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10 Crazy Indo Western Dress Ideas To Droll Over!

indo western dress ideas_derje

Getting away from the mainstream and breaking the stereotypes – these two things are all that fashion trends are hulking on. Keeping up with traditional outfits, people are experimenting with new styles. The most popular drift is about the Indo western dress ideas. It is not a new thing that fashion folks love to dress up with mismatching things, but as an add-on, a list of Indo western fusion dresses are also getting the hype.

Let’s find out what are the crazy Indo western dress ideas that can get along with your 2021 collection.

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Shirt And Skirt

Indo Western Fusion Dresses

A formal or even a casual shirt buttoned till your collar-bone or even the neck is what you required. Along with that, a long solid coloured skirt would literally one of the unique Indo western dress ideas. Even to make things bold, you can wear a printed skirt with a shirt of contrasting colour.

Saree With Tops

Indo Western Fusion Dresses

It is lately a prevailing Indo western dress idea to wear a saree without a blouse. Instead, a crop top can be used. To even spice things up, one can consider wearing an off-shoulder top as well. Even the turtle-neck crop tops and baggy tees are not out of fashion. Even pairing up with a shirt would get you a perfect Indo western look for girls.

Saree With Bralette

Indo Western Fusion Dresses

Of course, you can’t miss the unique style of wearing a bralette with a solid saree to get the Indo western saree look. The beautiful designs of the bralettes, especially the ones that wind up with laces, is going to complement the sleek appearance pretty perfectly. This is one of those Indo western dress ideas that are going to steal all the eyes on you, on any occasion you wear.

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Kurta Or Kurti With Shorts

Indo Western Look With Jeans

With your short kurtas, you can complement your look for Indo western dress ideas with denim short. It is the perfect contrast to create your favourite Indo western look with jeans. If you want, you can tease your denim shorts a little to get the rusty look you want.

Choli With Denim

Indo Western Look With Jeans

If you wonder how that will look, you can wear it yourself and check it out. With heavily embroidered choli, a denim short or jeans would definitely be a cool Indo western dress ideas. You can also add a dupatta to introduce an accent to your look. However, it is recommended you wear a sneaker to get the style statement.

Dhoti Pants Back In Fashion

Indo Western Look For Girls

It is an absolute beauty to wear anything and everything with a dhoti pant. Your Indo western dress ideas can complement with almost every dress to pair-up with dhoti pants. Be it saree, Kurti, Kurta, crop top, baggy tees, tunics, tulip tops, tank tops, bralette, denim shirt and jacket, tube top, off-shoulders, ponchos, shrugs and any other two-piece that you have down the list!

Kimono With Two Pieces

Indo Western Look with Jeans

If you want a little boho-like style, then your Indo western dress ideas can match with any two-piece pairing with a kimono and a belt. A bralette or a crop top along with jeans or denim shorts would do magic with your looks. You can wear junk and heavy pieces of jewellery. Tie up with a let or just it wave, style is all yours!

Sharara With Crop Top or Bralette

Indo Western Look For Girls

Just like dhoti pants, Shararas came forward as Indo western dress ideas, if you complement with a cute crop top or a bralette. You can even add a dupatta to add an accent to your looks. But even without the dupatta, this can be a perfect Indo western fusion dress to wear.

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Coated With Fusion

Indo Western Saree

Coats are absolutely the best to complement your Indo western dress ideas. Be it the short ones, the medium ones and the longliners, a coat will always add a formal dimension, no matter what you wear. With a saree, a coat will embolden your presence. While with a Kurti, it might give you a mature look. However, with skirts, dhoti pants, palazzos and shararas, a blazer would be the best match to give you an all-rounder look.

Dupattas For Reason

Indo Western Look for Girls

If you are experimental enough with your Indo western dress ideas, you can wear a dupatta literally as you want it to affiliate your appearance. People are making tops, crops, and shrugs out of dupatta, to renew their style statement. While some of them are wearing it around the head like a turban to put up a different look, others are just putting it like a halter to keep things simple yet elegant.

Indo western dress ideas can never go out of the list as there are so many dresses that can literally be experimented as
Indo western fusion dresses. One can wear these dresses on different occasion and make sure that they are going to be the absolute show stealers with their Indo western look for girls.


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