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LOOTCASE MOVIE REVIEW: A Suitcase to Travel or Trouble?


Hindi Movie Review: Lootcase

lootcase movie_Derje
Hindi Movie Review of Lootcase

What happens to an ‘Aam Admi’ (Layman) when he gets a bag full of money? A dream or a nightmare? A real question has been thrown to the audience in the ‘Lootcase’ movie, in a way which is served with fully packed humour.

Produced by Fox Studios, the Lootcase movie is a comedy-drama that brings in a tinge of freshness after a long and tiring weekend. Filled with a lot of fun and of course the root of all the problems, a lump sum amount of cash, this movie is good entertaining one to have a look, which is currently streaming on ‘Disney+Hotstar’.

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Casts of Lootcase Movie

lootcase movie_Derje
Kunal Khemu as Nandan

An inviting portrayal of a middle-class man, Nandan Kumar, the lead of the movie has been played by Kunal Khemu. Rasika Dugal as Nandan’s ‘Sanskari’’ wife Lata and the Aryan Prajapati as Ayush, Nandan Kumar’s annoying son.

The members of the notorious gangs in the movie

Hindi Movie Review_Derje
Rasika Dugal as Lata, Nandan’s wife

Lootcase movie displays a clash between two notorious gangs, one of whose leader is played by Vijay Raaz as Bala Rathore. He stays obsessed with the wild animals from Nat Geo. He always draw metaphors from how the wild animals hunt down the prey for survival. He is accompanied, rather obeyed by two men namely, Graduate (Aakash Dabhade) and Rajan (Nilesh Divekar).

Ranvir Shorey_Derje
Ranvir Shorey as Inspector Kolte

The man who stands against Bala Rathore is Omar, played by Sumit Nijhawan and his man Abdul (Shashi Ranjan). Also, there is this ‘Sabka Baap’ (Father of all), this corrupt politician, MLA Patil, featuring Gajraj Rao. Under him, works Inspector Madhav Kolte, played by Ranvir Shorey.

The minor characters were played by Vijay Nikam as Newspaper press owner, Manuj Sharma as Faizu, Sada Yadav as Baalu and Ghyanshyam aGarg as Ramlal.

The Suitcase of Trouble

Ranvir Shorey_Derje
MLA Patil, Abdul and Omar

So, we generally use a suitcase for tour and travel but in this Lootcase Movie, the suitcase, named as ‘Anand Petikar’ by Nandan, brings in pain and trouble for the family. Nandan has been seen as a man striving to survive his middle-class life, living in the chawl of Mumbai, along with his wife’s scorning. She would taunt him every now and then for sending all money he receives, to his sister ‘Binu didi’.

Vijay Raaz_Derje
Kunal Khemu as Nandan and Rasika Dugal as Lata in Lootcase Movie

Nandan works in a printing press which fails to meet the family demands, especially Lata’s desire to go to Shimla. But his fate takes a sharp turn when he gets a bag full of money in front of a Pay and Use Toilet. Initially, he thought all his dreams are going to be true, but later it becomes a liability for him as he can neither spend the money, no he could hide it from others.

Vijay Raaz_Derje
Vijay Raaz as Bala Rathore

Not only Nandan, this bag full of ‘Dus Khoka’ (10 Crores), brings trouble for inspector Kotle, Bala Rathore, Omar and on the top of them MLA Patil.

Final Verdict on Lootcase Movie

The Lootcase Movie is overall a blast of comedy, filled in all the scenes. The light and humour plot is an addition to the reality and the hardships of a middle-class man which no one can deny. The brilliant acting skill of Aryan Prajapati, the dramatic son of Nandan is something to attract everyone’s attention. Then comes Rasika Dugal, a proper portray of the typical housewife. The manipulative MLA Patil is an actual representation of a perfect hypocrite. He keeps on threatening people to make them work for him. Inspector Kotle is a typical cop who has his strings attached to MLA Patil.

Last but not the least; Kunal Khemu’s effortless acting skill has made the character a dynamic one. Overall, this bag and this layman will not let your expectation down as a comedy movie. Hope you will like this movie too.


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