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8 Best Trimmer For Men To Choose From in 2021

Doing hair, shaving, mustache, and shaving the body, taking care of the aesthetic these days is not an easy task unless you have a hair trimmer. With a hair trimmer, you can save yourself from going to the hairdresser, barbershop and cancel your routine hair removal sessions, since the main devices on the market have accessories to solve all these problems.

And to help you choose the Best Trimmer For Men on the market, we’ve created a special guide listing the top eight and key criteria for choosing the best hair trimmer for you.

Philips Multigroom Series 3000 6-in-1 Hair Trimmer

First on our list is Philips Multigroom 6 in 1 hair trimmer. Philips Multigroom is a very complete trimmer, with several accessories, whether for beard, hair, mustache, rib, nose, ear, or body hair. In addition, its combs have a lot of height variations and its battery life lasts up to 70 minutes. Best of all, this device has a very low cost, being the best hair trimmer on the market.

Philco EasyBlade Plus Hair Trimmer

Philco EasyBlade is a new hair trimmer that has been standing out a lot. Like our first place, the Philco EasyBlade is a very complete model, but its differential is in its razor blades, which can shave the beard, much like disposable supermarket blades. This model is also waterproof, which allows you to use products such as foam or gel, in addition to making cleaning easier. And finally, its battery has an autonomy of 120 minutes, with a recharge time of 120 minutes, one of the best available on the market.

Mondial Supergroom 10-in-1 Hair Trimmer

Mondial Supergroom is one of the best-selling models in Brazil, if not the best selling. And no wonder, the model has a complete arsenal for you to shave, hair, mustache, sideburn, nose, and ear. In addition to the blades, the model comes with several combs for you to adjust the ideal height of your cut. And finally, the model’s autonomy is 90 minutes, a generous time for you to get the best out of your trimmer.

Philco Body Groom Aqua 7-in-1 Hair Trimmer

The Philco Body Groom Aqua trimmer is another excellent value on our list. The model has accessories to trim the main body hair, beard, mustache, sideburn, hair, nose, ear, and body hair. In addition, the model is waterproof and has incredible waterproofness, so you can use the device directly in the bath. The device’s autonomy is good, lasting up to 60 minutes directly connected.

Philips Multigroom Series 1000

A highly recommended model for those looking to take care of their beards, the Philips Multigroom Series 1000 offers a lot of precision for shaping and trimming your facial hair. The blade of this model has a smaller width than the others, precisely to offer precision in the cuts. The model is also quite complete but does not have accessories for trimming nose and ear hair. The Multigroom Series 1000 is a waterproof model, in addition to using your products before trimming or shaving, you can take the device in the bath and clean it with tap water. An important detail is that this model works with batteries, so you must have a rechargeable battery kit.

Wahl Groomsman Pro Hair Trimmer

Another good option on the market, the Wahl Grossman Pro is a complete hair trimmer, which has several accessories for the most varied types of cuts and at different heights. The model has a battery with an autonomy of 60 minutes.

Panasonic ER389K Hair Trimmer

When we think of hair trimmers, the first image that comes to our minds is the Panasonic ER389K, the most traditional-looking model on the market. The biggest advantage of this model is its width and speed, very suitable for those who want to save time when trimming their hair. Despite not having as many functions, the model has an above-average price, as it is considered a more professional machine.

Multilaser Multigroom 9-in-1 Hair Trimmer

The Multilaser Multigroom hair trimmer is a 9 in 1 model, which has combs and heads to perform the main cuts and at different heights. Its battery has a very generous capacity, 2 hours for a full charge, and 1 hour of autonomy.

How To Choose The Best Trimmer For Men?

The first thing you should do before choosing a hair trimmer for you is to define what utilities you want to use. It is worth remembering that hair trimmers have several benefits, including:

  • You can do different things, like cutting your hair, beard, nose, ear, and all over your body.
  • Save the money you would spend when going to a shaver, hairdresser, or waxing
  • Save time you would spend doing the same items above and changing razors all the time
  • They are easy to use and have very good accuracy, regardless of the height you want to cut

Once you have defined your needs with the hair trimmer, you will also need to set a budget. Notably, better and more feature-filled dressers tend to be relatively more expensive. Below, we’ll show you some criteria you should keep an eye on before purchasing your new hair trimmer.

Accessories, Features, and Height Adjustments

One of the advantages of a hair trimmer is that they have several features, but it is always important to be aware to see what the shaver in question offers.

Most dressers have a complete kit, 10 in 1, 6 in 1, 3 in 1, and so on. The more complete these kits are, the more possibilities you have with your hair trimmer.

At first, most hair clippers come with a main blade and adjustable-size combs, just like hair clippers. The more complete kits have some extra tools, such as a side burner, beard, nose hair, ear hair, and body waxing, as well as a comb to clean and a lubricant for the blades.

Another detail is to pay attention to see if the head is removable since a hair trimmer can have several accessories to perform the same function. Hair clippers with more functions have removable heads, so you can switch and switch functions.

Power and Battery

It is always important to be connected to the type of power supply of the device, as the best devices only work on the battery, they are connected to the socket only to recharge.

As they are wireless devices, it is important to keep an eye on the device’s autonomy and recharge time. The best devices on the market can stay from 30 minutes to more than 1 hour on, a time more than enough for you to make a cut or complete waxing.

Recharging time tends to vary more, some devices may take more than 8 hours to fully recharge, while the best models on the market can fully charge between 1 to 2 hours.

Water Resistance: Dry or Wet

Especially for those looking for a hair trimmer to take care of their beards, it is important to understand the difference between the trimmer that cuts dry and wet and decide whether a water-resistant shaver is best for you or not.

The hair trimmer that cuts dry tends to be faster, messes up more strands, is water-resistant, and is more difficult to clean. At a slightly higher height level, the dry cut doesn’t cause as much friction with the skin.

The hair trimmer for wet cuts is a more complete option, you can either cut dry or cut with foam and gel products. In addition, you can use this trimmer directly in the bath and wash it under the tap after use.

If you have a thicker hairline, problems with sensitivity or inflammation, we recommend that you choose a water-resistant trimmer so that you can make cuts using products or at least wash your face with hot water, to open the pores more and let the shave soften.


The hair trimmer is essential for those who want to take care of their aesthetic health. The hair trimmer offers a range of varieties and cuts, such as for full, shallow, short, none or even riding a goatee beard. The fact that you can control the volume of your beard is the deciding factor for many men.


What are the best trimmers for men in the market?

Here are the Best Trimmers for Men in 2021 in the market. The trimmers include Philips Multigroom Series 3000 6 in 1 Hair Trimmer, Philco EasyBlade Plus Hair Trimmer, Mondial Supergroom 10 in 1 Hair Trimmer, Philco Body Groom Aqua 7 in 1 Hair Trimmer, Philco Multigroom 7 in 1 Hair Trimmer, Hair Trimmer Philips Multigroom Series 1000, Wahl Groomsman Pro Hair Trimmer, Panasonic ER389K Hair Trimmer, Italy 9 in 1 Hair Trimmer & Multilaser Multigroom 9 in 1 Hair Trimmer.

Which is better trimmer or razor?

Beard trimmers are perfect for having short beards or different styles as they are equipped with a button to control the facial hair length which ranges from 0.5mm to 10mm. A razor, however, is for people who like to get rid of facial hair down to the last millimeter. The razor gives a clean look to your face.

Can trimmer cut skin?

A trimmer does not make a heavy cut on the leather until it is sensitive enough. The vibration of the blades can flatten the skin but does not produce skin tears.

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