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Bipolar-Disorder: What are the views of 5 Celebrities?

Bipolar Disorder_Derje

Famous People with Mental Disorders – Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar-Disorder is a condition where a person may experience a sudden change in mood. This may be possible due to some reasons. But, when we talk about Bipolar-disorder mood changes are more intense than regular. There are some situations when you feel depressed, sad which leads to a loss of interest. When this level shifts to hypomania you may feel full of energy. A sudden change in mood may affect the ability to think, change judgment behavior. Some may feel restless, tired loss of appetite, Constipation. There are many books that tell you about bipolar-disorder and many videos on you-tube.

There are some factors for bipolar-disorder:-

  • Environmental Factor – Bipolar disorder can be due to the loss of several reasons. That can be the loss of your loved one or due to some abusive childhood.
  • Brain Chemical Imbalance – Different chemicals affect your mood. If they are too or too less may affect mood and behavior.
  • Genetic Factor – When we talk about genetic factors, it may be related to father, mother, sister. If both of your parents suffering from this condition. you may have higher chances of bipolar disorder.

Celebrities like us common people experience the same problems as they are human beings too. Here is a list of famous bipolar people.

Views of famous bipolar celebrities who have been dealing with bipolar-disorder

1- Kanye West

Kanye West is an American rapper, record producer, composer. Kim Kardashian shared some pictures on Instagram. She writes people have misconceptions and stigma about mental health. This is the time when every person going through this needs us. We can only see the pain of the person. But, No one can understand what the person is feeling. This feeling may lose the ability to feel happiness and can carry suicidal thoughts. Recently rapper came on David Letterman’s show, where he talked about how real it feels.

Celebrities with personality disorders: Bipolar-Disorder

2- Honey Singh

Sharing his experience, it took 18 months. When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. During this time I was in my Noida house. I changed almost 4 doctors because situations were getting worse. In his interview, he told, ” he can’t even leave his house”. He was not in contact with any persons irrespective of the family members”. He used to face 45000 more people in a crowd. But, later to face 4-5 members was a big issue. He also mentioned that he used to write a poem during this dark phase. Now, the dark phase has gone and he is ready to shine again


Celebrities with personality disorders: Bipolar-Disorder

3- Marilyn Monroe

Sometimes the reason for bipolar-disorder can be genetic. Marilyn’s mother lived with schizophrenia. During her childhood, Marilyn experienced paranoia and delusions. The incident involving the death of her dog. The way we appear outside not the same one may feel from inside. That can be learned from Marilyn’s story. Her state was so depressive that her make up artist needs to put make-up while she was laying down. You can search for her on you-tube. The Biography of Marilyn Monroe is available on Amazon and it is written by DONALD SPOTO.

Celebrities with personality disorders: Bipolar-Disorder

4- Shama Sikander

Shama Sikander saw on a T.V. Show “Ye Meri Life Hai”. She struggled for 5 years. During her interview, she told that “It’s a new “ birth for me. For the recent 5 years, I was thinking that I am going to die. She also explained that tough situations make you stronger. Yes, but it takes a lot of strength. You will always find a light no matter what. She mentioned, “In India, it’s a taboo”. People think more about what others will say. But they need to speak what exactly they feel. Never give up and never get ashamed of what you feel.

Famous People with Mental Illness: Bipolar-Disorder

5- Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a comedian and actor. He tells people about his past. One can see how he is explaining about the past in his writings also. He had an unhappy childhood and some bad addictions. What he says that his Bipolar Disorder helped him to shape his carrier. His famous books are Revolution, My Booky Wook, Articles of Faith.

Famous People with Mental Illness: Bipolar-Disorder

I hope you enjoyed reading the list of famous people with mental disorders like bipolar-disorder. Please do remember to take care of your mental health.



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