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The Fortune of Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is one of the most loved actors out there. He’s also extremely rich. He has a net worth of over $150 million. But this is before he lost most of his money. His overall net worth might have been well over $900 million at one point .

Johnny stepped into the entertainment industry with the aim of becoming a rock musician. He dropped out of high school to pursue his dream. After the breakup of his band “The Kids”, he moved to Los Angeles to start his career in acting.

Johnny is an extremely wealthy person. But his wealth right now is not even close to its peak. He has lost a huge chunk of his wealth, around $650 million USD.

He lost nearly $650 million from his earnings owing to his overindulgent life practices, addiction issues, and recurring legal expenses.

Johnny Depp lives an extremely extravagant lifestyle and spends over $2 million on himself every month. He spends more than $30,000 on wine every month. TMG (The Management Group), who managed Depp’s finances, claim that Depp has spent over $75 million dollars buying and furnishing houses, blown his wealth on 45 luxury cars, He also, apparently rents a private jet, which costs him about $200,000 a month. He also spends $36 million a year on 40 full time employees.


He also bought a 156-foot $10 million yacht, plus an extra $8 million renovating it, which he called Amphitrite (which he later sold to JK Rowling for $27 million). He used to spend $350,000 a month to maintain and manage his yacht.

Johnny Depp’s yacht, Amphitrite ( now owned by JK Rowling )

Depp had to sell Amphitrite, to cover his living expenses because there was a point where he didn’t have enough liquid money to cover his $2 million monthly bills.


Depp doesn’t care about spending his money faster than he makes it. He impulsively bought three Leonor Fini paintings from New York City art gallery, costing a collective total of $565,000 (out of which he gifted the third one, costing $245,000 to his then-girlfriend Amber Heard). Depp has about 200 art pieces in his ownership, from renowned names in the art industry, like Andy Warhol and Amedeo Modigliani.


Being a former musician, Depp loves his instruments, he also owns about 70 guitars, which is a lot, even for someone who loves his guitars.


Depp’s private island, worth $3.6 million

He dropped more than $5 million to buy three islands in the Bahamas, because he fell in love with the Bahamas while shooting Pirates of the Caribbean.


Depp, once, walked in jewelry shop, drank champagne and came out with a $400,000 diamond cuff like it was nothing.


The actor owns an entire French hameau, or small village, spread across 37 acres, in the south of France.

Depp’s 37 acre villa in the south of France

Depp drops hundreds of thousands of dollars, casually on Hollywood collectibles, paintings, jewelry etc.

Depp owns a lot of Hollywood memorabilia, which is the old stuff of the Hollywood legends, that he needs 12 storage facilities to keep all of it. He also spent $1 million archiving this stuff.


Depp spent $5 million on a “specially made cannon” to blow Hunter S Thompson’s Ashes over Aspen, Colorado.


The actor has dropped tons for his then- girlfriend Amber Heard, including a Ford Mustang worth $150,000 and an Ernest Hemingway book worth $155,000.

Amber Heard’s Ford Mustang gifted by Depp

Depp spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to sustain his ex-partner, even though he never married her, Vanessa Paradis, and their children, Lily-Rose and Jack. He also bought a $4.4 million mansion for them.

Depp’s ex-manager claimed that every month Depp was blowing $100,000 on an addiction doctor, and has alleged that he used to pay a sound engineer $100,000 a year on set to get his lines feeded to him. He also said that Depp paid $10,000 a day for security.

We clearly get an impression that he does not care about his money.

Depp was dubbed Hollywood’s most overpaid actor by Forbes in 2016

It is due to such a rich, lavish and carefree lifestyle, that Depp has had trouble not going bankrupt in the past.

In 2016, when Depp had a lack of liquid money to pay for his expenses, he blamed TMG (The Management Group) for mismanaging his money. He sued them for “negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud” for $25 million. Depp believed TMG led him to be more than $40 million in debt.

But reps for TMG said that Depp was repeatedly told to tighten the reins on his expenditures. They said that their former client was in their debt for a lot of services and claimed that his financial situation was a cause of his careless lifestyle. Both parties settled over a weekend for an undisclosed amount.

But Johnny’s legal troubles were far from over.

Depp’s Legal Troubles

He had to give $7 million to Amber Heard in 2017 as divorce settlement. He sued the British newspaper “The Sun” for defamation but lost that case and had to fork out $840k legal fees for the publication’s legal fees.

After a six-week long defamation trial between Amber Heard (Depp’s ex-wife) and Johnny Depp, Johnny won the trial. The jury awarded him $10 million in damages. He also won $5 million as punitive damages, which the judge had to cap to $350,000 to comply to Virginia state law. He also had to pay Heard $2 million in damages.

After winning the trial, Depp had a celebratory dinner worth $62,000 in an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, UK called Varanasi with around 20 of his friends.

Depp with his friends at the restaurant Varanasi,Birmingham

As of July 2022, actor has got yet another lawsuit filed against him by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who was the location manager on the movie “City of Lies”. He claims that Mr. Depp “maliciously and forcefully” punched him twice in the ribs before saying that he would pay him $100,000 to punch him back in the face. Gregg has claimed that Depp’s actions were meant for him to “suffer humiliation”

Though Depp loves spending huge amounts of money on whatever he likes or wants, he is also generous. He has helped numerous different charities.

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