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Easy and Effective Guide on How to Clean a Yoga Mat Like a Pro

How to Clean a Yoga Mat Like a Pro_derje

Practicing yoga is a universal peace-driven activity that you can do for yourself. It is a way to get connected to the divine energy around the world. Whenever you practice yoga, a divine feeling within yourself encourages your inner soul. It allows you to stay calm and peaceful throughout the day. There are many benefits associated with yoga for every human being around.

The benefits can be curable to you and your needs. When you practice yoga, you relax your body and soothe your mind. Every yoga practitioner looks for a certain environment and equipment to perform yoga. This divine meditation and posture help in building the right mindset.

You use yoga mats, a calm room, and a peaceful mindset to get connected with your inner self. Although, it is well-known that every yoga practitioner gets confused. Many of them don’t know how to clean a yoga mat. It is a must to clean yoga mats as the nasty smell and gunk settled on your yoga mat can be fatal to your health. Let’s learn about how to clean yoga mats.

Understanding the Material and Care of It

Before getting into cleaning the yoga mat, it is a must to understand the mat material. Once you discover the material used, it will become easier for you to clean it. There are certain types of yoga mats found in the market. Certain mat materials are PVC, Rubber, and Cork.

These are the popular materials used in a yoga mat. Grabbing the antibacterial wipes to wipe down the mat you can get positive results. This way of cleaning never lasts long. Yoga mats must be intensely cleaned for a longer run.

  • PVC
PVC Yoga Mat - How to Clean Yoga Mat Like a Pro_derje
PVC Yoga Mat – How to Clean Yoga Mat Like a Pro

If you are using PVC-based yoga material, they are easy to clean as compared to other mats. The reason for their easy cleansing is that they don’t absorb oils and body sweat. You can use soap and water to cleanse it. Also, you can use a disinfectant spray to kill the bacterial growth.

  • Rubber
Rubber Yoga Mat - How to Clean Yoga Mat Like a Pro_derje
Rubber Yoga Mat – How to Clean Yoga Mat Like a Pro

Rubber is a natural material found on Earth. Rubbers help in making yoga mats. For cleaning rubber-based yoga mats, wash their surface with detergent water. Make sure you are not using more water than required.

  • Cork
Cork Yoga Mat - How to Clean Yoga Mat Like a Pro_derje
Cork Yoga Mat – How to Clean Yoga Mat Like a Pro

Cork is one of the easiest materials to use. It contains natural antibacterial properties. The best thing about using cork mats is they are easy to clean. Wipe the mat with a wet soft towel or sponge.

These are the ways to clean the yoga mat without wasting its material. An individual can also use commercial cleaning options made for the yoga mats.

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Step-By-Step Cleaning Process of a Yoga Mat

Following are the steps to follow for cleaning a yoga mat properly. 

1: Preparing the Mat for Cleaning

The foremost thing an individual needs to do is to prepare a yoga mat before cleansing it. Remove every kind of debris and visible dirt.

2: Applying the Cleaning Solution

How to Clean a Yoga Mat - Step 2 Product Requirement_derje
How to Clean a Yoga Mat – Step 2 Product Requirement

Required Products:

  • Wet Towel
  • Anti-bacterial Spray
  • Cleansing Solution

After the removal of debris, apply a cleansing solution on the yoga mat that kills bacterial growth. Spray the cleansing solution and wipe it with a wet towel.

3: Deep Cleaning of Stains and Odours

How to Clean a Yoga Mat - Step 3 Product Requirement_derje
How to Clean a Yoga Mat – Step 3 Product Requirement

Required Products:

  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Cleaning Brush

If you find any stubborn spots, cleanse them before they become difficult to clean, brush off the stain, and wipe it off. If you smell odors on the mat, dip it in detergent water for some time and clean it.

4: Rinse and Dry the Mat

How to Clean a Yoga Mat - Step 4 Product Requirement_derje
How to Clean a Yoga Mat – Step 4 Product Requirement

Required Products:

  • Dryer

One of the most crucial steps one needs to do is to rinse off the water and dry your mat. It is a must to dry it completely because excess water can destroy the material. Blow dry the mat if you find any water present in the crevices or the design of the mat.

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Safety and Hygiene— A Must

Yoga Bag - How To Clean A Yoga Mat
Yoga Bag – Can be Used to Safely Store Yoga Mats After Cleaning

Yoga mats get dirty. They accumulate body sweat and bacteria along with dust and dirt. If you aren’t able to clean the mat, it will cause infection on your skin. Personal hygiene plays an important role in building good habits while practicing yoga.

If you sweat a lot while doing yoga, use yoga mat towels to cover the space where you perform over the mat. Continuous use of yoga mats can lead to foul odor and breakage of the material.

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Practicing yoga requires a peaceful mind and surroundings. We have already learned about how to clean a yoga mat and ourselves while performing yoga. Every individual must follow every step before performing yoga. It will be easier for them to enhance their yoga mat life. If you are not able to clean it, at least wash your feet and your body before doing.

Yet, do not involve using too many creams and lotions. Lotions and creams can stick on your mat which traps the dirt from the surroundings. Clean your yoga mat every single day to avoid any false odor and improve personal hygiene.


How do you clean a yoga mat without ruining it?

The best way to clean the yoga mat is by dipping it in warm water with some detergent into it. Let it sink for a few minutes, then take it out of the soap water and wash it with running water and let it dry.

Can I use Dettol to clean a yoga mat?

Adding 1/3rd cap of Dettol into the water adds disinfectant qualities. It reduces the bacterial count present on the mat. This disinfectant helps in cleansing the mat.

Can you clean the yoga mat with wipes?

Wipes never clean the surface of the mat. They remove the upper layer. Yet, the dirt present on the minute crevices can give rise to infection and foul odor.

What is a natural cleaner for yoga mat?

For rubber yoga mat, a vinegar-water cleaning mixture is the perfect natural cleaner for a yoga mat.

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