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Men’s Sunglasses: See the Best Models of 2023

Thinking of buying a pair of men’s sunglasses? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are going to present quality models and show you fundamental requirements so that the best possible choice is made!

Sunglasses are increasingly important than just fashion accessories that can give someone charm, beauty, and elegance. Current weather conditions make it very harmful to face the sun’s rays without the use of one.

How to make a choice? What are the necessary protections? How to stay fashionable and comfortable at the same time? Are there better glasses for every type of face? In this article, we’ll talk about all these subjects!

Some Points to Consider:

  • Sunglasses are now a fashion tool, but we must never forget their real purpose: protection from harmful sunlight. Never, ever purchase a model that lacks the necessary security certificates.
  • There are several styles of men’s sunglasses, and the choice is based on the personal taste of each one. But some essential tips, like following the face shape to highlight the desired features, are very welcome.
  • Prices for men’s sunglasses can vary widely. There are designer models available that can reach four or even five digits, of course. The most common, however, is that excellent specimens are found between R$300 and R$600.

Best Men’s Sunglasses [Our Favorites]

We have separated some models of men’s sunglasses that are very effective in protecting against the sun’s rays and, at the same time, have beautiful and efficient designs. After all, these two components are complementary and necessary.

Armani Exchange Men’s Sunglasses

Armani is one of the most recognized brands in the fashion world. These glasses have a design that shows how beautiful it is possible to be through simplicity. The lens has a cushion shape, and the model has gray lenses.

Protection against ultraviolet rays is present. The material is thermoplastic and very resistant. They are 57 mm wide for each lens and 145 mm long for the shanks. The two-year warranty also stands out.

HB/Redback Men’s Sunglasses

Do you want glasses with a sportier and more laid-back look? So, this redback model might be just what you need. We have to point out that it is made of a blend of high-quality polyamide, a very modern material.

It’s 136 mm in rod length and 56 mm in lens width. These goggles are ideal for outdoor sports such as hiking and beach activities. It will give beauty to the face and protect the eyes.

Ray-Ban Men’s Sunglasses

If your preference is for classic models, the Chris by Ray-Ban is one of the most beautiful currently available on the market. Its look is elegant and beautiful, giving a cool air to those who wear it.

It is also recommended for use in sports on the beach or in the sun. There are 145 mm of rod length and 59 mm of lens width. It is made of acetate and metal and has the necessary protection.

Jupiter Squared Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley brings this modern model of men’s sunglasses. The thick edges and colored lens show a great sense of fashion and elegance. Ideal for everyday use, even in sports.

It is mainly composed of plastic and has 140mm of rod length and 52mm of lens width, polarized. The warranty offered by the manufacturer is 12 months.

Why To Wear Sunglasses?

Being fashionable is a desire of most people. Sunglasses are used to give beauty and style to faces, and, over the years, they have become charming accessories desired by many.

When outdoors and sunny, it is common to use these accessories.

And nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to use them even indoors! In these times, fashion becomes even more important than protection. Because yes, protection is the primary aspect of wearing sunglasses.

“The sun’s rays becoming greater and more powerful with the depletion of the ozone layer. Therefore, their direct contact with the eyes can be extremely harmful.”

Exposure of the naked eye to solar radiation can cause corneas, the ocular surface, early cataract formation, and retinal wear. If you have previous cases of eye problems in your family, wearing sunglasses becomes even more critical.

This evolution of sunglasses from protective objects to fashion utensils has turned them into one of the most desirable objects for personal use.

What Types of Styles Are There of Men’s Sunglasses?

Once you’ve found trustworthy sunglasses with all the certifications, it’s time to be happy with your choice with the aesthetic aspects in mind. There are different types of sunglasses, and they look best on different face shapes.

Of course, you might want to try the glasses on and see which ones look best with the help of a mirror. But some tips will help you. The most common types of men’s sunglasses on the market based on frame and lens are as follows:

  • Wayfarer glasses: They are the most famous and used sunglasses. They are the ones with discrete angles and slightly sloping inner edges, which are pulled more towards the square, but not so much. Moreover, they go well with just any face type.
  • Square glasses: They have right angles at the corners, thus giving them a completely square or rectangular shape. They are also called D-frame glasses. They are ideal for those with rounder or oval faces.
  • Round glasses: They are very stylish and were immortalized by John Lennon. As the name implies, they have entirely round lenses. The best use is for people with faces that are square or full of straight lines.
  • Aviator sunglasses: With large lenses, unmistakable shape, and lots of history, aviator sunglasses are still very successful. It is recommended for people with heart-shaped faces, a thin chin, and a more prominent forehead, but they suit all types of people.

Some other famous eyewear styles are the shield (or single lens), new wayfarer, and mask. However, they are not as sold as the four above.

The ideal is that you know what your face style is and, from there, choose the models that best suit it. But don’t get caught up in it! Feel free to experiment and stick with the model that makes you the happiest.

How Much do They Cost?

There is a considerable variation in the prices of men’s sunglasses. You can find some very cheap street vendors, but as we said, they are not recommended at all.

In department stores, there will already be some good models for around R$70. When it comes to famous brands and brands, the glasses can reach four or, eventually, five digits. But the average is between R$300 and R$600. In this range, you will have beautiful models, totally safe and in fashion!

Where To Buy Men’s Sunglasses?

The most obvious choice is to buy sunglasses from opticians. They work with great brands and know what each client’s needs are. But we cannot fail to mention stores like C&A, Renner, and Riachuelo, where excellent and cheap models will be found.


And so, now that you know the best brands of men’s sunglasses have you decided which one to bet on for your next purchase? The secret to satisfaction is finding a model that is safe for your eyes and matches your style!


What are the best Men’s Sunglasses?

Armani Exchange, Hb/Redback, Ray-Ban, and Jupiter Squared Oakley Sunglasses are the best Men’s Sunglasses.

What are the types of Men’s Sunglasses?

There are the following types of Men’s Sunglasses. These include – Wayfarer glasses, Square glasses, Round glasses & Aviator sunglasses.

Why is it necessary to wear sunglasses?

Exposure of the naked eye to solar radiation can cause corneas, the ocular surface, early cataract formation, and retinal wear. If you have previous cases of eye problems in your family, wearing sunglasses becomes even more critical.

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