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Top 5 Simple Ways To Cut Your Hair at Home for Girls

Are you planning to cut your hair at home? Maybe you are bored of the look you have been wearing for a very long time or just feel like you need a change but not a dramatic one, craving a fresh look, or simply got your hands itching. Well, a new haircut will satisfy all those but having to go to a hairdresser can be an expensive affair, so you decided to take the matter into your own hands(literally).

Quarantine cuts were making quite the buzz during the pandemic, and you might have seen hundreds of folks showcasing their skills online including Anushka Sharma when she cut her cricketer husband, Virat Kohli’s hair. While going to a salon is suggested over going chop-chop on your locks, achieving a good haircut at home is not impossible. So, to lend a hand in cutting your hair, here’s a list of hair essentials, methods, and types of haircuts you ought to consider. These will be the simple ways that you can try to cut your hair at home. 

How to Cut your Hair at Home?

Here are some haircuts you can do at your home.

 1. Haircut Essentials

First things first, you will need a pair of scissors and a good one to cut your hair at home. You cannot and should not use your kitchen scissors because they’re not sharp enough and your hair might look choppy at the ends if you use the normal scissors. You can get haircutting scissors online or in your local drugstore made of stainless steel. It will make a huge difference so please use the right type.

Other than that, you would require rubber bands, hair clips, a comb, an old t-shirt and a spray bottle containing water if you are cutting your hair when wet. Make sure your hair is washed and conditioned thoroughly before cutting it. 

 2. Cutting your Hair in Layers

A layered cut is one of the easier cuts you can achieve on your own using the Unicorn Ponytail method.  Firstly, flip all your hair and brush them neatly. Secure it at the top of your head with an elastic-like that of a unicorn’s horn. Decide the length you want to cut off and tie another elastic. If it is your first time cutting hair, then it’s recommended to cut shorter first and then go to higher lengths if you are happy with the way, it turns out.

After tying a band around your desired length, start chopping it in smaller snips until it’s completely done. Take your time and do not hurry. Cutting it in small snips will give your hair a smooth texture and finish. Flip your hair back down removing the elastics to see if the length and look are what you wanted. 

After that, take a section of hair from behind your ears and do the same to get deep layers. If you want more layers, you can take a section from the starting point of your eyebrows, secure it at the top of your head and again cut at the desired length. After chopping the hair of each section, go on doing the vertical cutting for a professional look.

Be mindful of the length in your first section as that is what decides how long or short your hair would look after the cut. You can be assured that this cut will give your hair beautiful layers that look gorgeous without any styling and also adds volume. This is an easy and great way to cut your hair at home, so try it out.

 3. Cutting your Bangs

Bangs are always in trend and even if it goes wrong, you could simply pin it aside. Take a triangular section of hair from the midpoint of your eyebrows and bring it in front of your eyes. Start by cutting it to the end point of your nose and then go shorter to the length you want. After you have the desired length cut, take a small section of your long hair on each side and cut it slant to get that typical bang look. 

Bangs are the easiest to cut and the best way to start off cutting your hair at home. It would not have a drastic change on your look even if it goes sideways so do try them out! This is another way to cut your hair at home. 

 4. Cutting Curly Hair 

You can use the unicorn ponytail method to get layers for your straight hair but it won’t work on curly hair as cutting curly hair at home is a whole different ball game so you will have to use the pigtails method. Starting off, do your regular haircare routine of washing your hair and keep a spray bottle containing water handy as you will require that in case your hair starts drying.

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Firstly, part your hair evenly in two sections and secure it into pigtails right in the middle just behind your ears ensuring it is not too low or high or too behind or ahead. Make sure the hair is brushed thoroughly. Take each section at a time, extend it through your fingers and hold it to the length you want and cut it off neatly at a 45-degree angle. Since the hair is wet you wouldn’t want a hair tie so hydrate if you feel like it.

After both the sections are done, remove the hair tie off one section turn your head to the side, bring the hair in front of you and cut your hair at the ends again to give it a round U shape in the back. Repeat the same in the other section. Lastly, diffuse your hair normally and add finishing touches by cutting off some locks if it’s required. You ought to give this cut a try if you have curly hair and want a smooth U-shaped look. You will be blown away by the results so do try this out. This is another way to cut your hair at home.

 5. Short Bob Haircut

Cut your Hair at home

Start by doing a mid-parting and make small sections of your hair on either side. You will get 3 to 4 sections on each side depending on the thickness of your hair and secure it with elastics at the desired length of how short you wanna go. Chop at that length horizontally first and then go with vertical cuts to all sections. Release the hair from its band and see if it’s even in length and add some vertical cuts as a finishing touch. Achieving a blunt bob is nearly impossible at home so it’s better left at the hands of a professional and try a short bob instead.

If you are sick of your long or medium-length hair, then this cut is perfect for you as it gives you that modern chic look. You will be amazed by how good this cut turns out so do give this a shot if you are in the mood for a dramatic transformation in your attire. It is one of the best ways to cut your hair at home. 


All in all, if you are pondering about cutting your hair at home, you should definitely try it out at least once. Thousands of pictures and videos online prove that point. Even if it goes wrong and you don’t like the way it turns out, it’ll grow thick and long eventually, so you need not worry.

It would just add to the list of bad decisions in your life, something to laugh over after some time and forget all about it. Though wishing it turns out better and you rock the new and fresh look. Hopefully, this article gives you the courage to take those scissors and chop that hair, after all, you only live once!

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