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The Hidden Agenda For Lack Of Motivation-Overcoming Lost Motivation


MOTIVATION is needed by everyone. No desire to do anything makes you suffer from lot For any kind of start-up or for anything which we are thinking to start Motivation is necessary. With a lack of motivation and energy, people don’t take the initiative of starting work. It happens with everyone. Sometimes we are not clear about our aim. Lack of motivation stops us from doing new work. Lack of Motivation added certain kinds of fear in our life. For Example, can I do this? Is it fine? People will like it or not? What comment will I get? There are ample of things which can play a major role due to lack of motivation.

Have you lost motivation? Do you feel no motivation to work anymore? We have few steps to help restore lost motivation. Apply these steps when you are lacking motivation or have no desire to do anything.

What can you do to overcome a lack of motivation?

Start Believing In Yourself

The first thing is people start lacking motivation and have self-belief, the problem starts from here. Come out of it. When you start believing the things, you will feel positive energy all around. Make a list, write all your goals. Find all the possible resources that will help you. Once you are clear with your goals, you will be more confident. You need to calm your mind, look at the problem, and then find alternatives by keeping the zeal high in you. One can read ample books to start believing in your self.

Lack of Motivation_Derje
Read Books to Motivate Yourself

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Avoid Fear

Most of the people face fear when it comes to any situation. Some may face because of no motivation. Some may have a fear like what if you fail. Fear can take place in many ways. i.e you may be worrying about what others will say if I will do this? This is the main reason that a person may go through depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Try to know about your fear and look for solutions. This will help you to get out of this situation. Think about yourself first, if you are at peace, you can make others happy also. One can write a journal and can see their achievements again and again. This can help you to avoid fear. Have the courage to do things and see your achievements again and again.

Writing Journal for lack of motivation_Derje
Maintain Daily Journal For Motivation

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Examine Your Lifestyle To Improve Lack Of Motivation

You may feel tired of doing the same thing for a longer time. Here the role of lack of motivation comes into the picture. If you are suffering from digestive issues, headaches. This means there is a need to change lifestyle. Do experiment with your self and get familiar with the things suitable for you. Lifestyle is linked with the Lack of Motivation. When your lifestyle is not good, you may face a lot of problems. Go for a Sleep at least 8 hours. Good sleep helps you to get more focused and more concentrated. When one feels lost motivation start reading books. Reading books may give your thoughts to improve your lifestyle.

Read Books  for No Motivation _Derje
Gain Knowledge To Improve Lifestyle

Start Doing Exercise

If you lost motivation and want to become mentally and physically fit, exercise is requisite. Do exercise at least 30 minutes in a day, exercise is essential for the flow of blood in your body. It keeps you active throughout the day. Even a walk can help you to feel better. Play Outdoor Games. Cycling is a good way of doing exercise.

StartExerciseforno motivation_Derje
Start Exercising to Motivate Yourself

Choose Healthy Breakfast

You may have heard this in your childhood days that breakfast must be healthy. Yes, this is true. Try to opt for a healthy breakfast. People who don’t take breakfast in the morning may face many problems in the future. Try to go for fresh and healthy food. Diet has a different effect on your body. If you will not have a good diet you may be dealing with some issues sooner or later and this will affect you. Focus on one thing at a time. If you are eating focus on the taste, eat slowly, take your time. If you are full don’t go for overeating. You may face a problem later.

Healthy Food For Healthy Life

When you start following this kind of lifestyle, you are to get rid of your all problems soon. Soon You will see a different version of yourself.

Have Some Patience

Everything takes time no matter what it is! To get success in life it needs to take baby steps first and results can reflect later. But if you don’t make efforts first then you can’t see any good results. It will affect on your motivation, you will start feeling demotivated. Sometimes, we need to understand that patience is necessary to get results. In the end, what matters is your journey, Try to enjoy your journey and results will be best then. Hope you remember this “IF IT IS WORTHY, IT WILL TAKE TIME”

Things to know

Before starting working for any of your objectives. Try to find out the reason WHY? Why I am doing this. What will be the output of this? What type of problem I can face and what kind of alternatives do I have to solve this problem? Try to motivate yourself.

Not eating well and not sleeping well are few of the triggers of no motivation. So get good rest and eat healthy.

If something is not achieved yet, that means better things are waiting for you.

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