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Enola Holmes Movie Trailer Is Out: A Whole New Era Of Mystery And Suspense

Enola Holmes Movie_derje

The world around is dealing with pandemic and on the top of that, the countrywide lockdown is already putting a halt on everything. It is getting difficult day by day to cope with the monotonous routine. However, the only thing that might get you to get going is entertainment. The OTT platforms are coming up with all new sets of series and movies that you can stick to. One of the upcoming movies is Netflix’s Enola Holmes movie. In case you missed, Enola Holmes movie trailer is already out.

The name, rather the surname sounds similar right? Indeed it should sound similar as we all have our favourite detective, Sherlock Holmes. We are all pretty familiar with the extraordinary power that he possesses and his incredible mind that is able to solve even the most critical mysteries. But what we have no idea about is the famous character build-up by Arthur Miller, has a sister too! Yes, you heard it right. And this time Netflix has decided to come up with another member of the Holmes family, Enola Holmes, who like her brothers, too is a sharp-minded young girl, who will eventually get into the world of mystery and darkness.

So let us get into the details of the movie that we got to know from the trailer.

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Enola Holmes Casts

Enola Holmes Movie_derje
Enola Holmes Casts

As we are talking about the Holmes, let’s know about the Enola Holmes casts too. In Enola Holmes movie, the lead character has been played by Millie Bobby Brown. She has wonderfully wrapped herself up into the skin of the character. Apart from, Enola, we have other casts that will be featured in the movie. We could see our Man of Steel cast Henry Cavill as the infamous character of Sherlock Holmes and Sam Clafin as Mycroft Holmes. These gentlemen have played in the role of her elder brothers. Then we get to see Helena Bonham Carter has played in the skin of their mother, Eudoria Holmes.

Plot In Enola Holmes Movie Trailer

Enola Holmes Netflix_derje
Enola Holmes Netflix Movie – Enola Holmes

As Enola Holmes Netflix trailer revealed in the limited time, we only get to know about the family of Sherlock Holmes in brief. The mother of the three, Eudoria Holmes is the character around whom the drama has been plotted. It was in the morning of Enola Holmes’ 16th birthday when the girl wakes up only to discover that her mother has gone missing. Before that, there was a glimpse that has been shown in the Enola Holmes movie trailer regarding the mother and her and both of them shares a wonderful bond with each other as she was shown playing with her around the room.

Enola Holmes Netflix_derje
Enola Holmes Netflix Movie – Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes

However, she eventually gets to meet her brothers, Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes and decided to take over the case of her mother’s sudden disappear as a mystery. She too expects her brothers to help her in this venture. Probably things went wrong between the three and at a point of time; Enola decides to hide from her brother. We are yet to find out the reason behind the same as we are waiting for Enola Holmes movie to get released.

Further we get to see how Enola Holmes movie reveals that the young girl prepares herself with martial arts and masters the same in order to make it possible for her to get into fist fights, if required. She becomes the “Lady” as she even defeats her instructor.

Enola Holmes Cast_derje
Enola Holmes Casts – Eudoria Holmes

Initially, Enola has been shown as a free-spirited girl; however, as soon as she meets her brother, she gets under the care of the two which probably didn’t suit her. The two decides to send her to finish her school in order to grow up in a proper way. But, she escapes to London in order to find her mother out.

As the journey gets deeper, she realised that she has trapped herself into a darker mystery surrounding a young runaway Lord. She pushes her limits to get down to the roots of the dark world that she has been introduced unconsciously and proves to be an even better detective than her brothers.

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Other Facts Regarding Enola Holmes Movie Trailer

Enola Holmes release date_derje
Enola Holmes Movie – Based on the book by Nancy Spinger

We all are aware of the famous stories that revolve around Sherlock Holmes being the famous detective of all the time. But, this times history will take a turn when there will come out a woman with more efficient skills to solve the mystery that will be shown in Enola Holmes movie. The fact that also made a mark is that she is a teenage girl who has less experience of crime and thriller, unlike her brothers. Set in 19th-century British period, the story did not fail to highlight the struggle of a woman and the fight for women’s suffrage and independence.

The movie is based on the book series by Nancy Springer and has been directed by Fleabag and Killing Eve’s director, Harry Bradbeer.

Enola Holmes Movie Release Date

Enola Holmes movie release date has been scheduled on September 23.

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Movies and Series By Milie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes release date
Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things

Milie Bobby Brown has further been cast in other movies as well. The most famous work of her is the drama series Stranger Things. She has also been starred in the series Modern Family. Apart from that, she has also been shown in movies like Godzilla: King of The Monsters, Spheres, and Intruders and so on.

Movies By Henry Cavill

Enola Holmes casts_derje
Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher

Known for the movie Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, Henry cavil has also been starred in the series “The Witcher” where he played the role of Geralt of Rivia. Apart from these, he has been in the DC universe movies such as League of Justice and Batman Vs Superman. He has also been starred in Mission Impossible: Fall Out.

We are all equally excited to meet the youngest family member of Sherlock Holmes. So just grab your essentials and get ready to get into the dark and mysterious world of thriller and suspense with Enola Holmes movie.


What is the Enola Holmes movie release date?

Enola Holmes movie release date September 23

Enola Holmes Movie Trailer

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