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It is a threat of abuse of physical, sexual, verbal, economic, emotional nature. Common instances of domestic violence also include harassment by in-laws. Most of the time women become the victim of Domestic Violence. We don’t forget that men also face some problems. According to reports, the Case of domestic violence is increasing. Due to COVID – 19, people may have to get rid of their jobs. Many laborers have gone back to their city. You must have seen in the news how many people came from other states. On the other side, tensions are increasing across the border. This is the period when no one can share anything with other people. People are so terrified in this lockdown. No one can spend a whole day on electronic gadgets.


Domestic violence_Deje


People who may have qualifications can find at least something. But, what about those who don’t have any qualifications.Are they able to apply near there house?Are there any people who can make them understand the policies in a rural area?The Population in India is already very high.How people will feed to their family members?People suffer from domestic violence is because of Financial and unemployment problems. The most industrialist has lost their jobs because they have shifted to their home place. Anyhow if the working person gets this virus.Will he be able to accommodate his medical expenses?


Delhi has been recorded the highest number of Domestic Violence Cases in this lockdown period. With this Haryana and Uttarakhand also show more increase in such Cases. Before Lockdown there were 60 cases of suicide in Ludhiana and 850 cases of domestic violence. During this lockdown period, Cases of suicide increased up to 100 and 1500 cases have been registered till now. More than 4000 cases of domestic violence have registered in Maharashtra. In Tamilnadu, 81 % of people have reported some kind of domestic violence. Hence, These are some questions that are coming in every person’s mind. Employment is the main reason for the increase in such Cases. Many women suffer from this at present. They don’t have awareness. After the Corona phase, The Government needs to emphasize more on startups, education, and employment. In addition to this focus should be greater on awareness among the women regarding laws and education.

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