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Amazing Reasons Why Mirzapur Season 2 Should Be In Your Bucket List


When the entire country is trapped inside the claws of coronavirus pandemic, it is getting harder each day to continue with the daily routine. People are getting stressed and bored easily. But the entertainment is still there. The world of movies and series are still on with numerous lists in front. The only way to get going along these days is to stay intact with all forms of entertainment. Besides socialising, get in touch with the OTT platforms because this time Amazon will be coming up with the saga of the famous web television series Mirzapur, Mirzapur season 2. Double the action and double the thriller with Mirzapur Season 2.

Produced by Excel Entertainment, Mirzapur season 1 is a complete thriller series which talks about the grim reality of the city named Mirzapur. The story of Mirzapur season 1 revolves around drugs, guns and lawlessness. It basically depicts the putrescence, governance and ruling places of mafia dons and the rivalry and crime prevailing in the parts of Purvanchal region, based on Uttar Pradesh. The first season already has 9 episodes that kept a heart-wrenching plot throughout the entire season. This time Mirzapur season 2 to is also going to thrill the audience equally.

Let’s get to know why Mirzapur Season 2 should also be there in your bucket list.

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The Grim Reality Behind Politics

Mirzapur Season 2_derje
Mirzapur Season 2 – Politics Plays A Major Role

As shown in Mirzapur part 1, a major role has been played by the concept of politics and power. The featuring characters were shown fighting among each other in search of power. For the sake of getting into a superior position, there is a lot that is on stake. All the corruptions that are directly as well as indirectly related to many crimes, illegal markets and black money will be once again shown with the coming season of the series. Hope Mirzapur season 2 will also bring out the cruel side as well.

The Enchanting Mirzapur Casts

Mirzapur casts_derje
Mirzapur Season 2 – The Mirzapur Casts in Mirzapur Season 1

The fans of Mirzapur are already aware of the fact that each and every cast of the series has done a great job in terms of acting. Starting with Pankaj Tripathi starring as Akhandanand Tripathy aka Kaleen Bhaiya, who is the king of Mirzapur is the focal point in the web series, is surrounded by various people, some of which literally worships him, while others are against him. He has his only son Phoolchand Tripathi aka Munna, played by Divyendu Sharma. The role of the second wife of Akhandanand has been played by Rashika Duggal who is one of the most versatile actresses.

Mirzapur Season 1_derje
Mirzapur Part 1- Mirzapur Casts The Tripathy Family

Another major Mirzapur casts that have been featured is the family of an honest lawyer Rajesh Tailang in the skin of Ramakant Pandit, who has two sons Bablu as Vikrant Massay and Ali Fazal as Guddu and a daughter Dimpy, played by Harshita Gaur. She has her friend, who is also the daughter of Parshuram, Sweety by Shriya Pilgaonkar and her sister Golu, by Shweta Tripathi.

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The Taste Of Revenge

Mirzapur Part 1_derje
Mirzapur Season 1 – Revenge

As we get to see from the last part of Mirzapur part 1, that ends with a massive bloodshot. Munna was disappointed with the marriage of Sweety with Guddu as he used to claim his feelings for her. So he breaks into the place and kills Guddu’s brother Bablu and his wife Sweety as well. So it is pretty obvious that now the character of Guddu is all set to take revenge from Munna and Kaleen Bhaiya. But he does not have the required power that is necessary to take any action against such a powerful man. So it is yet to know what he will come up with to take his revenge.

Keeping up with secrets

Mirzapur Casts_derje
Mirzapur Part 1 – Beenu’s Secret

The wife of Kaleen Bhaiya, Beena goes through a mental trauma after he gets into an illegal physical relation with Bauji. She even extends herself to punish to death to keep things about her personal life secret. We have seen how the insatiable sexual tension in her made her getting into a physical relationship with the house-keeper. So the fans are eagerly waiting to see what the turn that her character will take is and how far she will go to keep things according to her wishes and under her control. She is indeed a character that adds extra spices of lust in the world of crime and violence.

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Munna Bhaiya Gets All Alone

Mirzapur Casts_derje
Mirzapur Casts Munna Bhaiya

In Mirzapur part 1, Munna Bhaiya has been seen killing one of his friends, played by Abhishek Banerjee, who was the compounder. He was the one who used to provide Munna Bhaiya all the drugs for his addiction. He even misguided Guddu in taking a wrong medicine which increased his violence and made him think lesser than he used to do in a normal state. However, after he got killed, Munna Bhaiya has been left all alone. However, he got the power which he was jealous of while the Pandit brothers were working under Kaleen Bhaiya. It is to witness in Mirzapur Season 2 if his character gets any curve or he remains the same throughout.

New Character In Mirzapur Season 2

Mirzapur part 1_derje
Mirzapur Season 2 – New Cast

Apart from the thrilling characters that we have already seen, there will be the addition of two new characters; one is that of Amit Sial and Vijay Verma. Now it is only after the release of Mirzapur Season 2 that we will get to know in details about these characters.

Bauji As The Powerful Character

Mirzapur part 1_derje
Mirzapur Part 1 – Bauji

Though in the first season, the character of Bauji aka Satyanand Tripathi, the role of Kaleen Bhaiya’s father, played by Kulbhushal Kharband was not seen much in the core politics of the plot, in Mirzapur Season 2, he will be seen back in his power and help his son and grandson.

The way, things in the plot is extending, it seems that it is going to be a major hit from the platform. Already people are eagerly waiting for the series which has been scheduled to be released on October 23.


When will Mirzapur Season 2 release?

On September 23

Mirzapur Season 2

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