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Bobby Doel’s Major Comeback With Netflix: Class Of ’83

Class Of 83_derje

Class of 83 Can Also Be Called The Bobby Deol Film Due To His Performance

Netflix is presenting back to back shows that are keeping the audience pretty excited about what next! This time, Netflix has released its upcoming trailer of Class of 83 starring Bobby Deol as the lead character. Class of 83, a production work by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chilies Entertainment is a thriller that will be portraying the story of a hero policeman. This is the third collaboration between Netflix and the production house after ‘Bard of Blood and Betaal’.

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class of 83_derje
Class of 83 is based on the book by S. Hussain Zaidi

Directed by Atul Sabharwal, and written by Abhijeet Deshpande, the movie Class of 83, will be the debut to the world of the digital movie for Bobby Deol. The story is basically based on a book, written by Sayyed Yunus Hussain Zaidi, ‘Class of 83: The Punishers Of Mumbai Police’.  This book has been written with the focus on the life and times of Police Officer Pradeep Sharma, who is one of the well-known police officers of Mumbai Encounter Squad.

About The Red Chillies Entertainment Thriller Trailer

class of 83_derje
Bobby Deol Movies – Bobby Deol as Vijay Singh in the Red Chillies Entertainment Thriller

The story mainly revolves around the character of a police officer, who would be get demoted to be the dean of a certain academy. Instead of regret or remorse, the police officer uses the given platform wisely and sets out to train five candidates from the academy and turn them into lethal assassins, in order to get up to the root of the criminals in the city and finish them.

Set back in the era of 1980s, the movie will be displaying the story of Bombay (now Mumbai) at that time. It was the reigning period of notorious gangsters like Iqbal Kaskar, Chhota Rajan and Dawood Ibrahim. So it is pretty obvious how gruesome the criminal situation of that time could be. There Bobby Deol emerges in the skin of police Vijay Singh, who later became the Dean. The gangster in focus in the movie is Kaleskar.

During the training, his students were shown to have facing difficulties in the initial part. However, they gradually started taking participation with the complexities of morals, honour and devotion towards the nation. In the later part, the squad packs up and it says “We all know what happened with you and it happened because you didn’t know how to play the game”.

In the trailer, the Bobby Deol was seen to be uttering the words “I want to give one more shot…”As the story unfolds, Dean Vijay Singh will come up with his secret squad of secret officers, who will have complete freedom to encounter any criminal or gangster without any restrictions. His main motto was to put an end to the five members of a crime racket who are the brooding minds of all the evil acts that take place in the city of Mumbai.

Highly Realistic Tone

Bobby Doel movies_derje
Bobby Deol Movies – First Look Of Class Of 83

The tone of the movie is highly realistic as it portrays the grim reality of the criminal cases that happens all around. The involvement of police officers to take down these criminals is hard because there play very sensitive lines of the law. To add to the realism, a character talks out these words: “Sometimes, to enforce order, the law must be sacrificed.”

Other Cast Members of the Bobby Deol Film

Bobby Doel movies_derje
The secret squad

Apart from the main protagonist, the other casts of Class of 83 are Anup Soni, Bhupendra Jadawat, Ninad Mahajani, Sameer Paranjape, Prithvik Pratap, Hitesh Bhojraj and Joy Sengupta. The trailer sets a high bar of expectations which Netflix will not fail to stream in this show.

With grimy and dirty frames, Netflix ensures that the audience gets taken aback by the exclusive world of crime, violence, heroism, corruption and flashbacks. The release date has been scheduled to August 21.

Bobby Deol Movies – Official Trailer of Class of 83

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