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8 Companies Providing Customized Skin Care Products In India

Customized Skin Care Products

In the luxury industry, customization is the new buzzword. In today’s world, where everything from clothes to bags to shoes and even towels can be personalized. The Indian beauty industry is moving away from off-the-shelf shampoos, creams, oils, moisturizers, and nail polish in favor of customized skin care products like creams, oils, moisturizers, shampoos, and nail polish. Advanced social media tracking features and artificial intelligence have enabled young labels to personalize their offerings for each of their clients, making it easier for brands to learn and understand each consumer’s needs.

Skinkraft, Bare Anatomy, Vedix, Freewill, Freshistry, and Emcee Beauty, all of which debuted in the last three years, make each product with carefully chosen ingredients that are mostly natural, chemical-free, and paraben-free. The brands’ young founders, who come from backgrounds in technology, make-up, and data, use their skills to target and service equally young, social-media-savvy clients who understand that “one size does not fit all” and are looking for eco-friendly solutions that are best for their skin and hair type.

What Are Customized Skin Care Products, Exactly?

As the name implies, you will have a one-of-a-kind customized experience, with each product made specifically for you, whether it’s lipstick, nail polish, moisturizer, or even shampoo!

If you’re looking for lipstick or nail paint, for example, you’ll be presented with a plethora of options including multiple color options, finishes (glitter, matte? ), fragrances, and essential oils to choose from. You can also create your component and give it a distinct name. You’ll also receive a card with exact measurements of the products used so you can have it recreated.

However, for products like foundation or a facial moisturizer, you must be physically present so that the experts and an in-house dermatologist can analyze your skin type, allergies, skin tone, undertones, and other factors using advanced technology to find you the best match!

Customized Skin Care Products In India


Skinkraft Skincare Products
Skinkraft Skincare Products

Skinkraft employs SkinID, a dermatologist-approved questionnaire that elicits information about a customer’s skin type, skin concerns, and lifestyle choices. The algorithm then assesses the responses and categorizes customers into 72 broad profiles. Each of these is then subdivided into thousands of combinations based on the individual’s skin health and needs. After that, a customized kit is created, which includes a suitable cleanser and moisturizer.

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Skincare Products
Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Skincare Products

Forest Essentials is well-known for its luxurious ayurvedic products. Customizable creams are bespoke Ayurvedic facial care formulations that address specific skin concerns through an expert combination of natural ingredients that have been thoroughly researched, are potent, and are in their freshest form. These ingredients are hand-blended to ensure that the cream’s consistency is optimal for absorption by the skin.

They formulate the most appropriate cream, with a unique blend of clean ingredients, for an individual skin type, taking into account their skin concerns, personality, and lifestyle factors, using a carefully curated questionnaire and personalized communication, followed by an in-depth analysis of responses by their Ayurvedic Doctors and expert R&D.


Vedix Customized Hair Oil
Vedix Customized Hair Oil

Vedix offers Customized Skin Care Products and Hair Care solutions via a dosha assessment questionnaire on the brand’s website and recommends Ayurvedic products based on dosha imbalances.


Freewill Customized Shampoo
Freewill Customized Shampoo

Freewill is a great place to go if you want personalized shampoo and conditioner. They create a one-of-a-kind shampoo that is tailored to your hair’s needs, and your hair will undoubtedly fall in love with it. Not to mention the adorable pastel packaging!

Emcee Beauty

Emcee Beauty Custom Lipstick
Emcee Beauty Custom Lipstick

If you’re looking for that one lip color that your favorite celebrity wore but can’t seem to find it anywhere, Emcee Beauty can help. Make it yourself!

Everything you want is there, from the color to the finish, fragrance, and name. And if you’re disappointed that your favorite lipstick has been discontinued, you now know where to find a similar one!

Bare Anatomy

Bare Anatomy Custom Shampoos
Bare Anatomy Custom Shampoos

If your daily hair fall is enough to make a tiny rat’s hair coat, or your mane is as dry as a desert, you should check out Bare Anatomy! Their Customized Skin Care Products & Hair Products, known for their super cute packaging and amazing hair products, boast of using natural ingredients so that you have a great hair day, every day!


Cizara Custom Fragnances
Cizara Custom Fragnances

If you’re obsessed with smelling good at all times but haven’t found your signature scent yet, Cizara might be worth a look. Choose from a variety of fragrance notes to create a fragrance that is uniquely you!


Clinique Moisturizer
Clinique Moisturizer

Clinique, a globally recognized brand, does not have any Indian roots, but you can always walk into one of their stores and have your skin personally tested for a one-of-a-kind moisturizer!

So, are you ready to try these one-of-a-kind products created just for you?


What Are Customized Skin and Hair Care Products?

With personalized skincare products, patients know the products are free of ingredients that cause sensitivity, reactions, and rashes. The formulas are designed to specifically address the main concerns of the patient, whether it is to reduce wrinkles, prevent rashes or improve overall skin tone.

What companies in India make customized skincare products?

The companies that make customized skincare products and hair care products in India include Forest Essentials, Vedix, Skinkraft, Freewill, Emcee Beauty, Bare Anatomy, Cizara & Clinique.

Does personalized skincare work?

Personalized skincare is on the right track, but there’s a better way to get the best products for your skin. A lot of people swear by personalized skincare online and many of these brands have solid reviews. proven ingredients. Companies that are dermatologist-led are likely to offer skincare with safe, proven ingredients.

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