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Celebrity Fashion

6 Most Expensive Celebrity Watches Worn By The Most Famous Men In The World


In addition to being a functional piece, a high-end watch becomes a benchmark of absolute power and style.

It is difficult to reduce the best timepieces of the year to numbers, but not enough complicated when it comes to The Most Expensive Celebrity Watches. They are symbols of status, distinction, and even power. After all, not everyone can invest 2.2 million dollars as Jay-Z did when he paid that amount in a Patek Philippe (Grandmaster Chime 6300G), being the perfect gift to celebrate his fifty years of life.

Therefore, more than a list, this is a compilation of original works of art that some of our favorite celebrities used in 2021. Because when it comes to watches, unlike clothes, these can last for generations, becoming treasured relatives.

Most Expensive Celebrity Watches: #1 Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon Skull “Asia Edition”

Post Malone wearing Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon Skull "Asia Edition" one of the Most Expensive Celebrity Watches
Post Malone wearing Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon Skull “Asia Edition”

What better ambassador for this watch than Post Malone. The rapper is known for his particular style and reckless attitude wore a Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon Skull “Asia Edition”, which perfectly fits everything “Postie” stands for rebellion. But do not get fooled by its rough appearance (in which a skull stands out). The brand takes its watches very seriously, which has made it a celebrity favorite. It has been their aesthetics, their performance, the attention to detail, and the materials with which they are made, which have made them authentic pieces of desire.

#2 Patek Philippe 5131G World Time

Travis Scott wearing his Patek Philippe 5131G World Time
Travis Scott wearing his Patek Philippe 5131G World Time

This is described this way for two simple reasons: first, the watchmaker hardly makes them, and second, it was Travis Scott’s choice for the Dior Men FW ’20 show. What makes this model exceptional, not to mention the exquisite details that distinguish the brand, is that the enamel that carries the globe on the dial is enameled by hand. Painting can take months, and the width of the brush is like that of a hair. This version in white gold is no longer manufactured. The choice of Travis confirms that the affair between rappers and the world of luxury coexist in perfect harmony.

#3 Casio MQ24-9B

Tyler, the Creator wearing Casio MQ24-9B
Tyler, the Creator wearing Casio MQ24-9B

One could hope that at every opportunity a rapper had, especially in the case of the stature of Tyler the Creator – who is also one of the most stylish musicians – he would take the opportunity to wear a watch that reflects how much money he is making, perhaps one bathed in diamonds or made entirely of gold. However, Tyler entered The 2019 Innovator Awards with this peculiar Casio quartz model. This unexpected and irreverent movement is a breath of fresh air.

#4 Jacob&Co. Epic X Chrono Messi Edition

Lionel Messi wearing his Jacob&Co. Epic X Chrono Messi Edition
Lionel Messi wearing his Jacob&Co. Epic X Chrono Messi Edition

When you are, for many, the best player in history, you have to own a genuinely luxurious watch that bears your name. And not just anyone but one who lives up to the galas attended by the elite of world football. Unlike the Argentina soccer player known for its simplicity, his namesake watch is sumptuous in every detail. The most crucial detail of this piece is its albiceleste (sky blue and whites) color in the representation of its native country.

#5 Rolex Daytona 116508

John Mayer's Rolex Daytona 116508
John Mayer’s Rolex Daytona 116508

A Rolex had to be on the list of the Most Expensive Celebrity Watches. Although at first, this watch was nothing special (not taking into account the $ 39,600 that must be paid for it), this piece caused quite a stir when John Mayer wore it in a video from Hodinkee, a blog specializing in fine watches. This would serve perfectly as publicity for this piece to be covered by the whole world suddenly, and Rolex CEO Paul Altieri is grateful about it.

We recently saw him on the wrist of Jonah Hill, one of the most underrated style icons, showing off on the streets of New York.

Jonah Hill with his Rolex Daytona 116598
Jonah Hill with his Rolex Daytona 116598

#6 Jacob&Co. The Billionaire

Floyd Mayweather wearing his Jacob&Co. The Billionaire
Floyd Mayweather rocking his Jacob&Co. The Billionaire

We saw Floyd Mayweather at his birthday party, and he’s been loving us ever since. This is The Billionaire watch from Jacob & Co., and the truth is, we can’t imagine anyone who isn’t a billionaire wearing it.

The timepiece is white gold and covered by 313 emerald-cut diamonds, totaling 176.88 carats of sheer brilliance. As if this were not enough, the watch features a 1.21-carat ruby ​​adorning the crown. The watchmaker has only produced one copy of this watch, which further increases its value.


Who Wear World’s most expensive watch?

According to Business Insider, Cristiano Ronaldo wore Rolex’s most expensive watch ever. It was valued at half a million dollars. During a football conference in Dubai on December 28, 2019, he wore this most expensive watch in the world worn by a celebrity.

What kind of watch does Jeff Bezos wear?

Jeff Bezos Wears Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch to Space.

Which Indian celebrity has the most expensive watch?

Ranbir Kapoor owns some of the most expensive watches imaginable, the most expensive of which is a Richard Mille RM 010 valued at Rs. 50 lakh, which he received as a gift from Amitabh Bachchan.


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