Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives 2023

Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives_derje

Have you ever heard of Ridge Wallets? Yes, the one that is in trend nowadays. But can’t get your hands on it? Don’t worry we have got you covered by sharing some ridge wallet alternatives ahead.

The revolution in beauty and fashion is out of the box. The way people dress up and show their fashion sense is fascinating. The choice of our clothes along with the design and pattern makes us stand out among others. Although, the design and modularity of the look vary as per the region and gender. , in the case of wallets, it sounds right too. There are a variety of wallets available in the market that you will find fascinating.

Many of them are available to match the current trends in the best possible way. Yet, a ridge wallet is also a term used these days. The design and alternatives of such amazing products can lure your mind. But first, do you know about ridge wallets? Are you aware of ridge wallet alternatives? If not, this article is the perfect place to end your queries and introduces you to a new dimension of knowledge.

Criteria for Selecting Wallet Alternatives

The global trend of introducing sleeky options under budget brought people to alternatives. A slim wallet is the best thing to hold everything without getting visible on your clothes. Globalization has turned society into a cashless society with this slim wallet. Choosing the right wallet must have all these criteria for judgment:

  • Comfortable
  • Slim
  • Sleeky design
  • Non-breakable
  • Long-lasting

Ridge wallets are superior among all types. But their alternative is also on the list to become the number one globally. The importance of cost-effectiveness you get if you buy a Ridge wallet will be the best you can do for yourself. You can save a lot of money without even investing attention to its design.

A slim wallet is the only thing that everyone requires to stay tuned with the generation. Stylish soft thin wallets with waterproof features make it perfect. It is the wallet that will love to get for yourself. The most important feature of these wallets is their RFID Protection facility. It will help to keep your cards safe and secure. With a modern look, you are getting a smooth design that will not cause any uneasiness to you.

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Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives You Can Have

The best ridge wallet is the one that gives an extra edge to your styling in the best possible way. You can get an amazing Ridge wallet at a minimal price with a sleek style and advanced security points. Here are some of the best Ridge wallets you can buy:

SlimFold Wallet

Ridge Wallet Alternatives SlimFold Wallet_derje
Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives – SlimFold Wallet
DesignSlim Wallet
Durability6 months to 4 years

Your search for a slim wallet ends here. SlimFold wallet has innovative materials that are up to 2-3 times thin and lighter in weight. The composition of building them is the same. Each design of this wallet has RFID protection. It allows ultra-security with a thin soft shell material design.

Trayvax Wallet

Ridge Wallet Alternatives Trayvax Wallet_derje
Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives – Trayvax Wallet
DesignSlim leather touch wallet
DurabilityUp to 65 years

One of the most premium wallets built with CNC-machines stainless steel plates. This wallet is ideal for those who want to carry their wallets with them in their front pocket. Due to its sleek design and comfort level, you will get ease in carrying it. Although, they are rigid and can be difficult to carry in the rear pocket. The contouring of this wallet is nice and suits every outfit.

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Dango Wallet

Ridge Wallet Alternatives - Dango Wallet_derje
Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives – Dango Wallet
DesignSingle pocket design

Dango wallets are wallets with an edge. Carrying this wallet with you is a status symbol. This wallet gets well blended in style, utility, and quality. You will enjoy carrying it as it is slim and easy to handle. The material of this wallet is also body friendly.

Flowfold Wallet

Ridg Wallet Alternatives - Flowfold Wallet_derje
Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives – Flowfold Wallet
DesignSingle pocket design
DurabilityUp to 10 years or more

Flowfold Wallets carry a minimalist design made with recycled sailcloth. This amazing wallet comes with more features such as RFID protection, a slim body, and more. The only problem a user can feel is its loose fittings. The cards can come out if you shake the wallet. Although it is simple and convenient to use.

Herschel Supply Co. Wallet

Ridge Wallet Alternative - Herschel Wallet_derje
Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives – Herschel Wallet
DesignLarge slim wallet
DurabilityUp to 5 years

Herschel is a brand name that assists anyone with the right options. If you want to buy the best alternative to a ridge wallet, this piece is perfect for you. Herschel is an brand that offers a wide range of wallets and other things. The wallet has a durable polyester that gives you security and is durable.

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Every wallet has some pros and cons in its design composition and built material. The only thing you must check about the ridge wallets is their authenticity. Also, the designs should match your style. If you are someone who wants a compact design that covers less space. Ridge wallets are the best thing you can choose.

Apart from this, we have covered everything a new buyer needs. It is crucial to understand every minute detail before getting the right one. To be honest, alternatives are new technology that is helpful and sustainable in the longer run.

Are Metal Wallets Good? Exploring the Benefits of Durable and Stylish Wallets

Are Metal Wallets Good_derje

Like every one of us who has purchased any wallet once. we have received it as a gift or purchased by ourselves, and the only motive behind it is to keep our money secure. The hard-earned we have should treat well. That’s why wallets are here to secure everything.

It can be anything you want to keep. Moreover, we have seen buying wallets in leather material, or a hard case. Have you ever thought of purchasing a metal wallet or are metal wallets good for you?  It is the best decision you can make if you are not scared about rust on it.

Not everything comes forever, and so does the wallet. The security you can get from a metal wallet is one of the best things you can choose to have. In this article, we have emphasized how good are metal wallets for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Are Metal Wallets Good?

You can discover a variety of wallets present in the market. From different color combinations, unique patterns, and security. You are getting everything within your reach. You can ensure your precious item’s security. Also, it helps your items to be intact in one place without any chances of tear-ups or money lost. Metal wallets are the winner in the crowd of every kind of wallet available in the market. Apart from ease, these metal wallets are compact and long-lasting.

In this generation, everybody craves something exceptional. They want their outfit to stand out amongst others, their shoes must be unique and cool looking. , they look for designer wallets also. Metal wallets are better than typical leather wallets in many ways.

They will make you drop the idea of purchasing them again. It is a common doubt among others that a metal wallet can tear up your clothes or can harm you with its sharp edges. Yet, it is not the case at all, buy a cut leather wallet with a sophisticated design and compact. This will give you the comfort you want.

Wallets are men’s best friends. From carrying important cards to cash, it’s the wallet that carries everything. So, it should be the best and most sustainable for you. They are also the best wallets that go well with carrying gadgets for men. It is a style statement piece that enhances your style.

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Pros of Metal Wallets

Pros of metal wallet_derje
Pros of Metal Wallets – Are Metal Wallets Good

As far as we have known that metal wallets are one of the best things we can add to enhance our outfits in the best way. , if you compare the same with a regular leather wallet, you will see the difference. Here are some benefits of metal wallets that can make your mind to try one.

  • Durable

Metal wallets are well-known to last longer than regular wallets. The best thing about choosing a metal wallet is its shock resistance and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the best thing is they are water-proof. Although, you can feel the sense of having a metal thing in your pocket. It is well-known that metal wallets last more than 10 years than regular leather wallets. Metals wallets have aluminum and stainless steel in their composition.

  • Card Protection

As the world goes on digitalization, everything is not handy now. For getting cash, you use cards, and for traveling, cards are there. You need something to protect them at any cost. Metal wallets are here to serve you with the best protection you want. They protect your important cards from skimming and breaking.

You can assure yourself that your cads are not damaging if you use metal wallets. Few people especially prefer taking metal card holders with them separately, however, with the use of metal wallets, both the cardholder as well as the wallet can be merged into one accessory.

  • Sleeky Design With Slim Body

The most important thing you can get in a metal wallet is the sleeky design with a slim body that will make you feel easy. Metal wallets are long-lasting with perfect to give you comfort. The sleeky design makes it a better option than the leather wallets. They don’t swell up if you stuff too many things into them.

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Metal Wallets vs Leather Wallets

Metal Wallets vs Leather Wallets_derje
Leather Wallet – Metal Wallets vs Leather Wallets
Basis Of ComparisonMetal WalletsLeather Wallets
DurabilityCan last upto 20+ yearsCan last upto 5 years
RFID ProtectionIt allows RFID ProtectionIt doesn’t allow RFID Protection
MaintenanceEasy to handleHard to maintain as they can get ripped off easily
PriceCheaper than leather walletsBit pricey as they are made up of natural material
Style/LookClassy and ModernisedOld But Valuable

Some Best Metal Wallets Available in The Market

Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet - One of the best wallet available in the market_derje
One of the Best Metal Wallets Available in the Market – Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet
  • Travando Wallet
  • Extremus Tactical Wallet
  • BIIGELL Aluminium Metal Money Clip
  • Muradin Tactical
  • The Ridge Wallet
  • VULKIT Slim Minimalist Wallet
  • Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet
  • SECRID Card Protector

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I hope by the end of the article you might have got your answer to the question are metal wallets good? Cards can never get out of fashion and will never replace cash anytime soon. And in place of keeping a separate wallet card, it is better to buy a wallet that suits your taste and is safe for your crucial cards. Metal wallets are more securable for currency and are easy to carry.

You can buy from any store or any place you like. make sure that whatever design you choose, it must suit your taste and needs. There is a wide array of metal wallets found in the world that every man will like. Moreover, there are certain issues associated with it too. Whenever you decide to buy a metal wallet, you will never go back to regular leather wallets ever.

Elevate Your Style Within Budget: Best Sneakers Under 10000

Best Sneakers Under 10000_derje

Sneakers are one of those things that can change your look for the better. It is a perfect addition to your casual look that makes you stand out amongst others. The pricing and the shoe pattern are something that brought your mind towards it. It can be a dull period for you but it can never be out of fashion anytime. Sneakers are not a shoe, it’s an emotion that many freaks love to carry with them. There are many questions going on about who is looking forward to buying a sneaker for themselves.

There could be many doubts about the price range, designs, and craze among buyers. You can buy sneakers during the sale as it will help you in discovering the best items at an affordable price. Here in this article, we have targeted the best sneakers under 10000. , you will get your favorite pair into your collection. So, without further ado, let’s get into this article.

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List of Best Sneakers Under 10000

Here is the collection of best sneakers under 10000 for you. Check every item you like and grab your hands on it.

New Balance

New Balance Sneaker Under 10000_derje
New Balance 327 Sneakers – Sneakers Under 10000
Brand NameNew Balance
PriceStarts from $39.99
DurabilityUp to 4-5 years
Available ColorsMulti colorful options

For anyone who is looking for light-colored sneakers that speak their status. New Balance is the perfect addition to your neutral collection. The light-colored pattern makes these shoes the best and perfect for day-to-day wear. A search by its name can lend you to this beauty.


Y3 Sneakers Under 10000_derje
Y-3 Suberou Sneaker – Sneakers Under 10000
Brand NameBetween Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto
PriceStarts from $115
DurabilityDepends upon usage
Available ColorsBlack, White, Grey, Blue, and a combination

An unusual shoe pair that can grab your attention with its color combination and design. This pair is commendable in every way. You can style this shoe with an oversized outfit that will be mind-blowing. This pair of sneakers is available at

Nike AirMax 90

Nike Sneakers Under 10000
Nike Air Max 90 – Sneakers Under 10000
Brand NameNike
PriceStarts from $110
DurabilityUp to 7-8 years
Available ColorsMulti colors

For every gym lover, good quality is everything that matters the most. If you are someone looking for a decent trainer for yourself. Get your hands on these sneakers. It is worth every penny you spend on this piece. You can find this sneaker on Nike’s official website.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith Sneakers Under 10000_derje
Paul Smith Sneakers – Sneakers Under 10000
Brand NamePaul Smith
PriceStarts from $175
DurabilityUp to 5-6 years
Available ColorsBrown, black, white

Here is another shoe pair that fetches you to the place you want to go. This shoe pair is from the most famous brand called Paul Smith. Apart from its design, the quality is also another factor in grabbing the attention of the buyers.

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Asics Sneaker Under 10000_derje
Asics Gel Kayano 29 – Sneakers Under 10000
Brand NameASICS
DurabilityDepends upon usage
Available ColorsWhite, Grey, Black

Like its long name, this shoe pair is the center of attention with its decent-looking design. This shoe pair is worth every penny you spend on it. The mesmerizing color combination makes you happy. Moreover, you will feel the ultimate level of comfort by wearing this show.

Adidas Rivalry Shoes

Best Sneakers Under 10000 - Adidas Rivalry Shoes_derje
Best Sneakers Under 10000 – Adidas Rivalry Shoes
Brand NameAdidas
DurabilityDepends upon usage
Available ColorsMulti colors

Kick your style out for the look you are craving for. Here are Adidas Rivalry sneakers that are nothing more than an iconic piece you can wear from a large collection of Adidas sneakers. The stunning color combination with the Adidas logo makes it look expensive. You can buy these sneakers from the official website of Adidas.

Converse Chuck 70 Plus Canvas

Best Sneakers Under 10000 - Converse Chuck 70 Plus_derje
Best Sneakers Under 10000 – Converse Chuck 70 Plus
Brand NameConverse
DurabilityLasts longer
Available ColorsMulti colors

Every style lover, they have come across the Converse once in their lifetime. This amazing sneaker from Converse is the best pair you can introduce to your collection. There are many color combinations you can choose your favorite design. Although, you should buy original pairs as there are many fake copies available in the market. To avoid any fraud, buy it from the official website.

Reebok InstaPump Fury Sneakers

Best Sneakers Under 10000 - Reebok InstaPump Fury Sneakers_derje
Best Sneakers Under 10000 – Reebok InstaPump Fury Sneakers
Brand NameReebok
DurabilityDepends on usage
Available ColorsWhite and Multi colors

Reebok presents you with a stunning pair available at an official website and It is available at and the official website of Reebok. This white classy pair is a perfect addition to your outfit that can even turn your outfit into a classy one. Grab this pair before it gets too late.

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We all have come across a wide range of shoe pairs. Some of them are classy but expensive whereas some are not worth the money. This article covers the best sneakers under 10000 for those who wish to add decent pairs to their collection.

The prices mentioned above are subject to change with respect to many aspects such as time, location, websites, availability of the product, etc. Although, there are a lot many pairs you can discover. These sneakers are commendable and can turn your boring outfit into classy. Grab your favorite pair now.

An Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Sneakers in Bulk

An Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Sneakers in Bulk_derje

A love for sneakers and casual is a never-ending loop that one can never escape. It is commonly seen among buyers that they don’t find considerable ways to buy sneakers in bulk. They get lost whenever someone asks them how to buy Sneakers in bulk. It’s the dream of every buyer to get the best deals for the efforts they pay. Sneakers are a beautiful addition that you can try to enhance your outfit in the best possible way.

Sneakers are demanding in their way. Adding them to your outfit can make you stand out among others. But, did a thought ever occur to you on how to buy sneakers in bulk? The thought can be related to starting a business or for any other purpose. If yes, below is the guide shared for you to know more details about buying sneakers in bulk. 

And if you were away from that thought, then I guess it’s time for you to consider the option of buying sneakers in bulk as it has many advantages attached to it which I have shared below.

How to Buy Sneakers in Bulk?

Sneakers Shoe Wall_derje
Sneakers Shoe Wall

Many individuals look for options that offer the best deals on buying sneakers in bulk. Yet, the idea of buying them in bulk seems perfect as it gives you a huge discount that you will enjoy a lot. There are specific ways you can follow to purchase sneakers in bulk.

Buy Local Sneakers

Every brand has a cheap copy available in the market. If someone chooses design over brand and comfort, local brands serve right to your needs. You can proceed to this process by delivering. If you want to buy branded sneakers, looking for a local shoe store is the best decision you can make. Searching for local dealers can be a tough task and challenging. So, you must be careful about that. Offline buying is easier than you think, you need to find a genuine seller with decent pricing.

Buying In Bulk Using Proxies

Many sites restrict buyers from making multiple purchases of a single particular item. In this case, we can use proxies to buy as many sneakers as one wants. Suppose you choose one design and need many pairs of it. The website will not allow such activity to happen. In such cases, proxies are helpful to address the issue well. Proxies are different IP address that hides your identity and shows you as many users as possible.

It is the best way through which you can buy many sneakers in one go without any hassle. Each proxy you use will refer to a dedicated person and location which makes it easy for you to buy the products in bulk. Individuals can never use the same billing profile to buy pairs. Proxy is one of the best jiggling methods you can try.

Buy From Individual Sellers

If you buy shoes in bulk, there are plenty of sellers that can give you the best shoes from their collection. These shoes can prove enough to bring you the most profit you were looking for. But, if you buy pairs, it is a must to check the authenticity of each to avoid any issues from the customer side in the future.

The disadvantage of buying from local sellers is similar pieces are available. Many shops are giving you the same shoes but not only one shop can give you many articles together. This leads to the issue of many visits to different shops for the same item.

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Jiggling Methods To Buy Sneakers Shoe In Bulk

Nike Air Jordan Series_derje
Nike Air Jordan Series – One of the Most Popular Sneaker Series in 2022

Many online sites don’t allow more transactions from one account, this issue can cause you a loss. So, if you are planning to buy sneakers in bulk from online sites. Here are some ways you can try while purchasing:

  • Use unique cards: The More billing cards you use, the more buyer profile you can create.
  • Use unique email addresses: If you buy anything in bulk, using a different email id is better than using one. You can choose different extensions while making your account.
  • Use different addresses: Using multiple or alternate billing addresses on each order can also be counted as one of the solutions.
  • Use different contact information: Along with the address, using different contact numbers every time you order anything is also considerable.

Advantages of Buying Sneakers Shoe in Bulk

Nike casual shoes_derje
Nike Casual Shoes

Anything in this world offers certain advantages and disadvantages. It can be a clothing brand, furniture, or a sneaker brand. There are some issues you will face certain advantages and disadvantages. Several advantages of buying sneakers in bulk:

  • Affordable prices: The best thing about buying in bulk is the least cost you will pay for each pair. The more you buy, the more discounts you will be getting.
  • Variety of Sneakers: It is the heaven of sneakers from designs to materials. If you visit a wholesale shoe store dealing in a variety of sneakers, you will find out the things you need to buy right from casual sneakers to athletic sneakers.
  • Customized Shoes: Apart from buying things at a reasonable price, you will be able to get shoes as per your need. Although, this requires bulk purchasing to sustain the focus on production.

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Disadvantages of Buying Sneakers Shoe in Bulk

Sneakers in Bulk Quantity_derje
Sneakers in Bulk Quantity

Every time you are not getting benefits from it. There are several disadvantages that will make you doubt your choices. Here are certain disadvantages that you will face while buying sneakers in bulk.

  • Fear of Selling:  Buyers planning to resell their purchased stock are always at risk of loss. There are chances that the purchased sneakers might fail to attract customers and can result in a loss deal.
  • Commitment: Everything you buy is not free. If you are getting something there are many more things you need to focus on for success. If you are buying sneakers in bulk for any purpose, you must select the best models and devote time to them. Without any commitment, you will not be able to find any; you can find defective ones too.


The craze for purchasing sneakers shoe will never end. This article has provided details about how to buy sneakers in bulk quantity from a shoe store or through online shoe websites. Everything is enlisted above for your better understanding.

This ultimate guide on how to buy sneakers in bulk will be going to make your life easy. Grab your hands on your favorite pair with these tips and tricks.

Vidyut Jammwal Shines in Khuda Haafiz: A Gripping Journey of Redemption

Vidyut Jammwal Shines in Khuda Hafiz_derje

In between the popular biopics of famous personalities like Shakuntala Devi and Gunjan Saxena, emerges a fictional movie called Khuda Haafiz, featuring Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi. Faruk Kabir, the writer as well as the director of the movie, who has earlier made Allah Ke Banday in 2010, and a few web series, tells a story that is somewhat thrilling and successfully keeps up with the suspense.

It has been prevailing from the fairy tale where the story talks about the love affair of a man and woman and how that gets disturbed by the introduction of the villain who (generally) tries to abduct the woman, which he achieves undoubtedly. Then comes up the man, who tears up his ordinary mask and rises up as a heroic character, to venture himself into saving his beloved.


The Plot Of The Khuda Haafiz Movie

Vidyut Jammwal in the Khuda Haafiz Movie_derje
Vidyut Jammwal in the Khuda Haafiz Movie

The movie Khuda Haafiz is based on the genre which is no different from the synopsis of the clichéd love story in the folklore and fairy tales. The movie has been set during the global economic crisis that took place in 2008. It was the time when millions of people lost their jobs. The protagonist of the movie, Sameer, who has been played by Vidyut Jammwal, appears as a very ordinary man, from Lucknow. He too was shown among the unfortunate ones along with his wife, Nargis, played by Shivaleeka Oberoi, who lost their jobs.

While searching for jobs, Nargis gets kidnapped in a Middle East country named Noman. She, however, manages to put her last call to Sameer and inform him that she has been kidnapped. Before she could go into details, the call hung up. There starts the journey of an ordinary man who devotes himself to searching for his wife.

As soon as Sameer landed in the country of Noman, a new adventure started. He met a few people among which there are a kind and friendly taxi driver, Pathan, who has been with him until the end of his journey. He realized that his wife has been sold and he pushed all his limits to rescue her but failed in his first attempt.

The Second Half Of The Movie Brings Twist

Khuda Hafiz Trailer_derje
Khuda Hafiz Trailer

The first half of the story might seem to have dragged for keeping up with the suspense which could have been better if the narration was crisper. Finally, he takes the help of the embassy and police to get to the root of the racket. However, the second half brings a twist, when one of the trusted men turns out to be a traitor, which has given the plot a sharp turn. However, the story seems predictable from a certain point.

Vidyut Jammwal, who is famous for his action-oriented movies, appears in different shades and personalities which proves his versatility in his choice of characters. But in Khuda Haafiz, he manages to give a glimpse of his latent potential.  Also about Shivaleeka, she appears in the movie just to play a character around whom the story can be made, apart from that she does not have any major contribution through her skills to leave any impact on the audience. Overall, the movie is worth a watch if you do not plan to go deep inside as there appear many loopholes that can appear too real to exist.

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Vidyut Jamal In Other Movies

Commando: A One Man Army

Vidyut Jammwal in Commando: A One Man Army_derje
Vidyut Jammwal in Commando: A One Man Army

Vidyut Jammwal gained the most popularity with his film Commando: A One Man Army which was released in the year 2013. It was a Hindi-language action thriller movie which was directed by Dilip Ghosh.

Commando 2: The Black Money Trail

Vidyut Jammwal in Commando: The Black Money Trail_derje
Vidyut Jammwal in Commando: The Black Money Trail

The sequel of the movie Commando: A One Man Army which was directed by Deven Bhojani, has Vidyut Jammwal as the protagonist.

Commando 3: He Is Back

Vidyut Jammwal in Commando: He Is Back_derje
Vidyut Jammwal in Commando: He Is Back

Again we get to see Vidyut Jammwal in the skin of Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra, in the third sequel of Commando movie, Commando 3: He Is Back.



Vidyut Jammwal in Junglee_derje
Vidyut Jammwal in Junglee

Released in the year 2019, Junglee is a Hindi-language movie which was directed by American Film Maker Chuck Russell also stars Vidyut Jammwal in the lead role.


Vidyut Jammwal in Yaara_derje
Vidyut Jammwal in Yaara

The crime drama starred Vidyut Jammwal as Phagun Gadoriya aka Paramveer, which was directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. The movie was released in July 2020.


What is the release date of Khuda Haafiz?

14th August 2020

Who is in the female role in Khuda Haafiz?

Shivaleeka Oberoi

Bollywood’s Star Kids Strike Again: Khaali Peeli Trailer Review

Khaali Peeli Trailer Review_derje

As we are all very big fans of our very own Bollywood industry, we are also equally aware of the fact that the Bollywood industry gifts Hindi movie lovers with back-to-back commercial hits that make major hits in the industry. This time Ishaan Khattar will be starring in the upcoming movie Khaali Peeli. It is also very known that these commercial movies are the only reason why Bollywood movie is enjoying the popularity that has made them place along with the bigger Film industries all over the world. However, there are many remakes that take a better place than the original ones because they receive the aura of being in the Bollywood industry.

Like a few other movies, Bollywood also needs to plan its survival strategies, if that option does not click with making creative and unique content, obviously, plan B is to remake the movie with a different set of cinematography so it looks and sounds way better than the original version. It is not new in the industry; we have seen Bollywood copying movies from South Indian movies every now and then. So let us jump into the Khaali Peeli Trailer, where Indian actor Ishaan Khattar will be presented in a different look.

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Khaali Peeli Casts

Khaali Peeli Lead Cast - Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Pandey_derje
Khaali Peeli Lead Cast – Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Pandey

Khaali Peeli Trailer reveals that this time the movie will be starring Indian actor Ishaan Khattar, who is the son of renowned actors Rajesh Khattar and Neelima Azeem. The actor made his very first debut in the movie Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! which starred his half-brother and actor Sahid Kapoor. In this movie, he will be starred as a taxi driver owning a yellow and black colored taxi after which the title has been given.

In opposition to Ishaan Khattar, the movie will cast female actor Ananya Pandey, who is also the daughter of actor Chunky Pandey. She will be shown as the love interest of the taxi driver and the duo will be seen doing romance on screen, of course apart from the fights!

Khaali Peeli Trailer

Khaali Peeli Trailer_derje
Khaali Peeli Trailer

Khaali Peeli’s trailer reveals much about the movie-making. From the Khaali Peeli trailer we get to know that like other Bollywood movies, the Khaali Peeli remake has been done on the base of a Telegu movie called Taxiwala. Although director Maqbool Khan is readily denying the fact that Khali Peeli’s movie remake is done from Taxiwala, we will wait for the movie to figure out what the reality is. Khaali Peeli’s release date has been scheduled for October 2.

Khaali Peeli’s remake looks like the movie which has been brought under the limelight as the original version of the movie. As much, as we get to know from the Khaali Peeli trailer both will be running away from something, which the movie is yet to reveal. As the trailer progress, eventually, we get to see a series of events take place where they both were running and at times stopping to take a fight with goons. We are yet to figure out what the movie is all about, but it is clear that most of the movie will spend its journey on the road with the Khaali Peeli taxi driven by Ishaan Kattar as the taxi driver.

Ishaan Khattar Other Movies

Ishaan Khattar and Jhanvi Kapoor in Dhadak_derje
Ishaan Khattar and Jhanvi Kapoor in Dhadak

Ishaan Khattar is an aspiring actor who has also done another movie in Bollywood. He played the lead role in Majid Majid’s drama Beyond the Clouds in the year 2017. Apart from that, he has also done a movie called Dhadak in 2018 starring Jhanvi Kapoor as well. He has also worked with Katrina Kaif in Phone Bhoot a 2022 movie.

Ananya Panday Other Movies

Ananya Panday in SOTY 2_derje
Ananya Panday in SOTY 2

Ananya Panday has also starred in two movies, such as in her debut movie Student of the Year 2, where she was cast opposite Tiger Shroff, and the other movie Pati Patni Aur Voh. She is also soon to be seen on screen in the movie Dream Girl 2.

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Audience On Khaali Peeli Trailer

Ishaan Khattar in Khaali Beyonce Sharma Jayegi"_derje
Ishaan Khattar in Khaali Beyonce Sharma Jayegi”

As we are all aware the struggle the star kids are facing these days has probably doubled what it was supposed to be (for a few star kids), it is really a great risk to decide to release a commercial movie that is a remake and expect the audience to receive it naturally.

Especially after talking about nepotism and favoritism, there were many controversies that came up against the star kids. This has already created a major tension inside the Bollywood industry. But it is not possible to put down the career of these star kids entirely just because people are not liking to receive movies starring them. Also not to forget Khaali Peeli’s song “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” has also been criticized and trolled by netizens heavily.

Sadak 2 Movie_derje
Sadak 2 Movie

However, we have seen a bold step taken by Sadak 2 team, which has been created by Mahesh Bhatt. They released the trailer and became the most disliked trailer on YouTube. Also, the movie has not been a hit and could not receive the attention, it was supposed to get.

Gunjan Saxena movie_derje
Gunjan Saxena Movie

We have also seen Gunjan Saxena, starring Jhanvi Kapoor, which also failed to receive appreciation as a movie, but it received appreciation as it was a biopic. No wonder people do no more like the star kids and is deciding to pay attention to the real actors who are exceptional and deserve to get a place in the industry amid the crowd made by the star kids.

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We can only keep hope that the audience gives a chance to these star kids who are blooming to get a place in their career in the Bollywood industry.

Sonu Sood’s Selfless Acts: A Real-Life Hero in Times of Tragedy

Sonu Sood - A Real Life Hero_derje

Actor Sonu Sood has never failed to surprise his fans with his kind and selfless social initiatives. This time too, he has promised to take care of the little children of one of the deceased, who lost his life due to the hooch tragedy that took place in Punjab in 2020.

After consuming spurious liquor, that was manufactured by Rajesh Joshi, a Ludhiana-based paint shop owner, there was a death of at least 112 people in three districts of Punjab. The places are namely, Tarn Taran, Amritsar Rural, and Batala town in Gurdaspur. This is the worst hooch tragedy that Punjab has witnessed in three decades. As per the test, the liquid consisted of materials that included denatured spirit that is mainly used in the paint and hardware industries.

Sonu Sood Punjab Hooch Tragedy Kids Help Tweet_derje
Sonu Sood Punjab Hooch Tragedy Kids Help Tweet

After three children of Telangana, the four children from Punjab, whose father was a rickshaw-puller, received a very unfortunate death due to the spurious liquor tragedy in Tarn Taran, was temporarily accommodated by their uncle Sarwan Singh (the brother of the deceased Sukhdev). However, he has reported his failure to look after his brother’s children due to his own financial limitations. He himself has a wife, three daughters, and a son, who are totally dependent on him.

Sonu came to know about the difficulties of these four children, namely Karanbir, Gurpreet, Arshpreet, and Sandeep, through his friend Karan Gilhotra, who is the chairman of Punjab PHD Commerce Chambers. He has reported that a children’s home Mata Chaya Ashram in Abohar has already been shortlisted for these poor children. They are waiting for permission from their parents. They will be taken to the home as soon as possible.

As reported by The Tribune, Mr. Sood has stated: “They are no longer orphans now.” He himself would be taking care of them as the tragedy of children from Tarn Taran moved him deeply. He would be looking for the best place for the matter of their accommodation and also ensure good education and a bright future.

Sonu Sood Helped The Migrant Labourers To Reach Home

Sonu Sood's Twitter Account_derje
Sonu Sood’s Twitter Account

This is not the first time we have seen him devoting himself to the sake of mankind. He emerged as a hero for the people for the social work he did for the migrant laborers. As we all are aware of the situation where the entire world was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, a country-wide lockdown for a few months was declared by the Indian government. It was a very cruel time for many as many people lost their jobs while others got stuck in different parts of India, away from home.

He came forward to help these migrant laborers reach their home states, as a part of the campaign “Ghar Bhejo”. He arranged transportation by hiring buses for more than 350 migrant workers to travel from Maharashtra to Karnataka. Also, he obtained permission for migrants to travel to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and many other states.


Sonu Sood Stood For The Health Workers

Not only the migrant laborers but also helped the paramedical staff and doctors by providing them Shelter. He offered his family-owned Shakti Sagar Hotel (named after Sood’s late father), which is located in Juhu, Mumbai. He also added his statement where he said that he is happy to help the health workers with food and shelter in the pandemic situation.


A Farmer Received a Tractor

Sonu Sood Helped The Farmer By Giving Him a Tractor_derje
Sonu Sood Helped The Farmer By Giving Him a Tractor

After a video went viral where the two daughters of Nageshwar Rao, a farmer from Chittoor were seen plowing the field, Sonu Sood took the initiative to help the farmer’s family by giving them a tractor.


Sonu Sood’s Reply To A Tweet

Sonu Sood's Helping Nature_derje
Sonu Sood’s Helping Nature

In a recent tweet, he replied to a user who tweeted about the Mumbai rainfall, asking if he could do anything about it. He said, “Ofcourse..बोल के तो देखो ”. This is how he is becoming a real-life hero among the world of fictional heroes, whom the people worship. A true legend like him is surely a blessing as well as a pride for the entire nation.

TV Actor Sameer Sharma Committed Suicide At Mumbai Home

Sameer Sharma Suicide_derje

Television Actor, Sameer Sharma who was featured in the series “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” allegedly committed suicide on 5th August, Wednesday 2020. The actor was found hanging from a ceiling fan in the kitchen of his flat Neha CHS building, which is located in Chincholi Bunder in Malad (West).

The incident came to notice when the watchman of the building found him hanging as he peeped through the kitchen window. He immediately informed them about this unfortunate incident to the society members.

Later the members of the society informed the police. When the police rushed to the spot and took the dead body of Sameer Sharma to the hospital, he was declared dead by the doctors, as mentioned by an official.

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Report From The Police

Sameer Sharma Suicide - ANI Tweet_derje
Sameer Sharma Suicide – ANI Tweet

As reported by George Fernandes, the senior inspector from Malad police station, “We have registered a case of accidental death (ADR) and sent his body to a government hospital for autopsy”. According to the police, the actor had committed suicide two days back.

According to the police, Sameer Sharma had rented the apartment in the month of February, where he lived alone. Although it is apparently a suicide, no suicide note was found in the place of the suicide. This was one of the main reasons why the investigation needs to be done to find out the cause of suicide.

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Once Again Mental Health Became A Major Issue

Sameer Sharma Suicide - Mental Health Matters_derje
Sameer Sharma Suicide – Mental Health Matters

With the unfortunate death of Sameer Sharma, the importance of mental health in everyday life has once again come forth. It was assumed that the actor was suffering from depression after he got separated from his wife.

It came to light that actor Sameer Sharma went through a major health issue. But soon he recovered and joined back in this acting profession.

Sameer Sharma’s family resides in Bangalore and he had made his own family with a few of his friends in Mumbai. They were really close to him.

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What Other Celebrities Shared About Him

Sameer Sharma Suicide - Celebrity Condolences_derje
Sameer Sharma Suicide – Celebrity Condolences

With the common people, many other celebrities also shared their posts where they mourn the unexpected demise of actor Sameer Sharma. Actor Geetanjali Tikekar, who was also a close friend of the deceased actor, talked about him saying “He was a loner sometimes. He would write a lot. We all knew that there would be a time when he would want to be left alone and want his space.”

She also added that Sameer Sharma was also extremely sensitive not only to his own sufferings but also to ‘other people’s pain’. She recalled the moments that she shared with the late actor saying that “He had a good life, good friends, he was well-read, extremely talented.”

Tikekar also shared how there was a good bond between her husband and the late actor. “He just became an integral part of my family”, she added. She said that they kept in contact with him and checked on each other frequently. Although she did not suspect anything wrong when he did not call for a few days as she thought he might have gone out to travel as he usually does.

Varun Dhawan, Mouni Roy along with Siddharth Malhotra, with whom he acted in ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ also shared their grief about this unfortunate loss.

The 44 years old actor, Sameer Sharma was seen in many Hindi series like ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar ki’, ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Du’, ‘Left Right Left’ and ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke’, apart from ‘Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. He also got featured as a cast, member in a few movies such as ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ and ‘Ittefaq’.

MS Dhoni’s Retirement Leaves a Void in Indian Cricket: Fans and Celebrities Pay Respects

Mahindra Singh Dhoni Retires From Cricket_derje

The former captain of the cricket team of India, MS Dhoni has announced his retirement from international cricket. This has brought a permanent halt to his 16-year-old career. In his entire career, MS Dhoni has won India three ICC trophies, the 2007 T20 World Cup, 50-over World Cup in the year 2011 along with ICC Champions Trophy in the year 2013.

The news of the retirement of the 39-year-old cricketer has been confirmed by himself through his video on his Instagram handle stating his gratitude for “love and support” in the year 2020. He added to consider him as retired from that moment.

Let us know the reactions of the other celebrities and cricketers regarding the retirement of MS Dhoni at that time.

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Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni

Sachin Tendulkar paid his tribute on the retirement of MS Dhoni, stating that “MS gave hope and showed nothing is impossible”. He also added saying he is fond of his one quality which is his calmness which helped him to succeed in his life.

Sourav Ganguly

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Sourav Ganguly_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Sourav Ganguly

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly also shared his view on the retirement of MS Dhoni. He pointed out the incident as the end of an era and he has been an amazing cricketer for the country as well as the world. He also added that “Every good thing comes to an end” and also that Dhoni will leave with “no regrets on the field.”

Virat Kohli

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Virat Kohli_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Virat Kohli

Captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli added his opinion saying that he has witnessed him as a person where the whole world only knows him as a cricketer. He added that the world will always remember him for his contributions to the world of cricket. He ended up expressing his gratitude and his words “I tip my hat to you.”

Virender Sehwag

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Virendra Sehwag_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Virendra Sehwag

Virender Sehwag, who is the former opener for the Indian cricket team, has also come up with his tweet that expresses in a very unique way his wishes for MS Dhoni, “Na Koi Hai, Na Koi Tha, Na Koi Hoga MS ke jaisa”(No one was there, and no one will there be like MS). He also added saying that there will be players who will come and go but no one will come as calm as MSD.

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Taapsee Pannu

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu had also taken this moment to share her remorse on the retirement of the cricketer, saying that a chapter in Indian cricket has ended with the retirement of MS Dhoni.

Ranveer Singh

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Ranveer Singh_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Ranveer Singh

Actor Ranveer Singh shared his photo with the cricketer saying that he is going to preserve this photograph as his precious possession. He took this photo when he was 22 years old and was working as an assistant director. He also added to have taken up that job as the ad film featured “the one & only MS Dhoni.”

Arjun Kapoor

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Arjun Kapoor_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor also shared his throwback photo with Dhoni saying that he is the only man to have him star-struck on and off the field. He also added that Mahendra Singh Dhoni topped the list of stars and legends.

Abhishek Bachchan

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Abhishek Bachchan_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – MSD with Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan, who recently overcame his health issues, shared his views on the retirement of MSD where he has also shared his gratitude for him as he has filled the entire nation with belief and pride. He ended up saying that MSD is “One of the greatest of all time.”

Anushka Sharma

Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – Anushka Sharma with Ms Dhoni Along With Sachin Tendulkar, Anjali Tendulkar and Virat Kohli_derje
Cricket Icon Dhoni Retires – Anushka Sharma with MS Dhoni Along With Sachin Tendulkar, Anjali Tendulkar and Virat Kohli

Actress and producer Anushka Sharma, who is also cricketer Virat Kohli’s wife, shared a story on her Instagram handle, showing her gratitude while talking about the unforgettable memories the player had shared. Also, She tweeted where she shared, “Captain Dhoni! I bow to ur humility and sportsmanship…”

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Apart from these celebrities, there are other people from Bollywood who came up with their wishes for MS Dhoni. It is indeed unfortunate news for all to see the legend taking a permanent break from the world of cricket. It won’t again be the same without you, Mahi!


When did MS Dhoni take retirement?

On 15th August 2020, MS Dhoni took retirement.