive Care Revitalizing Green Tea


Rs.95 for 100ml

Vaseline body lotion for summer_Derje
Vaseline body lotion for summer

This lotion is made with 100 percent pure green tea extract and extra goodness of Vaseline jelly, which gives your skin that little extra to keep it glowing and ready for anything. This lotion refreshes dry skin for a naturally glowing and naturally healthy skin. Green tea is an antioxidant and gives multiple benefits. It goes deep into the skin leaving it soft and refreshed.

These are a few best summer body lotions that helps you feel fresh throughout your day.


Q. Which Vaseline lotion is best for summer?

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe lotion helps rejuvenates dry skin even in harsh summers and it also refreshes dry skin for a naturally glowing and naturally healthy skin. It is a light lotion, that absorbs fast for a non-greasy & non-sticky feel – to keep your skin soft, smooth & refreshed. It is best suited for summers, available in 100 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml packs.

Q. Can we use Vaseline in summer?

Applying moisturizing agents like Vaseline has always been a tried and tested method to keep the skin glowing and youthful during summer. White petroleum jelly marketed by the popular trade name of Vaseline helps to keep the skin smooth and radiant by preventing excessive drying.

Q. Why is skin better in the summer?

The humidity of summer softens skin and brings back the moisture lost in winter. Some people attribute their improved complexions to increased sun exposure, but the American Dermatological Association says there is no evidence to substantiate this claim.

Q. Is Vaseline a body lotion?

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion delivers fast-absorbing moisture to give you deeply moisturized, healthy skin. Clinically proven to restore dry skin. Vaseline Deep Restore Lotion is a non-greasy body lotion that deeply moisturizes your dry skin.

Q. Does Vaseline protect from sun?

Vaseline is not safe to use as an immediate measure to treat sunburn or sun damage on your face. Vaseline is oil-based, which means it can seal in heat and aggravate your symptoms further.

Q. What is the difference between Vaseline and lotion?

Vaseline, however, is straight petroleum and remains sticky and gooey much longer than most people want. So we make moisturizers that fall in the middle of these two extremes to meet different needs. The lotion is mostly water whipped with a little vaseline. Add a little more vaseline to the mixture, and you can make a cream.

Q. Can we use lotion in summer?

Use a light lotion or gel in summer, instead of heavy cream, if your skin feels greasy before or after moisturizing. Your feet experience much more exposure in the summer, so be sure to moisturize your feet too. Your feet may dry out quickly, so apply a heavier, creamier moisturizer.

Q. Is Nivea body lotion good for your face?

If you tend to suffer from very dry skin, a body lotion like Essentially Enriched Body Lotion could be just what your skin is craving. Many people tend to prefer the feel of creams to lotions and NIVEA Soft delivers a fresh feeling moisture boost to the skin. It can be used on the facebody, & hands.

Q. Can we use Dove body lotion on my face?

It would be nice to just slather on one lotion and be done with it, but body lotions should NEVER be applied to your face because they’re usually a lot thicker and typically contain fragrances that might irritate your facial skin. On your face, you should always use something more soft and delicate.

NATURAL HAIR CARE TIPS HOME REMEDIES – Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair

hair care tips at home

Looking for natural hair care tips? Every girl has this dream of having shiny and healthy hair. But, the problem is, in choosing between the natural treatment or the spa treatment or keratin, etc. The salon will suggest you go for a spa treatment. It treats and conditions your hair follicles, nourishes the roots, and helps in normalizing oil secretions. But, your mother will say to make your hair grow smooth naturally. It’s the fact that natural treatment always works. So, it doesn’t damage your hair, and help in natural hair growth, builds a good texture, shine.

If you have a question to ask how to get healthy hair naturally? then we are here to guide you about natural hair care tips at home. These homemade hair care tips are easy as you can take ingredients from your kitchen and maintain your beautiful hair. Follow this hair care routine to maintain healthy hair through these hair care tips home remedies.

1. Kalonji (Black cumin) For Natural Hair Growth

Kalonji oil for natural hair care tips.
Tips For Healthy Hair Growth – Hair Care Tips Home Remedies

Kalonji is one of the best tips for healthy hair growth. So, learn here how to make kalonji oil in just a few minutes:


  • 2 tablespoon black seed oil
  • Kalonji 


Take some Kalonji oil in your palms and rub both your hands against each other. It will make the oil warm and then apply the oil on your scalp and massage it all over your affected areas. Apply the oil to the scalp and then apply it from roots till tips. Keep the oil for almost 45 minutes and then rinse it off with a sulfate-free shampoo. Kalonji oil nourishes hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

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How to maintain healthy hair ?

2. Rice Water Hair Care Tips

Basic Hair Care tips_Derje
Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Rice water contains starch and after soaking it, it leaves it starch in water. Take ½ cup of uncooked rice. Rinse it and put it in a bowl of water. For this, you need 3-4 cups of water. Now keep it for 30-45 minutes. Strain the rice water in a separate bowl. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo, then pour rice water and massage your hair for 15 minutes. This will surely work as a natural conditioner.

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Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

3. Reetha And Shikakai Hair Care Tips

Basic Hair Care tips_Derje
Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Reetha and shikakai act as a conditioner when mixed.


  • Reetha
  • Shikakai


Add 2 cups of water in a pan. Add reetha and shikakai in heated water. Boil it for 5-10 minutes. Apply the mixture to your scalp, roots, and all the tips of your hair. Keep it for 5-6 minutes and then rinse it off. There’s no need to use shampoo as this mixture already acts as a shampoo.

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Daily Hair Care for Indian Hair

4. Egg And Olive Oil Hair Mask

Precautions after hair spa_Derje
Precautions After Hair Spa


  • 2-3 Eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Castor oil


Crack eggs in a bowl, you can use both egg white and the yolk. As white contains proteins and yolk contains Vitamin B12, B, and Vitamin D. 

Add some olive oil or castor oil or you can use both. Mix it well, now apply the mixture to your scalp and hair. Rinse it after 30 minutes and then go for shampoo and conditioner. Egg and olive oil hair mask is the most used homemade hair mask and the best homemade tips for healthy hair. As it contains proteins and vitamins that make it to be a part of natural hair care tips at home.

5. Green Tea Treatment

Green tea water is considered the best for improving the texture. Green tea is must to be included in hair care tips_Derje
Green tea water is considered the best for improving the texture.

Green Tea contains EGCG, an antioxidant that is great for the health of hair follicles. It also contributes to lesser hair loss and thinning. You can use a cup full of water and green tea in it and then pour it on your hair. It helps in treating dandruff and in natural hair growth. Green tea hydrates and nourishes your hair. You all would ask, why green tea as we drink it help in burning fat. We included green tea water in hair care tips as it helps in improving the texture of your hair. And it prevents hair loss and fights dandruff and flaky scalp.

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Basic Hare Care Tips

6. Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Precautions after hair spa_Derje
Precautions After Hair Spa


  • 3-4 tablespoon of aloe vera
  • 2 tablespoon honey
  •  3 tablespoon coconut oil


Mix aloe vera, coconut oil, and honey. Apply this mixture to your hair and massage well. You can take more amounts of aloe vera and honey or oil according to your hair length. Let the mixture stay for half an hour or 45 minutes. It depends on you, the more you keep it, the more you get the results. Then, rinse it off.

7. Onion Juice

Healthy Hair Care_Derje
Healthy Hair Care

Onion juice helps your hair in growth and re-growth. It prevents your hair from getting brittle and weak. Also, it helps in the removal of dandruff as it has anti-fungal properties. Take 3-4 onions and squeeze its juice. Now apply it to your scalp and hair. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. Onion juice hair mask is considered one of the most used hairs growth home remedies.

8. Amla Always Works!!

Healthy Hair Care_Derje
Healthy Hair Care Tip

Amla contains Vitamin C which helps in faster and smoother hair growth. You only need 4-5 amla’s (gooseberries). Apply its juice all over your hair and keep it for 30 minutes, then rinse it off. Use it for faster natural hair growth.

9. Cabbage Juice

Healthy Hair Care

Cabbage is easily available from your kitchen or markets. This hair mask is known for its faster natural hair growth. Take cabbage juice and apply it all over your hair. Leave it for 1 hour, then rinse it off.

10. Apply Warm Oil on Hair

Daily Hair Care for Indian Hair_Derje
Daily Hair Care for Indian Hair

Hair oil helps in nourishing your scalp, maintaining your texture, hair health. Many hair oils can do wonders like castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, etc.

Castor oil: 
  • It’s good for your hair health. It reduces breakage and proves nourishment to hair.
Coconut oil: 
  • It removes dandruff, split ends, and boosts hair growth.
  • You can mix various oils and apply on your hair for better results.

So, these are the natural homemade hair care tips for healthy hair to prevent your hair from breakage, split ends, flaky scalp, etc.

I hope these natural hair care tips home remedies can help you get soft, silky and smooth hair in a few days.

For more on faster hair growth secrets, check natural hair care tips.

LUXURY MAKEUP BRANDS IN THE WORLD – Most Expensive Makeup Brands – Designer Makeup

Luxurious makeup brands

Every luxury makeup brand has it’s own range of products and uniqueness for which they become famous. Makeup is an extreme necessity for any woman and it’s one of the most sold products. It’s a product that enhances one’s appearance.

The quality of makeup matters a lot, as nobody can compromise with their healthy and fresh skin. There are many luxury makeup brands out there, but are they worth it?. Here, we have come up with the best luxury makeup brands that are costly, but elegant. So, you just need a few products and then apply some perfect eye makeup tips to slay. Moreover, they provide the best quality of designer makeup products which you all would love. So, we have made some cosmetic products list. Just check these luxury makeup brands to find your best fit.

Top 7 Luxury Cosmetic Products List


Cosmetic Products List_Derje
Luxurious Makeup Brands- Chanel
  • It is a prestigious luxurious French company founded by Coco Chanel in 1909. Chanel is famous for its many products like makeup, clothing, accessories, etc. 
  • It charges a high price for its products because of it’s elite quality and elegance. This brand is very well known for supplying valuable and the world’s high and good quality make–up products.

Must Try Product of the Luxury makeup brands Chanel:

  • Le Volume Revolution Mascara
Cosmetic Products List_Derje
Le Volume Revolution Mascara by Chanel


Cosmetic Products List_Derje
Luxury Cosmetic Brands– Luxurious makeup products by MAC

MAC is the company founded by Frank Toskan and Frank Angel in Toronto in 1984. It is one of the leading professional makeup brand among all the top luxury cosmetic brands in the world due to its expertise in makeup skills. Now, it’s one of the luxurious and authentic global makeup brands to exist. Instead of its massive high price, reliability and eliteness is the main key to its success. MAC’s product line includes lip glosses, foundation, lipsticks, stage makeup, etc. 

  • It has taken social initiatives like Back to M.A.C Recycling and VIVA Glam. The customers prefer it because of its effortless usage of products and it suits the skin. 

Must Try of the Luxury makeup brands MAC:

  • Rubee Woo MAC Lipstick
Luxury cosmetic brands_derje
Rubee Woo Matte Lipstick by MAC that gives a glossier effect


Luxury cosmetic brands_derje
LOREAL Paris is One of The Luxurious Makeup Products in Beauty Industry.

L’OREAL Paris is a French company founded in 1909 with its headquarters in Clichy. Among the European makeup brands, L’oreal has a wide range of makeup products that are not only for the elite class but also for commoners. Their main goal is to provide affordable luxurious makeup products. But, apart from makeup, it specializes in skincare, haircare, and perfume. Your makeup looks natural with these high-quality products. Deepika Padukone is the global ambassador of beauty brand L’Oreal Paris. It has covered every field of makeup and skincare products such as skincare, make-up, etc.


Luxury cosmetic brands_derje
Dior eyeshadow pallete.

European makeup brands are known for their classiness and Dior is among them. Dior is a French company founded by Christian Dior in 1946. It’s one of the other most expensive makeup brands that offers excellent quality makeup. So, the rates may be a little higher than what you might wish to spend, but the look of this makeup is the one worn by celebs. There is no doubt, the best product from Dior be their highlighter and eye-shadows. The eye-shadow quantity might seem less for the price which is up to $65, but its Dior, and its expensive.



Beauty Industry_Derje
luxury Cosmetic Market- Amazing collection of Mary Kay

Mary Kay is an American company founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963. It has its headquarters in Texas and Addison. It has worked for more than 50 years and empowered women while changing the world business. They invest a whole lot on their designers, artists, and other staff to get the best results. In 2018, Mary Kay was the world’s sixth-largest network marketing company.

  • They provide the best makeup quality and gives the best advice to their customers.
  • They train their workers to provide the greatest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Mary Kay is a trusted global name in skincare, makeup & body care.
  • They provide the latest beauty advice, makeup trends, better solutions to skin problems.

Must Try Product of the Luxury Makeup Brand Mary Kay –

  • Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick
Beauty Industry_Derje
Mary Kay Gel Semi Matte Lipstick with that glossier stay.

Gel microspheres make for color that glides on super smooth and lasts. The curated lineup of eight shades is amazing as each has a soft-focus effect. They make your lips look glossier than ever.


Beauty Industry_Derje
Estee Lauder Eye-Shadow Pallete Is The Mother of Beauty Industry.

A luxurious brand known as the mother of luxury makeup brands, Estee Lauder started in New York in 1946. The founders of this luxury makeup brand are Estee Lauder and Joseph Lauder. It offers a vast range of makeup, skincare, and hair care products. And, it’s worth it when it comes to being prestigious. Estee Lauder is the first brand that initiated the men’s product line of skincare and health. It’s best products include lip colors and mascara.

Must Try Product of the Luxury Makeup Brand Estee Lauder –

  • Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick
luxury cosmetic market_derje
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in 30 shades.

So many Colors! What’s not to love about this glossier lipstick. from this luxury cosmetic market’s product. There are 30 shades and its Moisture Complex keeps your lips hydrated throughout.


luxury cosmetic market_derje
Bobbi Brown top-notch makeup products

This global luxury cosmetics brand came in 1991 and Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist is its founder. Estee Lauder took over Bobbi Brown in 1995 due to its massive success. It offers the best quality when it comes to top-notch makeup products. Its Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is the highest selling product units globally.

So, these are luxury makeup brands or cosmetic products list around the world. Some you must have known these, while some of these names are new to you. So, if you love pampering yourselves, then go check these luxury makeup brands out.

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Q. What is the most used makeup product?

Lipstick is assuredly the most used makeup product. There’s such a variety of types, from smooth and creamy traditional sticks to sheer glosses and long-lasting matte finish liquid lipsticks. Plus, the shades of lippies available are almost endless. Choose hot pink, classic red, muted nudes, and even hues of green, blue, and purple. It’s the perfect pop of color to complete your makeup look and brighten your day. 

Q. What are the top 5 luxury cosmetic brands?

The top five luxury cosmetic brands are CHANEL, DIOR, L’OREAL, MAC, and ESTEE LAUDER. All these five brands have a range of luxury makeup that uses advanced technology and premium ingredients to create beautiful products.

Q. Which is the most expensive makeup brand?

When it comes to pricey makeup, Chanel is ordinarily the most expensive among all luxury makeup brands. A lot of this comes down to the brand – it’s well known for luxury and has a loyal following, and they can charge higher prices for the prestige. The ingredients can also be premium in high-end products, resulting in a better feel, more pigmentation, and pleasant fragrances.

Q. What is the best makeup brand in 2020?

There are a lot of great makeup brands that have been creating excellent products for years, with prices varying from luxury to drugstore. For high-end makeup, Chanel sits in the top spot in 2020. If you’re after a cruelty-free product, some of the best brands are MAC, L’OREAL, and DIOR.


10 tips for eye makeup for small eyes.

Your eyes are one of the most noticeable features. The eyes speak more than you can, they are the way to express better. Eyes are one of the most noticeable features.  The eye makeup should speak out the eyes. As we have different eyes and eye features, some have big eyes and some have small, some have deer-shaped and some have almond-shaped eyes. Every eye has it’s own features and eye make-up also differs for every eye-type.

For smaller eyes, if you apply a black liner or kajal on your lower lashline, then it will look smaller. Lighter shades are more preferable to enhance their looks. If you don’t know how to use these eye makeup techniques for small eyes, Don’t worry, we have got some tips for the best eye makeup ideas for small eyes for you here.

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10 Best Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes to Make Them Look Big

Use White Eyeliner – Eyeliner Tips for Small Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips_Derje
Eyeliner Tips for Small Eyes

You can see the difference in the above picture. The use of black liner or kajal makes it more narrow and white eyeliner makes it bigger. You can use a nude eyeliner pencil for this and apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Apply it on the waterline and don’t spread it outside as it will look unfinished. Keep it more natural.

Makeup for small eyelids:

Eye Makeup Ideas

Apply The Light Eyeshadow to The Inner Corners – Best Eye Makeup Tip

Eye Makeup Tips_Derje
How do you make small eyes look bigger naturally?

Now, take a small amount of light shade eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corner of the eyes. You can also take the shimmery shade. Don’t apply too much, give it a light touch.


Highlight Your Brow Bone – One Of The Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye Makeup Tips_Derje
Eyeliner Tips for Small Eyes

To highlight your brow bone, you can use a white eyeliner and apply it to above and below the eyebrow. It gives your brow a bit lift and makes your eyes pop.

You Can Learn How To Highlight Your Brow Bone:

Use Light Or Shimmery Eyeshadows – Makeup For Small Eyes

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
Best Eye makeup for small eyes

Avoid using darker shades if you have small eyes. It will make your eyes look heavy and undefined. Prefer light, shimmery shades like gold and beige that will catch the light and help open the eyes. Light shades make the eyes look noticeable and mesmerizing.

Conceal Your Dark Circles – Neat Eye Makeup

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
How to fix small eyes?

A very crucial step for eye-makeup Your dark circles can make your eyes look smaller. So, apply some concealer to hide your dark circles and make your eyes look more noticeable. Apply it in the shape of a triangle under your eyes and blend it with a sponge.


Eye Makeup Ideas

Choose Eyeliner That Stands Out

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Choose a shade that brings out the color of your eyes and makes it look more appealing. Dark shades make your eye look smaller. Use dark shades only on the outer lash line and don’t apply it all over the lash line. Apply a small stroke of it, don’t go for a thick stroke as it will give more narrow-eyed look.

Apply Liner On The Outer Lash Line – Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
Kajal for Small Eyes

So, now you can see the difference through the above picture. Don’t apply on the entire lid, since this can make eyes look smaller. To make them look large, line only the outer third of your eyes, and then blend the eyeliner. Start drawing a soft line from there to the outer edge of the eye, then flick it out at the end.

How to Make Small Eyes Bigger Naturally? Watch:

Curl Your Eyelashes – Eye Makeup to Be Naturally Beautiful

Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
Makeup for Small Eyes

Use an eyelash curler on both the lashes, clamping down for about 12 seconds per eye. Now your lashes look lifted and more visible, that creates the illusion of larger eyes. Only curl the upper lashes, not the bottom lashes to get that naturally beautiful charisma.


Apply Mascara – How to Fix Small Eyes?

Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
How to fix small eyes ?

Curling mascara creates volumized lashes for a wide-eyed effect. Focus most of your attention on the center of your upper lash line. So that you can draw the eyes upwards and also coat your bottom lashes for a wider look.

Wing It Like A Pro! – Angelic Eye Makeup

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
Kajal for Small Eyes

Winged eyeliner is the best you can choose for small eyes. So, draw a thin line from inner to the outer corner and flick it outwards extending your wing up to the crease.

Learn How to Wing It On: How to Make Your Eyes Beautiful?

Eye Makeup Ideas

So, these are some awesome eye makeup ideas or tips for small eyes a girl would look for. Try these and learn these techniques through practice and be a pro at it.

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Q. Should you wear eyeliner if you have small eyes?

It’s a bit of a beauty myth that small eyes shouldn’t use eyelinerWhen used in an entire ring around the eye, the black liner can exaggerate the smaller shape, but the trick is to use a contrasting white or pearl-colored liner in the lower waterline and keep the smoky eyeliner to the lower lashes instead.

Q. Are small eyes pretty?

Both small eyes and big eyes can be unattractive if you already look unattractive and the eyes don’t fit well or just look ‘off’. Whereas they can look attractive if they fit the face well and also if you already have an attractive face.

Q. What does it mean if you have small eyes?

Normally, people with small eyes are secretive by nature. Like their eyesthey do not give things away easily. They are cautious about letting people get too close or allowing others to know what they are thinking.

Q. How can I look cute with small eyes?

Apply a thin line of white eyeliner along your waterline and tight line. Dark colors make spaces appear smaller, and by contrast, light colors make them appear bigger, so applying a bright color to the skin nearest your eyes will help them to appear larger.


Cysteine Hair Treatment – Hair Smoothening Pros and Cons – Is Smoothening Good For Hair?

cysteine hair treatment

Girls with wavy or curly hair go for cysteine hair treatment to change the texture although we think these are a matter of pride. If you want to turn your curls into straight hair, don’t worry we’ve got here what you want. There’s a big question every one of you has like straightening can do the thing. No, we’re not suggesting you straighten your hair with the straightener as we all know it lasts until the next wash.

For long-lasting treatment, you need to choose between a Cysteine hair treatment or a Keratin treatment for hair. Wondering what we’re talking about? We have listed some facts regarding cysteine hair treatment pros and cons, cysteine hair treatment side effects, hair smoothening cost and benefits, etc. Choose your best fit by reading about cysteine hair treatment.

Cysteine Hair Treatment

hair smoothening pros and cons_derje
Hair Smoothening Pros and Cons

Cysteine hair treatment treats dry, wavy, curly, and many other types of hair. Due to mistreating your hair with various styling tools or don’t know much about perfect hair care, your hair starts looking so dry. And, many can term it as hay hair. To make them look healthy and shiny again, try Cysteine hair treatment. As it claims to bring back the original healthy texture of your hair.

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Amino Acid Hair Smoothening Pros And Cons


  • It moisturizes, repairs, and strengthens your hair.
  • It doesn’t include the usage of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Also, these chemicals are harsh for scalp and hair.
  • When the treatment starts fading, it happens naturally & does not look obvious.


  • The treatment requires you to use sulfate-free shampoo & conditioners thereafter. And, those turn out to be an expensive affair in the long run.
  • The treatment is expensive too.

Why Cysteine Treatment is Better Than keratin Treatment For Hair?

  • There is no need for formaldehyde in cysteine treatment as it releases harmful substances during the treatment. But, keratin treatment for hair includes its use which is not good for health when inhaled.
  • The treatment does not alter the hair structure permanently.
  • It stays for a limited period only. Much less than the Keratin treatment.

Cysteine Hair Treatment Side Effects

Cysteine hair treatment is a semi-permanent treatment and lasts up to 3 months. Some hair professionals state that Cysteine works better than keratin or other treatment. It provides a safer option for those looking for straighter tresses. Everyone can use this formaldehyde-free hair-straightening treatment. The cysteine hair treatment side effects is much milder compared to other hair treatments.

Benefits of Cysteine Hair Treatment

People who have gone through various styling treatments and ended up with rough and dull hair should try this. The benefits of cysteine hair treatment are many. This treatment helps to strengthen hair roots and adds shine to hair. It’s easier to maintain your hair in cysteine treatment as it cuts down dryness and frizz you all. It brings back all the shine to your hair and makes them much healthier. Protects your hair from any further damage.

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hair smoothening pros and cons_derje
Cysteine Hair Treatment

Steps and Effectiveness

According to professionals and beauty experts, Cysteine hair treatment needs only 3 products. This is not time-consuming and less costly. So, here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, you can’t take this treatment with oily hair. So, all you need to do is wash your hair properly before moving to the salon. You will need 2-3 hair wash before the treatment to remove the excess oil that will consume your time. Then they blow dry your hair and allowed to rest for 20 minutes. So, it’s preferable to wash your hair before treatment.
  • Now, you need a hair cream, which is Amazon Series Cysteine Complex Smoothening Cream. Apply this cream on the hair section by section and to the whole hair. Leave one inch from the roots and then start applying the cream. Then, wrap the hair with a clear plastic film. And, make sure that the hair does not have any folds.
hair smoothening pros and cons_derje
Amazon Series Cysteine Complex Curl Softening Cream
  • After half an hour, take the semi-wet hair section by section with the help of a hair straightener and dry the hair. Now, wash the hair with De Fabulous hair repair shampoo and conditioner. Acai oil treatment is also used.
hair smoothening cost_derje
De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo

Cysteine treatment is one of the safest hair treatments with excellent results. If you are unsure about its reaction, then go for a patch test first.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis – Hair Smoothening Cost

We all know that almost all new hair treatments are chemical and salon based. Since its a chemical-based treatment, it will have some immediately visible benefits. But, certain long-term side effects may also be there. Also, it’s a salon based exercise then it will be a little expensive and skill-oriented. The hair smoothening cost depends on your hair length but it costs between Rs.6000-8000.

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Cysteine Hair Treatment: FAQs

Q. what is cysteine hair treatment?

Cysteine is a form of hair protein and works with the already existing proteins in your hair to soften and release all the curls and waves from your hair.

Q. How do you treat cysteine hair?

Because, after you have done Cysteine hair treatment, your hair might require quite specific products only. You should stress on using sulfate-free or De fabulous shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Q. Does cysteine treatment cause hair fall?

Avoid frequent cysteine, keratin, or straightening treatments as far as possible as they tend to damage the hair. Needless to say, avoid ironing or blow-drying hair daily. If you must opt for a cold blow-dry. Perming and going in for frequent highlights can also take a toll on the longevity of your hair

Q. Does cysteine make hair straight?

Cysteine is an Amino Acid and a part of the Keratin group only. Further, the experience shows that Cysteine treatment does not give any artificial straight look to the hair and gently smoothes away the curl and the frizz without any fuss.

Q. Is cysteine hair treatment safe?

Yes, The Cysteine hair treatment is considered safe as it does not use formaldehyde like Keratin hair treatment.

Q. What is cysteine used for?

The human body uses cysteine to produce the antioxidant glutathione, as well as the amino acid taurine. The body can also convert cysteine into glucose for a source of energy for your good hair. Cysteine also plays a role in the communication between immune system cells.

Q. Which one is better the Keratin or cysteine treatment?

Both the cysteine hair treatment as well as the keratin hair treatment are not much different from each other. Both of them are expensive and temporary. However, there are a few features that make cysteine hair treatment distinct.

  • There is no need for formaldehyde in cysteine treatment as it releases harmful substances during the treatment. But, keratin treatment for hair includes its use which is not good for health when inhaled.
  • The treatment does not alter the hair structure permanently.
  • It stays for a limited period only. Much less than the Keratin treatment.

Q. How long does cysteine treatment last?

Cysteine hair treatment lasts for 3 to 4 months. The longetivity of your hair treatment also depends upon the precautions your take and the hair products you use. 

Q. Can one color the hair before and after cysteine hair treatment?

It is best not to color your hair after any treatment like cysteine hair treatment as that will reduce the impact of the treatment. One can color the hair before cysteine hair treatment, however, the longer the gap, the better would be the results. Post cysteine hair treatment, one should try to limit the usage of all the chemicals including shampoos and conditioners to maximize the results from the treatment.

Q. Does cysteine straighten hair?

Cysteine is a hair protein that nourishes hair, adds strength to your hair, and straightens them at the same time. It is a natural absorbent and thus easily penetrates deep into the hair shaft to deeply nourish and condition your hair in order to improve their overall strength.

So, this is all you need to know about Cysteine hair treatment. It has some benefits with some side effects too. But, you all need to compare cysteine hair treatment and keratin treatment for hair as everybody has different preferences and needs.

The Best Sports Shoes For Women

sports shoes

Sports shoes help in increasing your performance and provides you with that great comfort and support. There are many like running shoes, basketball shoes, walking shoes, etc. So, before starting with the categorical selection of the best sports shoes that a girl should have with her. We are starting with why one should prefer sports shoes. Then, we will discuss what kind of sports shoes one would prefer.

Why One should Prefer Sports Shoes?

To keep yourself fit, some of you might be having this habit of running, or some might be having their passion for sports like tennis, basketball, etc. But, the wrong pair of sports shoes can make running more miserable for you. And, it can cause real problems like heel pain or some corns if you prefer hard sole and many more.
Considering women are big shopaholics and love to add a new collection of shoes to their closets.
There are various kinds of sports shoes including running shoes, walking shoes, etc.
So, here’s a collection of a few kinds of best sports shoes for women.

Top 5 Best Sports Shoes For Women

Walking Sports Shoes

Best Sports Shoes For Women_Derje
Best Sports Shoes- It Gives You Support and Comfort While Walking.

The search for the most comfortable walking shoes for women can be a tedious and difficult process if you don’t know exactly what you should be looking for. Although looking for the best shoes to protect and support your feet should be your top priority. You don’t have to forgo fashion for the sake of utility. They are comfortable walking shoes for women range from sleek and stylish to fun and bright because these are shoes you’ll want to wear. So, nab a pair and hit the track, treadmill, or sidewalk for a sweaty workout.

The upper part of these sports shoes comprise of breathable material. It’s sole is a bit rounded and shifts your weight from heel to toes. And, it gives you comfort.

Casual Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes For Women_Derje
The Best Running Shoes- Casual Running Shoes

Casual Running Shoes is one of the best running shoes. Shoemakers make running shoes to run comfortably. They support the motion and are very comfortable. These protect your heel and feet because there is cushioning for more comfort. Also, they come with the concept of natural and weightless feel. This running shoe also brags a slip-on style with laces and eyelets. It’s for long-lasting wear and stay-put feel.

So, cushioned collar and structured heel piece will keep your foot secure and supported. And, the supported toe and molded heel add the finals touch to make this sneaker a top choice. The fabrics ensure top ventilation, keeping your feet dry and cool the whole day. If you want the lightest running shoes for women, go for these.

Best Sports Shoes For Women_Derje
The Best Running Shoes- Nike Air Max 270 React

These really cool shoes are called the Nike Air Max 270 React ENG. Nike’s tallest Max Air unit has springy react foam for better cushioning that doesn’t quit. This translucent design offers a glimpse at the space-age inspired 3-D style. Also, it provides crazy comfort and looks eye-catching.

  • Mesh upper is lightweight and breathable to help keep your feet comfortable.
  • Slip-on design has foam pods around the heel for cushioning.
  • Durable rubber sole offers premium traction.
  • Pull tabs on heel and tongue offers no-hassle on/off.

Basketball Sports Shoes

Best Sports Shoes_Derje
Best Sports Shoes For Women- Basketball Shoes For Good Support.
  • This shoe comprises of a rich split-grain leather and upper with mesh quarter panels for added breathability.
  • Outer layer wears away to reveal a hidden graphic.
  • Polyurethane midsole with an Air-Sole® unit in heel and forefoot for impact protection.
  • Solid rubber outsole with herringbone pattern for multidirectional traction.
  • The sole of these sports shoes comes in a more stiff and thick style. It provides stability that enables the player to run faster in the basketball court.
  • So, to make quick changes in direction, it provides good support.

Tennis Shoes

Best Sports Shoes_Derje
Best Sports Shoes For Women- Tennis Shoes For Quick Side Movements.

These shoes have a design that helps in quick side to side movements. But, it also has a flexible sole that gives you comfort while changing your forward movements. They ensure stability in movements and are heavier than other sports shoes.

Football Shoes For Hard Ground

Best Sports Shoes_Derje
Best Football Shoes For Hard Ground- Football shoes For Good Traction on The Grass Pitch.

Another name for football shoes is soccer shoes. Soccer Shoes is the best Football Shoes for hard ground. The outsole is designed to include the round studs for increasing the traction on the grass pitch. It provides good support and grip.

Women mostly go for a stylish appearance and prefer buying products that will look most eye-catching and comfortable. But, while selection you all should look the size not too loose not too tight. So that it feels comfortable while walking, running, playing, etc.

You should prefer sports shoes that are waterproof, durable, and survive in any condition. But, everybody faces this issue of colorfastness. After some time the shoe starts to lose its color and gives a less appealing look. But, durability also matters. As, in different conditions, sometimes the size of the shoes increases or it shrinks. You can also test its strength in terms of the material used in its sole, linings. This all will help you in finding yourself a perfect fit. So, don’t waste your time and go get comfortable best sports shoes for yourself.

Try these shoes with a perfect pair of jeans.


Q. What is a sport shoe?

Sneakers are also called trainers, athletic shoes, gym shoes, tennis shoes, kicks, sports shoes, running shoes, or runners. These are the shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise but that is now also widely used for everyday casual wear.

Q. Is it OK to wear running shoes for walking?

In general, running shoes have more cushioning in the heel and forefoot. Walkers need less cushioning than runners but still need some. Running makes your feet hotter and running shoes often have mesh to allow for breathability. The right shoes can help prevent injury and make walking more enjoyable.

Q. What is difference between sneakers and sports shoes?

The sports shoe is a generic term for all footwear worn by men and women while the sneaker is a term reserved especially for athletic shoes. While sports shoes can be made from many different materials, sneakers are made from synthetic fabric with rubber soles only.

Q. What’s the difference between a walking and running shoe?

The difference is running shoes often flex in the arch or midfoot, while shoes that are good for walking should flex in the forefoot. This is because walkers push off with their toes for power, and the shoe needs to bend more in this area.

DIY Pedicure Tips at Home – How to do Pedicure at Home Naturally?

Pedicure tips at home

We all face this issue of having a hectic schedule and not left with enough time for ourselves. Due to our work-life schedule, we all neglect the thought of taking rest and to keep our body relax for a while. The whole day is busy as some of us have our meetings, colleges, household chores, and other work. But, at the end of the day, we rarely do anything to relieve our stress that is build up in our body. 

So, the solution lies in pampering ourselves but how to do a pedicure at home in less time is the real question. But, one solution comes, another problem arises as if we don’t have enough time to move out for a salon and then book an appointment. Most of the women make efforts to be all groomed. But, we all ignore that thought of giving equal importance to our feet somewhere or other. So, what are the DIY pedicure tips at home we can learn this quarantine?

Confused on how to do pedicure at home naturally? Here we go….

Most of you are unaware that our feet contain some of the vital nerves that help us in our body functioning. We all always ignore the importance of foot health. Poor foot health can hamper work performance and you’re less likely to engage in physical activity. The result is a higher risk of disease, such as heart disease and diabetes, reduced endurance, etc. This is why the Thai concept of acupressure massage is popular in relieving stress. It also heals parts of the body that are not working well. Preventive foot care helps lessen the need for foot surgery.

So, we have got you 10 tips on DIY pedicure at home that are easy and quick to learn. Follow these home pedicure tips or steps to achieve a natural pedicure.

Remove The Leftover Nail Polish – The No-Brainer DIY Pedicure Tip

Pedicure Tips_derje
How to do pedicure at home naturally?

Remove your nail polish with a nail polish remover from your toenails. Use a cotton pad while removing it.

Soak Your Feet

Pedicure Tips_derje
How to do a Pedicure at Home?

Soak your feet for 15 minutes in a warm tub full of water with soap in it. You can add shampoo and a few crystals of rock salt into the liquid. Soaking your feet in warm, fragrant water is a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

You need to do –

  • Add half a cup of Epsom salt to the water. It will soften and soothe inflammations, reduce any kind of pain, and reduce roughness. It also acts as an exfoliator.
  • Add some lemon juice, and a drop of shampoo as well.
  • You can add a few drops of essential oil if you have. These usually calm your nerves and give your feet the spa treatment. Dry your feet with a towel. Dry your feet with a towel.

Get Rid of Dead Skin

Pedicure Tips_derje
Pedicure at Home Tips

Use a foot file to remove any dead skin from hard areas. Pay attention to the heels, sides, and balls of your feet. Scrape these areas until they look smooth, but don’t overdo it.

Time to file and shape

Pedicure at Home_Derje
DIY Pedicure Tips at Home

Use a nail trimmer to get the length and shape you want. Follow by filling the corners of your nails and buffing to make them smooth. Never cut the cuticles. The cuticle protects your surrounding skin. It also helps in protecting against infection.

a) Clip your nails with a nail cutter, but make sure you cut across straight. Avoid cutting corners too deep, you will end up with painful ingrown nails.

b) Decide the shape of your nails (square, oval, pointed) to file them.

c) Do the filing with enough force to reshape the nail, but be gentle to not weaken them. Instead, file in a single direction to get the desired shape of your nails.

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Apply Cuticle Oil

Pedicure at Home_Derje
DIY Pedicure Tips at Home

Apply cuticle oil to the base of your nail. “Cuticle oil doesn’t only keep your feet soft and moisturized, but it also keeps your polish from chipping”.

Moisturize Your Feet

Pedicure at Home_Derje
DIY Pedicure Tips at Home

Moisturize your feet with a lotion. Also, don’t forget to consider unscented lotions. As, they protect your nail polish from breaking.

Prep Your Toes

How to do pedicure at home naturally?_derje
DIY Pedicure Tips

Use toe separators to make painting your toes easier and avoid making a mess for an easy pedicure at home.

Apply Base Coat

How to do pedicure at home naturally?_derje
DIY Pedicure Tips

Do the base coat and wait for at least 5 minutes to dry. Don’t forget your base coat as it gives your nail polish something to sink into.

Finally, Nail Polish – The Unmissable DIY Pedicure Step

How to do pedicure at home naturally?_derje
DIY Pedicure Tips

Apply two coats of nail polish, leaving at least 3 minutes for each coat for it to dry. You can be adventurous and try out nail art which will ensure a glamorous look.

Finish With a Top Coat – The Cherry on The Cake DIY Pedicure Secret

DIY Pedicure_Derje
How to do pedicure at home naturally?

Finish your nails with a top coat to get that shine and luster. You can also put your toenails in a tub of cold water for the hardening of the nail coat you have applied. It’s one DIY pedicure tips that you can use for long-lasting nail paint.



Q. How often should we get a pedicure?

Naturally, if your hands are exposed to more wear and tear in your daily job or hobbies, your nails are going to need a little more TLC. However, professionals suggest leaving two to three weeks between each manicure and pedicure is ideal for keeping your nails in the best shape.

Q. What are the benefits of a pedicure?

Regular pedicures not only help keep feet looking pretty, they also keep nails trimmed, calluses controlled and skin moisturized. In addition, a foot massage helps to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. Treat yourself to a salon or spa pedicure or pamper your feet at home.

Q. How long should a pedicure last?

Professional pedicures can be a bit spendy, but I always find them to be a far wiser investment than manicures, which always seem to chip within days. A good pedicure can last me for weeks-even a month.

These are the DIY pedicure tips to try for an easy pedicure at home. It is also a key to a quick process for doing your foot. Pedicure at home helps you saving your time to make it up to a salon or book an appointment in advance. At home this quarantine, with fewer things, you can make it all work and feel more relaxed and stressed out.

15 Easy Makeup Hacks DIY – Beauty Hacks for Makeup

Makeup hacks DIY 2020

Every girl is beautiful in her way. Makeup makes you look more fresh and young. In our busy lives, many of us don’t get enough time to invest in ourselves. As we all know, makeup needs perfection and to be pro at it, we need to invest more time in practicing. So, makeup hacks are little tricks to save our time and apply the cosmetics much easier. There are many eye makeup tips out there, but how to apply those quickly is learned through makeup hacks only. Here are Easy Makeup Hacks DIY on how to apply mascara, eyeliner, and many other tricks to get it done easier.

15 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

Use White Eyeliner Before Shadow – Eyeshadow Makeup Hacks

Beauty hacks_Derje
Using white Liner Before Eyeshadow Will Bring Out the Color Of Your Shadow

You can see the difference between a white liner and without in the above picture. Apply white eyeliner to your eyelids under your crease area and then apply eyeshadow. It will make your eyes look more noticeable and it brings out the color of your shadow. 

Use a Spoon for Winged Eyeliner – Eyeliner Makeup Hacks

Beauty hacks_Derje
Makeup Hacks 2020 – Instant Way Of Applying Winged Eyeliner With A Spoon

To get an instant winged effect, go grab a spoon from your kitchen. Then, press the rounded side of the spoon against your eyelid. Then, move the spoon outwards to create the winged effect. This makeup hack gives your eyes a wide-eyed effect and looks appealing.

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Cover Up Your Dark Circles – Looking Fresh Makeup Hack

Beauty Hacks_Derje
Makeup Hacks 2020 – Right Application Of Concealer is in A Triangluar Way

If you have dark circles under your eyes, concealer works the best. As you can see in the above picture, apply it in a triangular form, not in a dotted way. This DIY makeup hack helps your eyes look larger.

Use Vaseline for Makeup Removal – Cleaning Makeup Hack

Beauty Hacks_Derje
Vaseline Helps in Instant Removal Of Makeup With A Glowing Effect

You can use Vaseline in your makeup removal routine if you forgot to carry your makeup remover in your kit. It’s a time-saving makeup hack DIY for a quick glow in seconds. Apply a small amount of Vaseline on your face and gently massage your face with it. It leaves your skin smoother as in winters, your skin gets dry. You can apply it with your fingers and you can use a cotton pad too. It helps in the fast removal of makeup.

Smokey Eye Makeup Hack

Beauty Hacks_Derje
Makeup Hacks 2020 – Smokey Eye Can be Done With Hash Tag Hack

To get that smokey look, draw hashtags on your outer lid of the eye with the help of an eyeliner. Later, blend it with the eye makeup.

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For more eye-makeup hacks- https://derje.com/eyemakeup-tips/

Make your own Lip Scrub

Makeup Hack_Derje
Makeup Beauty Hacks – Coconut Oil, Brown Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub keeps Your Lips Hydrated

If you have darker lips or your lips are getting dry, you can easily make a natural homemade scrub for your lips. You only need honey in small amounts, some sugar, and coconut oil. You can take olive oil too. Mix these and you will get a scrub with looks sticky in a way and rub it on your lips for 3-4 minutes. Then go and wash your lips with warm water and apply a lip balm. This DIY lip scrub helps in removal of dryness from your lips.

Use Highlighter on Lipstick

Makeup Hack_Derje
Makeup Beauty Hacks – Applying Highlighter On Lipstick Will Throw Different Shades

If you have less options of lipstick, you can create more only by applying some highlighter to your lips. This beauty hack gives different shades and light effects.

Make Pencil Eyeliner Soft

Makeup Hack_Derje
Placing Eyeliner Pencil in A Flame For Seconds Can Make Its Tip Soft For Application

Take a pencil eyeliner with you and place its tip in a flame for 2 seconds. Its tip will get soft and you can apply it on your eyes. It gives your eyes a more bold look.

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Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should know

Apply Mascara to Upper and Lower Lashes

Beauty Hacks_Derje
Mascara Application On Both The Lashes Can Give Wider Look

Do not applying it only to the upper lashes, try to apply it on the lower lash too. This DIY hack will give your eyes a wider look.

Lipstick Makeup Hacks

Makeup Hack_Derje
Makeup Beauty Hacks – Lipstick Hack For Longer Stay

You can apply lipstick and then with the help of a tissue across your lips. Then, dust translucent powder on to make the color set so it stays on longer.

Lipgloss Makeup Hacks

Makeup Hack_Derje
Beauty Hacks For Makeup – Using Petroleum Jelly and Eyeshadow As A Lip Gloss

You can make lipgloss by your unused eyeshadows. For that, take some petroleum jelly and eyeshadow in small amounts and mix it well then apply on your lips. You can try different shades too.

Eyebrow Pencils for Contouring

Makeup Hack_Derje
Beauty Hacks For Makeup – Eyebrow Pencil For Contouring

You can take eyebrow pencils. Also, try gel brow pencils or you can make it through flame treatment as you did with the eyeliner. Apply it on your face the same way you contour, then smudge and blend it with the makeup.

BB Creme and Highlighter Mix

Easy Makeup hacks_Derje
Beauty Hacks For Makeup – BB Creme and Highlighter Mix For Glossier Look

Mix some Bb creme with a drop of highlighter and you will get an instant fresh and glossier look.

Apply primer to avoid oily nose – Clear Skin Makeup Hacks

Easy Makeup hacks_Derje
Primer Helps in Removal Of Oil From Nose

Use eyeshadow primer to get rid of oily nose. Apply some primer on the nose and then foundation as it will help your nose stay matte all day.

French Tip Makeup Hack

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French Tips Done With The Help Of A Rubber Band

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Use a rubber band for French tip nails. Wrap a rubber band around your finger so it lies straight across the nail. Then, apply nail polish on the tip of the nail.

So, these are the 15 easy makeup hacks every woman should know and it includes in her makeup routine. Try these beauty hacks for makeup for an instant look at home.