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15 Best Apple Watch Bands (Straps) For Girls

Apple Watch Band

The label Apple has not amassed popularity for smartphones alone, but also watches, earpieces, and tablets. And in recent times, Apple Watch bands/ straps are extremely in-demand. Despite Apple Watch bands being so expensive, they are compatible and ideally work on any occasion.

Apple has released over seven versions under its watch accessory line since 2015, and the latest one is Watch Series 8, which will be hitting the market in 2022. You might ask why to buy the Apple Watch Series when there are other options much cheaper and equally workable.

Well, Apple Watch not only keeps tabs on one’s fitness and workout insights but also kinda functions like your mini smartphone. 

Besides, if you have already gotten an Apple Watch, but are quite perplexed about getting a perfect strap! Well, as you see, we have already listed out the best straps in the current market, that you can embellish with, to give out a Princess Diana look!

Are you ready to style up your Apple Watch? Aside from that, just in case, it is not always to be an Apple product to pretty another Apple product, you can also choose from other brands, such as Nike, etc offering watch bands for these watches at attractive prices. Keeping that in mind, continue reading to find out which band to pair with your Apple Watch!
Moreover, I have categorized the straps into a few kinds namely sports, metallic, and leather. You can choose from them, and put on whichever makes you the person you always wanted to be.

Sports girl:


Apple solo loop

  • Features: material-liquid silicone rubber, a stretchable band with no buckles to wear on, treated with UV, silky and smooth, swim-proof, and sweatproof.
  • Price: 3900 INR

Apple sport band

  • Features: Falls under the line of Apple Watch Hermes. These Apple Sport Bands are swim-proof and of material high-performance fluoroelastomer, durable, strong and soft, and a pin-and-tuck closure. 
  • Price: 3900 INR

Nike sport band

  • Features: Material- soft nylon weave, breathable and lightweight, super durable, a hook and loop fastener, and easily adjustable. 
  • Price: 3900 INR

Apple braided solo loop

  • Features: material- premium polyester yarn, sweat and water resistant, compatible with all Apple Watch series, and available in a range of quirky colors.
  • Price: 2000 INR

DigiHero Braided Solo loop

  • Features: compatible with all series, designed with buckle, a super stretchy band that is made up of polyester yarn and silicone threads, skin-friendly, easy to install and remove. 
  • Price: 800 INR

Scrunchie Band

Moretek Sunflower Scrunchie 

  • Features: compatible, durable, cotton fabric, skin-friendly, easy to wash, available in a wide range of prints. 
  • Prices: N/A

YOSWAN Scrunchie Elastic Apple Watch Band

  • Features: Bow design for a cute aesthetic, bright print, comfortable, durable, soft, matching case included. 
  • Prices: N/A

Fastgo Leopard Print Scrunchie Band 

  • Features: Compatible, skin-friendly, available in flexible sizes, gives out elegant and graceful vibes, lightweight, easily washable, strong elastic, and breathable band. 
  • Prices: N/A

KraftyChix Black Scrunchie 

  • Features: cotton, polyester, and stainless steel fabrics are used in crafting this scrunchie band, compatible with all Apple Watches. 
  • Prices: N/A

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Moonstan Velvet Scrunchie 

  • Features: velvet fabric, soft, and fluffy, lightweight, easy to wash, steel connectors, 
  • Prices: N/A

Leather Band

Oxa Leather slim leather band

  • Features: it is a handmade horse leather padded band, available for series 4,5, SE, and 6, material- is Japanese polyester, and durable.
  • Price: 2500 INR

Fullmosa calf leather band

  • Features: Full-grain napa leather, soft, eco-friendly, all-pervasive compatibility, easy installation, and comfortable. 
  • Price: max. 2000 INR

Nomad Modern band

  • Features: uses Horween leather(one of America’s oldest tanneries), custom stainless steel lugs and buckle, compatible with all series. 
  • Price:  5600 INR

Marge plus genuine leather

  • Features: connector at the ends, classic buckle, and anti-slip sweat-absorbent and uses Crazy horse leather.
  • Price: 2500 INR

JSGJMY leather band

  • Features: Compatible, soft, comfortable, watch face protector included, sleek, lightweight, and available in various wrist sizes.
  • Price: 4300 INR

Metallic Strap

Apple Watch Band

Apple Milanese Loop

  • Features: Gives out the Italian woman look, smooth, graphite stainless steel material, adjustable, and comes with physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating over the band. 
  • Price: 7900 INR

Wepro black buckle 

  • Features: Compatible, uses premium waterproof material, with breathable holes, sweat, water-resistant quality, lightweight, easy to use, durable, and Buckle plus Notch design. Best for fitness freaks. 
  • Price: starting from 1500 INR

Sonnywood Metal Stainless Steel Mesh Band

  • Features: High-quality stainless steel, magnetic connector, lightweight, compatible, breathable, durable, anti-slip, and sweat absorbent.
  • Price: starting from 500 INR

Fullmosa Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

  • Features: Designed with premium 304 stainless steel, adjustable, easy installation, high-tech surface, durable, and gives a noble and classic outlook. 
  • Price: starting from 1000 INR

Tasikar straps

  • Features: 100 % genuine leather with a stainless steel clasp, easy installation, compatible with all Apple Watch series, luxuriant look. 
  • Price: starting from 1500 INR

Customizable straps

Still, these bands don’t meet your expectations! Well, you don’t have to worry at all, as you see, many businesses have devised a way to provide an opportunity for their client to customize their own band in no time.

Speaking of which, Zazzle, is a well-established and reliable website, which helps in personalizing various stuff, and one of a kind is Apple Watch Bands.
Apple Watch Band

They customize for Series 1- 6 by using premium materials that are engineered in such a way that they last much longer than expected.

All you have to do is choose a design from one of their artists, add a monogram, or upload pics. Their Cow-print and tie-dye Apple Watch Bands are this year’s hottest trends. 


Quite lately, Apple Watches have garnered a good number of positive reviews even though its by-products remain pricey almost continuously. Speaking of which, its accessory, that is, watch bands have particularly captured many eyes.

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It goes without saying, watch bands indeed speak for the watches since they are the first thing people notice right after the display of the watch. On the other hand, there are so many features and types of bands to bear in mind, before getting on to buying one. 

For instance, putting on metallic straps or leather straps for a formal event, or a sports band for workout sessions may not merely make you feel more confident and presentable for the occasion but also probably enhance your personal style to the next level. 


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