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Cargo Movie Trailer: An Astonishing Journey To Space With A Tinge Of Humour


The supernatural and things related to ghosts and spirits are no less considered to be a vague subject to talk about. Earlier people only used to believe these are a part of folklore but as days went by there came many logical explanations behind the existence of all the parts. The answer is still under a wide unknown shadow about how things work in the supernatural world. So Netflix has come up with an all-new movie that gives a taste of different perception about how it works in life after death. Cargo movie 2020 will present a new dimension that has probably never been explored before. It might surely not answers the questions that are still not answered but sure to give you a trip to space in the context of the aftermath of a death.

Cargo movie_derje
Cargo Movie – Vikrant Massey

We all know the world is suffering from pandemic and people are locked inside the house. People barely have any idea when things are going to be normal once again. Till then the only way to escape from the boredom that people are facing by sitting at their home is only the movies and web series. All the upcoming movies are getting scheduled to be released on these OTT platforms.

Netflix is releasing all the back to back movies that are sure to lift your mood. Cargo movie is also one of the movies that are supposed to be released this year. People are hopefully excited about the movie as it is indeed out of the earth. So without wasting much time, grab up all your essentials and tighten your seatbelts because this time, Cargo Movie is going to give you a ride to the outer space!

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Cargo Movie Trailer 2020 Is Out

Vikrant Massey_derje
Vikrant Massey – Cargo Movie

Based on science, the Cargo movie Trailer has hit YouTube and is already getting noticed by the audience and has been appreciated by the mass. First time the comedy with a tinge of romance is going to take place beyond the earthly belongings. It is a great wonder that someone actually came up with a movie which is based on how life is very simple and even simpler after we die.

The Cargo Movie trailer has broadly presented a perception which is very much different from the other science fiction movies made in Bollywood. Not sure about the movie, but the trailer might give you a hint of Amazon Prime‘s web series, Upload, which also talks a bit about how things work in a digitally imbibed death. However, we expect new things to be highlighted in the movie.

The Cast of Cargo Movie

Cargo Movie_derje
Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi in Cargo Movie

Bollywood actor Vikrant Massey has been seen in many movies and has also been for many web series. In Cargo movie, Vikrant Massey is going to play the role of a rakshasa (a demon according to Hindu mythology). There will be a love affair shown and his love interest will be played by Bollywood actress Shweta Tripathi. Though Shweta will be joining the movie a bit late, it is sure the duo will not let the expectations of the audience down.

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About Cargo Movie Trailer

Broken but beautiful reviews_derje
Broken But Beautiful Songs Actor Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi

Based on Hindu mythology, we all know that death is being carried out by Yamraj, the God of death. In this movie, Vikrant Massey will be shown as a demon who is responsible for his ‘Post-Death Transition Services’ job is to unload the ‘cargo’ which are considered as the dead people. The dead people are then getting recycled by the demon. He erases the memory of the people and gives him a thorough check-up to ‘heal’ them. After all these rituals the people are then sent for reincarnation.

Broken But Beautiful Season 2 Review Is Different On Actor Vikrant Massey in Cargo Movie

Cargo movie trailer has carefully handled the myth of reincarnation or second birth in a very innovative a without putting anyone’s sentiment under a shade. It brings a unique idea of how it is entirely technical and not any magic that works after death. Death even is not a destruction of life. It is just a cycle that keeps on going without any rest.

Shweta Tripathi has been presented in the skin of Yuvishka Shekhar, who was appointed as Prahastha’s new assistance. She is pretty much curious about her boss’s job. She becomes live in her social media account and presents to her followers an alive experience of life in the space.

Other Facts About Cargo Movie

The movie has been written and directed by Arati Kadav. Cargo movie has been scheduled to make its release on September 9.

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Vikrant Massey In Other Web Series

Vikrant Massey_derje
Vikrant Massey in Mirzapur

Vikrant Massey has previously been portrayed in the web series by Alt Balaji, Broken But Beautiful Season 2. There the talented actor has been presented in a light-hearted taste on romance and break-up. The movie has been created by Ekta Kapoor. The web series is also famous for Broken But Beautiful songs as well. You can also watch this YouTube video for Broken But Beautiful season 2 review.

Broken But Beautiful Review and Broken But Beautiful Songs

Apart from that, He has played the character of Bablu in Mirzapur too. The web series is a major hit which projects the power and ambition and how it changes the life of simple lives and gets stuck between life and death.

Shweta Tripathi in Other Web Series

Shweta Tripathi in Laakhon Mein Ek

The talented actress has played the role of Gajgamini in the web series Mirzapur where we have seen Vikrant Massey as well. She has been exceptionally growing in the field of acting with her brilliant skills.

Another web series where Shweta Tripathi has played the protagonist Laakhon Mein Ek season 2. She played in the skin of Dr Shreya Pathare in this web series that has been created by Biswa Kalyan Rath which released in 2019.

So I hope you are eagerly waiting for the movie to release and to have a sneak peek about what the movie is hiding!


When will Cargo Movie release?

On September 9

Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi in Cargo Movie

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