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Khaali Peeli Trailer: Ishaan Khattar Looks Charming In His New Appearance


As we are all a very big fan of our very own Bollywood industry, we are also equally aware of the fact that Bollywood industry gifts the Hindi movie lovers with back to back commercial hits that make major hits in the industry. This time Ishaan Khattar will be starred in upcoming movie Khaali Peeli. It is also very known that these commercial movies are the only reason why Bollywood movie is enjoying the popularity that has made it place along with the bigger Film industries all over the world. However, there are many remakes that take a better place than the original ones because they receive the aura of being in the Bollywood industry.

Like few other movies, Bollywood also needs to plan its survival strategies, if that option does not click with making creative and unique content, they obviously the plan B is to remake the movie with a different set of cinematography so it looks and sounds way better than the original version. It is not new in the industry; we have seen Bollywood copying movies from the South Indian movies every now and then. So let us jump into the Khaali Peeli Trailer, where Indian actor Ishaan Khattar will be presented in a different look.

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Khaali Peeli Casts

Ishaan Khattar_derje
Ishaan Khattar in Khaali Peeli Trailer

Khaali Peeli Trailer reveals that this time the movie will be starring Indian actor Ishaan Khattar, who is the son of renowned actors Rajesh Khattar and Neelima Azeem. The actor made his very first debut in the movie Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! which starred his half-brother and actor Sahid Kapoor. In this movie, he will be starred as a taxi driver owning a yellow and black coloured taxi after which the title has been given.

In opposite to Ishaan Khattar, the movie will cast female actor Ananya Pandey, who is also the daughter of actor Chunky Pandey. She will be shown as the love interest of the taxi driver and the duo will be seen doing romance on screen, of course apart from the fights!

Khaali Peeli Trailer

Khaali Peeli Movie Remake – Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Panday

Khaali Peeli trailer reveals much about the movie-making. From the Khaali Peeli trailer we get to know that like other Bollywood movies, Khaali Peeli remake has been done on the base of a Telegu movie called Taxiwala. Although director Maqbool Khan is readily denying the fact that Khali Peeli movie remake is done from Taxiwala, we will wait for the movie to figure out what the reality is. Khaali Peeli release date has been scheduled for October 2.

Khaali Peeli Trailer_derje
Khhali Peeli Cast – Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Panday

Khaali Peeli remake looks like the movie which has been brought under the limelight as the original version of the movie. As much we get to know from Khaali Peeli trailer that both will be running away from something, which the movie is yet to reveal. As the trailer progress, eventually, we get to see a series of events take place where they both were running and at times stopping to take a fight with goons. We are yet to figure out what the movie is all about, but it is clear that the most of the movie will spend its journey on road with the Khaali Peeli taxi driven by Ishaan Kattar as the taxi driver.

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Ishaan Khattar Other Movies

Khaali Peeli Casts_derje
Ishaan Khattar in Dhadak with Jhanvi Kapoor

Ishaan Khattar is an aspiring actor who has also done another movie in Bollywood. He played the lead role in Majid Majid’s drama Beyond the Clouds in the year 2017. Apart from that, he has also done the movie called Dhadak in 2018 starring Jhanvi Kapoor as well.

Ananya Panday Other Movies

Khaali Peeli movie remake_derje
Ananya Panday in SOTY 2

Ananya Panday has also been starred in two movies, such as in her debut movie Student of the Year 2, where she was cast opposite to Tiger Shroff and the other movie is Pati Patni Aur Voh.

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Audience On Khaali Peeli Trailer

Khaali Peeli  release date_derje
Khaali Peeli trailer and song – Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Panday

As we are all aware of the struggle the star kids are facing these days has probably been doubled than what it was supposed to be (for few star kids), it is really a great risk to decide to release a commercial movie which is a remake and expect the audience to receive it naturally.

Especially after talking about nepotism and favouritism, there were many controversies that came up against the star kids. This has already created a major tension inside the Bollywood industry. But it is not possible to put down the career of these star kids entirely just because people are not liking to receive movies starring them. Also not to forget Khaali Peeli song “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” has also been criticised and trolled by the netizens heavily.

Khaali Peeli Movie remake_date
Sadak 2 Movie

However, we have seen a bold step taken by Sadak 2 team, which has been created by Mahesh Bhatt. They released the trailer and became the most disliked trailer of YouTube. Also, the movie has not been a hit and could not receive the attention, it was supposed to get.

Khaali Peeli casts_derje
Gunjan Saxena movie

We have also seen Gunjan Saxena, starring Jhanvi Kapoor, which also failed to receive the appreciation as a movie, but all it received appreciations as it was a biopic. No wonder that people do no more like the star kids and is deciding to pay attention to the real actors who are exceptional and deserve to get a place in the industry amid of the crowd made by the star kids.

We can only keep hope that audience gives a chance to these star kids who are blooming to get a place in their career with Bollywood industry.

Khaali Peeli Trailer

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