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Cysteine Hair Treatment – Hair Smoothening Pros and Cons – Is Smoothening Good For Hair?

cysteine hair treatment

Girls with wavy or curly hair go for cysteine hair treatment to change the texture although we think these are a matter of pride. If you want to turn your curls into straight hair, don’t worry we’ve got here what you want. There’s a big question every one of you has like straightening can do the thing. No, we’re not suggesting you straighten your hair with the straightener as we all know it lasts until the next wash.

For long-lasting treatment, you need to choose between a Cysteine hair treatment or a Keratin treatment for hair. Wondering what we’re talking about? We have listed some facts regarding cysteine hair treatment pros and cons, cysteine hair treatment side effects, hair smoothening cost and benefits, etc. Choose your best fit by reading about cysteine hair treatment.

Cysteine Hair Treatment

hair smoothening pros and cons_derje
Hair Smoothening Pros and Cons

Cysteine hair treatment treats dry, wavy, curly, and many other types of hair. Due to mistreating your hair with various styling tools or don’t know much about perfect hair care, your hair starts looking so dry. And, many can term it as hay hair. To make them look healthy and shiny again, try Cysteine hair treatment. As it claims to bring back the original healthy texture of your hair.

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Amino Acid Hair Smoothening Pros And Cons


  • It moisturizes, repairs, and strengthens your hair.
  • It doesn’t include the usage of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Also, these chemicals are harsh for scalp and hair.
  • When the treatment starts fading, it happens naturally & does not look obvious.


  • The treatment requires you to use sulfate-free shampoo & conditioners thereafter. And, those turn out to be an expensive affair in the long run.
  • The treatment is expensive too.

Why Cysteine Treatment is Better Than keratin Treatment For Hair?

  • There is no need for formaldehyde in cysteine treatment as it releases harmful substances during the treatment. But, keratin treatment for hair includes its use which is not good for health when inhaled.
  • The treatment does not alter the hair structure permanently.
  • It stays for a limited period only. Much less than the Keratin treatment.

Cysteine Hair Treatment Side Effects

Cysteine hair treatment is a semi-permanent treatment and lasts up to 3 months. Some hair professionals state that Cysteine works better than keratin or other treatment. It provides a safer option for those looking for straighter tresses. Everyone can use this formaldehyde-free hair-straightening treatment. The cysteine hair treatment side effects is much milder compared to other hair treatments.

Benefits of Cysteine Hair Treatment

People who have gone through various styling treatments and ended up with rough and dull hair should try this. The benefits of cysteine hair treatment are many. This treatment helps to strengthen hair roots and adds shine to hair. It’s easier to maintain your hair in cysteine treatment as it cuts down dryness and frizz you all. It brings back all the shine to your hair and makes them much healthier. Protects your hair from any further damage.

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hair smoothening pros and cons_derje
Cysteine Hair Treatment

Steps and Effectiveness

According to professionals and beauty experts, Cysteine hair treatment needs only 3 products. This is not time-consuming and less costly. So, here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, you can’t take this treatment with oily hair. So, all you need to do is wash your hair properly before moving to the salon. You will need 2-3 hair wash before the treatment to remove the excess oil that will consume your time. Then they blow dry your hair and allowed to rest for 20 minutes. So, it’s preferable to wash your hair before treatment.
  • Now, you need a hair cream, which is Amazon Series Cysteine Complex Smoothening Cream. Apply this cream on the hair section by section and to the whole hair. Leave one inch from the roots and then start applying the cream. Then, wrap the hair with a clear plastic film. And, make sure that the hair does not have any folds.
hair smoothening pros and cons_derje
Amazon Series Cysteine Complex Curl Softening Cream
  • After half an hour, take the semi-wet hair section by section with the help of a hair straightener and dry the hair. Now, wash the hair with De Fabulous hair repair shampoo and conditioner. Acai oil treatment is also used.
hair smoothening cost_derje
De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo

Cysteine treatment is one of the safest hair treatments with excellent results. If you are unsure about its reaction, then go for a patch test first.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis – Hair Smoothening Cost

We all know that almost all new hair treatments are chemical and salon based. Since its a chemical-based treatment, it will have some immediately visible benefits. But, certain long-term side effects may also be there. Also, it’s a salon based exercise then it will be a little expensive and skill-oriented. The hair smoothening cost depends on your hair length but it costs between Rs.6000-8000.

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Cysteine Hair Treatment: FAQs

Q. what is cysteine hair treatment?

Cysteine is a form of hair protein and works with the already existing proteins in your hair to soften and release all the curls and waves from your hair.

Q. How do you treat cysteine hair?

Because, after you have done Cysteine hair treatment, your hair might require quite specific products only. You should stress on using sulfate-free or De fabulous shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Q. Does cysteine treatment cause hair fall?

Avoid frequent cysteine, keratin, or straightening treatments as far as possible as they tend to damage the hair. Needless to say, avoid ironing or blow-drying hair daily. If you must opt for a cold blow-dry. Perming and going in for frequent highlights can also take a toll on the longevity of your hair

Q. Does cysteine make hair straight?

Cysteine is an Amino Acid and a part of the Keratin group only. Further, the experience shows that Cysteine treatment does not give any artificial straight look to the hair and gently smoothes away the curl and the frizz without any fuss.

Q. Is cysteine hair treatment safe?

Yes, The Cysteine hair treatment is considered safe as it does not use formaldehyde like Keratin hair treatment.

Q. What is cysteine used for?

The human body uses cysteine to produce the antioxidant glutathione, as well as the amino acid taurine. The body can also convert cysteine into glucose for a source of energy for your good hair. Cysteine also plays a role in the communication between immune system cells.

Q. Which one is better the Keratin or cysteine treatment?

Both the cysteine hair treatment as well as the keratin hair treatment are not much different from each other. Both of them are expensive and temporary. However, there are a few features that make cysteine hair treatment distinct.

  • There is no need for formaldehyde in cysteine treatment as it releases harmful substances during the treatment. But, keratin treatment for hair includes its use which is not good for health when inhaled.
  • The treatment does not alter the hair structure permanently.
  • It stays for a limited period only. Much less than the Keratin treatment.

Q. How long does cysteine treatment last?

Cysteine hair treatment lasts for 3 to 4 months. The longetivity of your hair treatment also depends upon the precautions your take and the hair products you use. 

Q. Can one color the hair before and after cysteine hair treatment?

It is best not to color your hair after any treatment like cysteine hair treatment as that will reduce the impact of the treatment. One can color the hair before cysteine hair treatment, however, the longer the gap, the better would be the results. Post cysteine hair treatment, one should try to limit the usage of all the chemicals including shampoos and conditioners to maximize the results from the treatment.

Q. Does cysteine straighten hair?

Cysteine is a hair protein that nourishes hair, adds strength to your hair, and straightens them at the same time. It is a natural absorbent and thus easily penetrates deep into the hair shaft to deeply nourish and condition your hair in order to improve their overall strength.

So, this is all you need to know about Cysteine hair treatment. It has some benefits with some side effects too. But, you all need to compare cysteine hair treatment and keratin treatment for hair as everybody has different preferences and needs.

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