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Best 7 Herbal Kajal for Your Eyes


Cosmetic products have gained popularity due to their splendid advertisement strategies and portrayal, herbal kajal is one of them. When you see an ad where a celebrity is endorsing a product, you can’t wait to get your hands on it. While scrolling through the internet if you come across a new trend or makeup trick, you can’t resist trying it out either.

Bushy eyebrows or long lashes or nose contour, you would want to know it all. The smoky eyes look is one such trend that caught the eye in recent years and was inspired by kajal or kohl. Herbal kajal is the one where ingredients used are natural, chemical, and toxin-free and mainly safe. While kajal is not new to the makeup industry in the Middle East and South Asia, it gained fame in the West in the 20th century with Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic role of Cleopatra.

Kajal was first used by men and women alike in Egypt as a means of protection against harmful sun rays and also was believed to ward off the evil eye. It was and still is lined on the waterline of the eyes of adults and children and is a common makeup product in many cultures. Medicinal benefits aside, it is a great way to accentuate your eyes and make them look sharper and more attractive. You could just use kajal and nothing else, no eye shadow or eyeliner or mascara and still make your eyes catchy.

With its rise to fame, many brands have come up with their formulation, some similar to the traditional kohl and some not so much, available in the market. It is high time you ditch that toxic one and opt for a herbal kajal to protect yourself from cancer and other diseases caused by chemically designed kohl. Many claims to be organic and herbal to gain more consumers but their ingredients list offers a different story, so to help you choose, here’s a list of Herbal Kajal best suited for your eyes.

Best Herbal Kajal For Your Eyes

Here are some best kajal for your eyes.

 1. Neev Herbal Almond Oil Kajal

Neev Herbal Handmade soaps have come up with a kajal that is not only organic but also cruelty-free. They are vegan, paraben and sulphate free and also not tested on animals. It comes in an oil form and gives your eyes a dark smoky look. The main ingredient as the name suggests is almond oil which is toxin free. It costs Rs200 for 2 grams. If you are looking for a herbal kajal that is also vegan, then you should check Neev Herbal Almond oil kajal out.

 2. Soul Tree Pure Black Kajal

This kajal is certified Natural by BDIH, Germany and is cruelty-free. The main ingredients include Almond oil, camphor and organic ghee among many others which are herbal, and the product is not tested on animals. It claims to have a soothing and cleansing effect on the eyes and is suitable for all skin types. It comes in a stick form and costs Rs795 for 3 grams. The kajal has a matte finish and is lead-free which is highly essential as it minimizes the occurrence of ailments. If you want to try out a kajal that is vegetarian but slightly pricy then this one is for you. 

 3. Vidhyanjali Kajal

Vidhyanjali Kajal is one of the best herbal kajals out there. It is plant-based, cruelty-free and chemical-free. The main ingredients include Almond oil, soya wax, castor oil and shea butter. It is a safe product that can be used on children as well. It comes in a box, has oily consistency and does not cause any dryness or watery eyes. It costs Rs150 for 4 grams. If you are looking for a vegan kajal that is also affordable, then you ought to give Vidhyanjali a try. 

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 4. Sreedhareeyam Herbal Baby Kajal

Sreedhareeyam kajal though mainly made for infants can also be used by adults and is Ayush accredited. It is chemical-free and has mild anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties with the main ingredients being Gooseberry, Castor oil, sahadevi and yashtimadhu. It comes in a small circular case, has an opaque finish and costs Rs95 for 3 grams. It is highly recommended if you are searching for a herbal kajal for babies, do check this out.

 5. Barva Skin Therapy Kajal

Barva’s kajal is 100% natural, chemical-free and also fragrance-free. It is also not tested on animals and comes in pencil form. The main ingredients include clarified butter, beeswax, castor oil, carbon black and Vitamin E acetate. It is paraben-free and lead-free. It has a very smooth texture, is long-lasting and gives you a semi-matte finish. The product costs Rs490 and it is to be noted that the kajal could melt because of body heat as it contains clarified butter, so it is advised to apply a thin line. 

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 6. Mist and Dew Natural Kajal Pencil

Mist and dew kajal is prepared in a traditional method from castor oil soot in a silver container. It is waterproof and the main ingredients are Castor oil, beeswax and camphor. Camphor is believed to have a cooling effect on the eyes and is hence used in many ways. It comes in a pencil stick and costs Rs 400. This is another best herbal kajal that you can try out. 

 7. Organic Netra Baby Kajal

herbal kajal, baby kajal

This herbal kajal is enriched with USDA-certified organic ingredients and is chemical-fee. It comes in a gel form, and is water-resistant and smudge-proof which is perfect for babies. The main ingredients include Coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, camphor, beeswax and clarified butter. It has a matte finish and costs Rs235 for 8 grams. It is also lead, paraben and sulphate-free. This kajal is highly recommended for babies as it is very safe for use and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it out.


The minute you hear the words ‘Herbal’ or ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ it has you intrigued. Many people just buy a ton of things when they see these words labelled on a product without actually confirming if it is all those things. Chemically designed kajal has lead, heavy metals, added fragrance, silicones, parabens and many other toxins that are dangerous for your body let alone a sensitive organ like the eyes so do not blindly go for a product no matter how renowned the brand may be. Check the ingredient list, its manufacturer and if it is cruelty-free to make sure you choose the right item. There are hundreds of “herbal kajal” out there so hopefully, this list helps you select one that is actually natural that fits your preferences and most importantly safe for usage.


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