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Comfort vs Fashion: What Matters Most?


In my opinion, comfortable fashion is what seems like the best choice, but obviously, it depends on what a particular individual prefers, but when it comes to discussing which is more important I would again pick the middle ground because looking good and feeling good both are equally important. To try and come to a conclusion on which is more important we need to make sure we understand what comfort and fashion are.

What is Comfort Generally?


Comfort is the state of having everything your body needs, having a pleasant life or the feeling of being physically relaxed and in no pain.

When you look at comfort in terms of fashion, feeling comfortable in your clothes allows you to listen to what your body needs without the distraction of feeling squeezed or out of breath.

It’s also important to know what clothing comfort is, clothing comfort is more of a scientific term defined as a state of satisfaction indicating physiological, psychological, and physical balance among the person. From this definition you can under how important it is for a person to cloth comfortably.

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What is Fashion?

Fashion is a form of self-expression which does not necessarily include comfort because some clothes though look amazing don’t promise comfort.

Choice of fashion usually depends on the place we are going to, for example, if we are going to work we would prefer more of a professional look or for just a casual outing with friends we would wear something cool and comfortable. A person going to his/her office would want to dress comfortably though they need to look professional so again they would choose clothes which would suit their comfort.

We all have that one friend who always dresses like a model when you go out together and there is one person who looks effortlessly good in joggers and a sweatshirt, so if the person doesn’t feel like they need to dress up to feel confident then they don’t need to, but if someone feels the need to dress up to feel confident there is nothing wrong in that too, again that’s a personal preference. When a person actually wears what they are comfortable in, it makes them so much more confident. It’s not always that a cool outfit makes a person look cool, the person who wears the outfit with confidence makes the outfit look cool on them.

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Also, it’s not that every trendy outfit is uncomfortable to wear like right now wide jeans are the most happening jeans and also the most comfortable pair of jeans you can find. Some people find wearing uncomfortable clothes just to look good a burden, while others feel they don’t need another reason to wear an outfit if it makes them look good ignoring the fact that it might be uncomfortable to wear.

Comfort basically means feeling physically relaxed and we all have to agree that there are quite a lot of clothes which don’t feel comfortable at all but look absolutely stunning when you wear them, so you end up having to choose fashion over comfort, at the end of the day all everyone wants is to feel good and if wearing that dress makes you feel amazing sacrificing your comfort seems like a fair trade and when you feel good you exude confidence that’s what makes your outfit look even more attractive.

Some people dress the way they think other people would like them to dress just to impress them though they don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable in them, this usually can be seen in teens who easily get influenced by their peers. It is okay to be inspired by the way someone dresses and follows their style, but feeling the need to dress a certain way just because people around you dress that way is the wrong way to pursue fashion.  

Some people see fashion as a way of expressing how they feel because fashion is a form of art and choosing the right outfit also seems very vital for them what they want to wear may be uncomfortable but they prioritize fashion over comfort in this case. 

I can’t decide or come to a conclusion on which is more important, fashion or comfort because everyone’s choice varies on a daily. We have to be honest about that fact, one day you feel like you can sacrifice your comfort and on other days maybe you just want to stay in your comfy sweatshirt.


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