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12 Epic Moments In Bigg Boss That Are Too Hard To Forget

Bigg Boss_derje

Crazy Moments in the Bigg Boss House including Rakhi Sawant, Sidharth Shukla, and Shehnaaz Gill

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows that have already stolen many hearts. The controversies and intimacies that are found among the contestants are enough to spice up one’s day. Especially if you have spent a day which went very bland and boring, you may find the gossips inside the house of Bigg Boss definitely entertaining. After all, where will the crowds go if there is no fight, controversies, and gossip that are related to someone else’s life?

Produced by Endemol Shine India through Viacom 18 which is also known as Colors TV Network colloquially and Star India Network, Bigg Boss has been further extended into seven other languages spoken in Indian Sub-Continent. Bigg Boss is also available in OTT platforms like Voot and Hotstar.

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So let us get to know what are some of the epic moments that have been captured by the camera through all the seasons until now:

Rakhi Sawant Howling Moment

Rakhi Sawant_derje
Rakhi Sawant

People are well familiar with the special Rakhi Swant Moment, however, it was very rare back in her time while she was in the house of Bigg Boss. She was seen screaming for the coffee mug as some other contestant had used it for making a garlic paste. How pathetic!

Rahul Mahajan’s Epic Dress-up

Rahul Mahajan_derje
Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan took up the celebration of Janmasthami in Bigg Boss house to a next level as he comes up himself in the attire of Lord Krishna with a flute, of course.

Sara And Ali Got Married

best bigg boss season_derje
Sara and Ali

First time in the national television reality show, Sara and Ali got married. What can be the more engaging news than getting a life partner and tying the marital knots with him or her in front of the entire country?

The marital problems of Delnaaz Irani and Rajiv Paul

best bigg boss season_derje
Delnaaz and Rajeev fighting

The aftermath of marriage and separation has also been a part of Bigg Boss where Delnaaz and Rajiv indulge into discussing the’ did and did not’ of their marriage life.

Fight Over Making Omelettes

best bigg boss season_derje
Kushal and Armaan fought in the house

While Kushal and Armaan were constantly at loggerheads, their girlfriends fought over not making breakfast for the other one’s boyfriend. A serious issue for sure!

Sofia Hayat Got Armaan Arrested

Sofia Hayat_derje
Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat made history in the house of Bigg Boss 7, where she got Armaan Kohli arrested for assault. As we all know violence is strictly prohibited in the house of Bigg Boss.

Kushal Declared His Love For Gauhar

Kushal and Gauhar in Bigg Boss_derje
Kushal and Gauhar

Kushal made an announcement where he confessed his love for Gauhar and said: “I want to grow old with you.”  Seems pretty romantic, isn’t it? But if we delve further in his history, we will get to know he had proposed his ex-girlfriend Elena Boeva exactly in the same way. What a coincidence!

Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal‘s Love Affair

Hina Khan an Rocky Jaiswal_derje
Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal

With all ups and downs, Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal finally came down to proclaim their love for each other openly in public without any hesitation.

Dhinchak Pooja’s Lice In The House Too?

Dhinchak Pooja_derje
Dhinchak Pooja

It might sound gross but for real Dhinchak Pooja confessed that she had lice in her hair. This made everyone laugh in the house along with Hina’s comment “Sar par mere likho ka taj, medical maine laga liya aaj.”

Swami Om Threw Urine

Swami Om_derje
Swami Om

The house of Bigg Boss even witnessed eccentricities of this level who turns out to be a “Swami”. He was spotted throwing urine at Rohan Mehra and Bani J. It obviously triggered the entire house and he was thrown into jail.

Karanvir Bohra’s emotional moment

Karanvir Bohra_derje
Karanvir Bohra

One of the sweetest moments that Bigg Boss made the country witness is the reunite between the father and daughter. He had to give away the toy given by the Bella, which he got back after the show ended.

Paras Chhabra’s Wig Fell off

Paras Chhabra_derje
Paras Chhabra of the best Bigg Boss season 13

Besides Paras Chhabra, his infamous wig also became the center of attraction. During a task, his wig fell off which surprised the audience. Not only that, but he was also seen roaming around inside the house without his wig.

What’s wrong in kissing and Just Be Friends?

Gautam and Diandra_derje
Gautam and Diandra

Another controversial scene that went viral is the kissing of Gautam and Diandra inside the bathroom. However, he defended himself saying he would clear out the doubts that are lingering around their friendship.

Sidharth Shukla Danced On Haye Garmi

Sidharth Shukla_derje
Sidharth Shukla of the best Bigg Boss season 13

As insisted by Raghav Juyal along with the other casts of Street Dancer 3D, Sidharth Shukla shares his movie while he did the step on the song ‘Hay Garmi’

Shehnaz Gill And The Crow

Shehnaaz Gill_derje
Shehnaaz Gill of the best Bigg Boss season 13

Shehnaaz Gill Never failed to entertain her audience. When she is not talking to the other contestants, she would definitely be talking to the crow saying “ka ka ka”. She was convinced that the crow was looking for her. Lastly, she came up to talk to Rashami Desai telling her “kitni baatein ki aaj kaue ne mere saath.”

The list of the craziness that we get to witness in Bigg Boss house does not end here. Stay tuned to the upcoming season of Bigg Boss, the season 14, to get the entertainment that the house will bring this year!


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