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Tea has been a staple in many of our diets. The morning seems incomplete for many without the hit of the morning tea and is honest tea lovers have can have their tea club. But a general cup of tea with milk and sugar is generally 60 calories, which means 2 cups a day is 120 calories. Now, for people who are conscious of their health and are constantly looking for a healthier option as healthy tea, need some alternatives of tea which is, of course, great in taste and also, less in calories, to keep the calories in the track. So, here are some healthier options of tea which can be taken instead of the milk-tea and can be made at home.

6 Delicious Healthy Tea For Your Good Health

GREEN TEA- The Healthy Tea For Weight Loss

Healthy Tea_derje
Healthiest Tea- It’s all about zero cal and lots of anti-oxidents.

Isn’t it obvious, the famous green tea should be ranked 1st in the list of the best healthy tea option is none other than green tea. It’s delicious and the best healthy tea in India to drink at home at the same time. Green tea is a zero-calorie drink with lots of anti-oxidants which is known for healthy and refreshing benefits. Green tea provides protection against cancer, improves brain function, and promotes a healthy and active brain. It’s also a healthy tea for weight loss. So, next time craving for tea, indulge in some green tea.

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LAVENDER TEA-The Best Healthy Tea To Drink For Good Sleep.

Healthy Tea_derje
Lavender Tea is Must For the Good-Night Sleep.
Lavender tea is known for providing numerous benefits including reduces anxiety and stress. Not only that it is extremely beneficial in reducing nausea, vomiting helps in peaceful sleep and also, helps in reducing inflammation, boost immune health, aids respiratory health. Lavender tea can bring calmness to those days when you are feeling anxious or nervous. It’s a great option to drink at night replacing the coffee and tea since it helps in sleeping better.

GINER-LEMON TEA- The Tea To Improve Digestion.

Healthy Tea_derje
Ginger and lemon Tea Is One of The Healthiest Tea and Great for Digestion 🙂

Ginger and lemon are known it the ayurvedic science for their benefits and have always been favorite by dieticians and people for reducing weight and boosting metabolism. Ginger and lemon tea is a great option for boosting the immune system, is a great option for skin and hair, and is a great healthy tea for weight loss. Dinking one-two cups is fine in a day but excessive will not be good for the body.

CARDAMOM AND CLOVE TEA- The Tea to Cure a Cold.

Healthy Tea_derje
Cardamom and Glove Tea in India is One of The Favorite Healthiest Tea of Mom’s During Cold and Cough.

Both these herbs, clove, and cardamom have been added to the food across the globe for improving the taste and are known to have numerous health benefits. Now, combining these two in tea is a great option to consider while being exhausted and tired and needing something more relaxing. Add cardamom and clove in your daily used tea and don’t add milk or sugar to keep it light and fresh as it’s one of the best healthy tea to drink during cold and cough. It’s great for adding freshness as well as is a good option for the sick days to consider. It is also less in calories, so great taste in fewer calories, give it a try.

MATCHA TEA- The Tea Which Does It All.

Healthy Tea_derje
Matcha tea is another delicious healthy tea in India that does it all.

It’s been trending on Instagram as well as by the celebrities. It’s their go-to when it comes to a refreshing tea. Matcha tea is filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants. It reduces cell damages and enhances the anti-oxidants in the body. It is also considered as 137 times greater than green tea, based on its properties. So, why not add some power of green in the tea and get a healthy immune system.

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CHAMOMILE TEA- The Tea To Reduce Anxiety.

Healthy Tea_derje
Chamomile Tea- The soothing aroma makes it a great choice of healthy tea to cure sleeplessness and anxiety.

Tea is a choice of beverages for many and is more of stress relief. Milk tea is a great option for many but not such a good option for the ones who are into the healthier sides. But Chamomile tea can make healthy by replacing the sugar to some natural sweetener like honey or stevia. Otherwise, the above-mentioned teas are a great option to consider when looking for healthy options for tea.

Till then stay safe and enjoy the tea and may spill some also.

Lots of love 



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