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10 tips for eye makeup for small eyes.

Your eyes are one of the most noticeable features. The eyes speak more than you can, they are the way to express better. Eyes are one of the most noticeable features.  The eye makeup should speak out the eyes. As we have different eyes and eye features, some have big eyes and some have small, some have deer-shaped and some have almond-shaped eyes. Every eye has it’s own features and eye make-up also differs for every eye-type.

For smaller eyes, if you apply a black liner or kajal on your lower lashline, then it will look smaller. Lighter shades are more preferable to enhance their looks. If you don’t know how to use these eye makeup techniques for small eyes, Don’t worry, we have got some tips for the best eye makeup ideas for small eyes for you here.

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10 Best Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes to Make Them Look Big

Use White Eyeliner – Eyeliner Tips for Small Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips_Derje
Eyeliner Tips for Small Eyes

You can see the difference in the above picture. The use of black liner or kajal makes it more narrow and white eyeliner makes it bigger. You can use a nude eyeliner pencil for this and apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Apply it on the waterline and don’t spread it outside as it will look unfinished. Keep it more natural.

Makeup for small eyelids:

Eye Makeup Ideas

Apply The Light Eyeshadow to The Inner Corners – Best Eye Makeup Tip

Eye Makeup Tips_Derje
How do you make small eyes look bigger naturally?

Now, take a small amount of light shade eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corner of the eyes. You can also take the shimmery shade. Don’t apply too much, give it a light touch.


Highlight Your Brow Bone – One Of The Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye Makeup Tips_Derje
Eyeliner Tips for Small Eyes

To highlight your brow bone, you can use a white eyeliner and apply it to above and below the eyebrow. It gives your brow a bit lift and makes your eyes pop.

You Can Learn How To Highlight Your Brow Bone:

Use Light Or Shimmery Eyeshadows – Makeup For Small Eyes

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
Best Eye makeup for small eyes

Avoid using darker shades if you have small eyes. It will make your eyes look heavy and undefined. Prefer light, shimmery shades like gold and beige that will catch the light and help open the eyes. Light shades make the eyes look noticeable and mesmerizing.

Conceal Your Dark Circles – Neat Eye Makeup

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
How to fix small eyes?

A very crucial step for eye-makeup Your dark circles can make your eyes look smaller. So, apply some concealer to hide your dark circles and make your eyes look more noticeable. Apply it in the shape of a triangle under your eyes and blend it with a sponge.


Eye Makeup Ideas

Choose Eyeliner That Stands Out

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Choose a shade that brings out the color of your eyes and makes it look more appealing. Dark shades make your eye look smaller. Use dark shades only on the outer lash line and don’t apply it all over the lash line. Apply a small stroke of it, don’t go for a thick stroke as it will give more narrow-eyed look.

Apply Liner On The Outer Lash Line – Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
Kajal for Small Eyes

So, now you can see the difference through the above picture. Don’t apply on the entire lid, since this can make eyes look smaller. To make them look large, line only the outer third of your eyes, and then blend the eyeliner. Start drawing a soft line from there to the outer edge of the eye, then flick it out at the end.

How to Make Small Eyes Bigger Naturally? Watch:

Curl Your Eyelashes – Eye Makeup to Be Naturally Beautiful

Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
Makeup for Small Eyes

Use an eyelash curler on both the lashes, clamping down for about 12 seconds per eye. Now your lashes look lifted and more visible, that creates the illusion of larger eyes. Only curl the upper lashes, not the bottom lashes to get that naturally beautiful charisma.


Apply Mascara – How to Fix Small Eyes?

Makeup For Small Eyes_Derje
How to fix small eyes ?

Curling mascara creates volumized lashes for a wide-eyed effect. Focus most of your attention on the center of your upper lash line. So that you can draw the eyes upwards and also coat your bottom lashes for a wider look.

Wing It Like A Pro! – Angelic Eye Makeup

Best Eye Makeup_Derje
Kajal for Small Eyes

Winged eyeliner is the best you can choose for small eyes. So, draw a thin line from inner to the outer corner and flick it outwards extending your wing up to the crease.

Learn How to Wing It On: How to Make Your Eyes Beautiful?

Eye Makeup Ideas

So, these are some awesome eye makeup ideas or tips for small eyes a girl would look for. Try these and learn these techniques through practice and be a pro at it.

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Q. Should you wear eyeliner if you have small eyes?

It’s a bit of a beauty myth that small eyes shouldn’t use eyelinerWhen used in an entire ring around the eye, the black liner can exaggerate the smaller shape, but the trick is to use a contrasting white or pearl-colored liner in the lower waterline and keep the smoky eyeliner to the lower lashes instead.

Q. Are small eyes pretty?

Both small eyes and big eyes can be unattractive if you already look unattractive and the eyes don’t fit well or just look ‘off’. Whereas they can look attractive if they fit the face well and also if you already have an attractive face.

Q. What does it mean if you have small eyes?

Normally, people with small eyes are secretive by nature. Like their eyesthey do not give things away easily. They are cautious about letting people get too close or allowing others to know what they are thinking.

Q. How can I look cute with small eyes?

Apply a thin line of white eyeliner along your waterline and tight line. Dark colors make spaces appear smaller, and by contrast, light colors make them appear bigger, so applying a bright color to the skin nearest your eyes will help them to appear larger.


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