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Blackout Tuesday.

Blackout Tuesday.

The Tuesday of 2nd June 2020 is not an ordinary Tuesday. It will be known as the blackout Tuesday, in the history of 2020. The initiative was taken following the death of George Floyd, on the wake of 25th May, because of asphyxiation. The reason behind the death is white supremacy and racism. It is a common problem, even in the time which we called modern times. Blackout Tuesday was a protest supporting the cause#alllivesmatter.

The initiative is followed by standing for the black for the community. 2nd June, the day is dedicated to posting about black lives and it’s important. Under the blackout Tuesday, there were protests all over America as well as in many parts of the globe. People are speaking up for equality and to end racism. There was some protest which was very violent, as police used tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the protestors. Many protesters were also jailed. For the first time, the lights of White House were shut-off and the president was taken to hide in a bunker. But, this didn’t stop the protestors. The protest will go on, for equality.

The members of Derje, also stand against racism. We support black lives matter. Our goal is to make sure that every life, whether it’s black or white, matters.Racism shouldn’t be here,so that the upcoming generation doesn’t have to go through what we are and they should not get based based on how they look. It is our motive .

#blackout tuesday.

#black lives matter.

We mourn the death of George Floyd:-

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