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11 Odd Yet Perfect Self-Care Routines From Our Fav Celebrities

Right now all we need is good skin care or more like a self-care routine for this back-to-work period. During quarantine, we took care of ourselves in ways no one could possibly imagine; we took great care of our skin, our body, and especially our thoughts.

As you see, the pandemic was really a tough phase, but most of us feel that the back-to-phase was the toughest.
But now the question is, even after a load of work waiting at the doorstep, can we still cope with our usual self-care routines? Not to worry at all, here we got you the list of celebs with unique, cool, and relaxing self-care routines!

These self-care routine ideas are specially customized for you, since these celebs are just like you, with a tight schedule and a star of course. 

Priyanka Chopra’s DIY face and hair mask

Self care routine
The most famous self-care routine tip from a top-tier beauty brand ambassador, Priyanka Chopra, is her DIY facial and hair care masks. She says her at-home products, like yogurt, oatmeal, and turmeric are the key to her beauty elixir.

Mixing all these three ingredients and applying them on the face for an hour until it dries off, and washing off with lukewarm water is Priyanka’s go-to self-care routine on her off-days. Besides, our desi girl also suggests coconut oil is the greatest quick fix for a bad hair day. 

Jennifer Aniston’s No-Phone Morning 

According to Vogue, Jennifer Aniston reveals that she kick-starts her day with no phone for the first early hours, and a quick DIY coffee latte, followed by meditation, journaling, and taking her dog for a walk.

The Friends star, Aniston, who is best known for her hair and skin beauty in the late 90s, is still carrying the title with ease.

Asking about it, Aniston reveals that it’s the work of collagen, by a collagen supplement brand called Vital Proteins. And one thing for sure, we can take from Jennifer is not picking up the phone immediately after waking up. 

Emma Watson’s Hygiene Routine

Self care routine

Well, it is not a ‘self-care routine’, but a refreshing and mandatory thing that everybody should follow. Juggling between spokesperson for women’s rights at the UN and leader of a global book club, Emma Watson does have a perfect self-care routine for all of us.

As a true feminist, Emma Watson believes taking bath every single day is enough for an ideal self-care routine.  

Lili Reinhart’s relatable Self-Care Routine

Self care routines

Another exemplary self-care routine is from the Riverdale actress, Lili Reinhart. She reveals that reading, hitting the gym, binge-watching Netflix crime documentary shows, and scrolling her social media feed are her kinda self-care routines.

Moreover, Reinhart calls herself a fan of the Youtube channel Dr. Pimple Popper. Speaking of her skincare, she says washing the face with a gentle cleanser, applying toner, and serum, and lastly moisturizing is her everyday ritual. 

Camila Mendes’s Relaxing Routine

Self care routines
Camila’s feel-good formula was nothing more but a relaxing and spa-like self-care one. Camila prefers going to facials and massages whenever she is off-screen.

Just like her Riverdale costar, Reinhart, she also loves to spend most of her time productive, including writing a 5-minute journal, making coffee, working out, and taking time to understand oneself in a positive way.
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Emma Roberts and her Gua Sha

Self care routine

The beauty-obsessed, skincare-obsessed actress, Emma Roberts, is all about her Gua Sha and Sound baths. She also shares that finding different makeup is part of her routine and that trying out at least three masks in a day is her typical Sunday afternoon.

This includes, at-home face steaming, dabbing anti-aging serum, exfoliating, bouncing around the face with essential oils, and face cream.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Healthy Lifestyle

The founder of Goop, a lifestyle and wellness company, Gwyneth is indeed an inspiration for many of our self-care routines. She explains her ‘me time’ includes twenty minutes of quiet meditation and sound baths.

According to Goop, a perfect self-care routine involves oiling, pulling, brushing teeth, meditating for 20 minutes, having a cup of coffee alongside a healthy breakfast, and a proper skincare routine(cleansing, toner, serum, and moisturizing). 

Beyonce with her Mindful Self-Care Routine

The queen of feminism has always been so private about her health, body, and mind. Although, in one of her interviews, she revealed that the touring, performing, family as well as her own issues had taken a toll on her mental health. 

Not only this was the case, but she also got trapped in the diet culture, where she restricted herself from sugar, dairy, meat, alcohol, and carbs, and always thought a perfect self-care routine was about exercising and being too conscious about one’s body.

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Apparently, Queen B revealed that one of her few mental and self-care routines is mainly focusing on how many times you have smiled on that day. Well, I guess, smiling as many times as possible is a great self-care routine, one must definitely add to the to-do list. 

Deepika Padukone’s love for Clay Masks

Self-care routine

Another desi girl on the list! We all know that Deepika has gone through a lot of stuff, especially her painful journey of coming out of depression is inspiring and a reality awakening process!

As a result, she attributes her recovery to her therapist and treatment medicine and is always ready to create spaces for others to share their painful experiences.
On the other hand, her usual skin-care routine involves removing the makeup, exfoliating, washing, and moisturizing her skin.

And Deepika strongly urges removing the makeup before hitting the sack is a smart move for a relaxing bedtime routine. Besides, for refreshing and hydrating skin, she applies clay masks. Moreover, Deepika always loves to take a quick spa or sauna session for post-workout rejuvenation. 

Selena Gomez’s Cozy Self-Care

Self-care routine

The most relatable self-care routine is one from the beauty queen, Sel herself. She was always open to talking about mental health and wellness as she finds it one of the most important and upcoming problems in the years.

She was diagnosed with lupus in 2014, followed by a kidney transplant in 2017, and bipolar disorder in 2018. I bet it has been a bumpy ride for Selena ever since. However, all this never let Selena down at all, and speaking of which, she said taking a nap is her best self-care tip.

Not to forget, Selena’s Rare Beauty is still leading the list when it comes to vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. To top it off, she also recommends taking a walk in the quiet, before a cozy nap time with soothing scents, a heating blanket, rosewater, and candles is a good time to spend.

Jennifer Lopez and her positive Affirmations

Self-care routine

Since every celeb has got a unique and effective self-care routine, we got one more thing to add to the list. Yes, Jennifer Lopez, who has aged like a fine wine, has a peculiar self-care routine.

She tells Rolling Stone that saying positive affirmations daily not only brought a change outside but also within. Besides her regular workouts and bubble bath, she truly believes in the manifestation of positive thoughts. 


I hope you got an idea from our favorite celebrities’ self-care routines. So in turn, we have jotted down each celeb’s unique self-care tip for you. So, choose wisely which one is your twin celeb when it comes to self-care routines! Keep in touch with us for more topics just like this!


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