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Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the World

Most expensive makeup brands luxury makeup brands_derje

Most Expensive Cosmetic Brands and Best Makeup Products of All Time

There are so many makeup lovers around the world, some like the feel it gives to have makeup on, while others just love the feeling of owning unique kind of makeup products. If you like to collect makeup and want to splurge money on high-end premium luxury makeup then this is the right place for you.

Today, we bring you most expensive makeup brands in the world.

Some say it’s their quality that makes these companies stand out and some say it’s not worth it. Let’s have a look to know what are these makeup brands and are they worth the price for being the most expensive makeup brands in the world?

Fenty beauty

Luxury makeup brands like Chanel makeup have the best products of all time_derje
Fenty beauty by Rihanna is the most expensive cosmetic brand that has most expensive make up

What does Rihanna remind you of? If she still reminds you of music then you might have not known about her makeup brand yet. If you don’t already, you are definitely living under the rock.

Fenty beauty is a high end makeup brand by Rihanna. It is a brand you need to know about is you are a makeup lover. It has all the products you would ever need to own from foundation, highlighter to skincare products.

It’s makeup products are known to suit all skin shades, you can get your hands on them through their official website or through Amazon. Unfortunately it’s not yet on Nykaa but we hope they bring it here soon.

You can even follow their official website on Instagram to keep up with their recent updates.

Huda beauty

Luxury makeup brands like Chanel makeup have the best products of all time_derje
Huda beauty is the most expensive cosmetic brand that has most expensive make up

Huda beauty, name is enough for makeup lovers. This makeup brand has a special place in the hearts of makeup lovers. You might have heard it’s name at least once in a lifetime.

In a small span of time Huda beauty has created a revolution in the makeup industry. They have unique products, unmatched quality and all the love from makeup lovers. The price of the products from this brand ranges from high to low. Even the most expensive products are worth the price.

You can buy these all from their official website, or Nykaa too.

They keep their fans updated with the news about their upcoming products so you need to follow them on Instagram too.

La prairie

Luxury makeup brands like Chanel makeup have the best products of all time_derje
la prairie- most expensive makeup brand in the world

If you thought the above brands weren’t that expensive then let me present you ‘La Prairie’.La prairie is a Switzerland based high-end makeup brand which provides products like foundation, skincare. It is primarily known for their skincare.

Their most expensive product is possibly La Prairie’s Cellular Cream Platinum Rare which claims to contain the “most precious metal on earth.” It is priced at $706 per ounce, it’s not the most expensive skin cream in the world but it is more expensive than La Prairie’s other products, Cellular Radiance Cream ($406 per ounce) and White Caviar Illuminating Cream Extraordinaire ($344 per ounce).

You can either get these products shipped through their official website or from Amazon. It is not yet on Nykaa or any other Indian website.

You can follow them on Instagram too to know about their plans on coming to India.

Christine Dior

most expensive cosmetic brand_derje
Christine Dior- best makeup products of all time

Christine Dior, widely known as Dior is a French luxury goods company. It produces a wide range of fashion products and makeup is also one of them.

This premium makeup brand has a wide range of rich lip shades you would definitely wanna try and the foundation with perfect coverage. It’s a bliss for makeup lovers to come across this brand.

Wanna know more about them? Follow them on Instagram or visit their website.


Chanel most expensive makeup brand_derje
Chanel Makeup – Most expensive makeup brand

Chanel is also a luxury goods company, and their makeup collection is unique in its own way. I personally feel their highlighted are worth the hype and everything else can be figured out by you.

Chanel as a company which has had a good reputation in the market for a long time so you can certainly trust them with your money especially with regards to Chanel makeup.

What are you waiting for? Get Chanel makeup, add in your cart and follow them on Instagram.


most expensive cosmetic brand_derje
Gucci is one of the most expensive makeup brands that has the best makeup products of all time

While Gucci is primarily known as its expensive luxury goods like dresses and its belt has a separate fan base. Gucci is also a treat for makeup lovers, it provides high end makeup products for its customers but the price is a bit high. After all its GUCCI.

You can order their goods from their official website and know about them on their Instagram.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte tilbury most expensive makeup brand_derje
Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most expensive makeup brands that has the best makeup products of all time

Charlotte Tilbury is a high-end makeup brand of UK. It was started by Ibiza and her dad which later gained popularity due to the products quality and it’s authenticity.

If you want to pamper yourself with their products just visit their website and to know more about them follow them on Instagram.


most expensive cosmetic brand_derje
Tarte-Most expensive makeup brand in the world

Tarte is a high-end makeup brand which claims to produce products with natural ingredients. Their products are said to be hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free. They have been favourites of YouTubers and beauty gurus for a long time.

To know more about them you can visit their website and also follow them on Instagram for regular updates.

Cle De Peau

Cle de peau most expensive makeup brand_derje
Clé De Peau – Most expensive makeup brands

Clé De Peau is a Japanese luxury skincare and makeup brand, their products claim you give an inevitable radiance when applied on your skin.

One of their products Cle De Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive cream grabbed headlines for being one of the most expensive skincare cream in the whole world, it was priced at $1000 for an ounce. Their other expensive cream is La Creme priced at $432.

Did these prices and description intrigue you? Just check them out on their website and also on their Instagram.


111skin most expensive makeup brand luxury makeup_derje
111skin- most expensive makeup brand in the world

While skincare is already so expensive, 111skin takes it to another level, with their most expensive skincare cream Celestial Black Diamond cream priced at $1095. This cream is said to have black diamond particles , centella asiatica extract as it’s key ingredients.

They have a full collection of luxury, high-end skin care and makeup, do check out their website and also their Instagram to see what people are saying for these expensive items.


Guerlain most expensive makeup brand luxury makeup_derje
Guerlain is one of the luxury makeup brands that has most expensive makeup

With its collection of premium makeup and beauty products, Guerlain is an epitome of luxury. Their makeup range varies in price even though its a high-end brand, their products aren’t that pricey compared to other higbrands but one of their products is in the list of worlds most expensive product.

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Mask, this mask costa around $385 and promises to repair your damaged skin, be it due to emotional or environmental stress. It also helps to hydrate your skin and makes your skin feel soft and supple.

They have exciting range of products, you can check them out from their website and also their Instagram handle.

Mary kay

Mary kay most expensive makeup brand luxury makeup_derje
Mary kay – Most expensive makeup brand

With the tagline Pink doing green, Mary kay proves themselves as eco-friendly and safe brand. They are one of the most premium makeup brands with their products being used by people all over the world.

They definitely have some best collection of makeup ,you can have a look on it from their website and know about their exciting sales from their Instagram.

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Jeffree Star cosmetics

Jeffrey star most expensive makeup brand luxury makeup_derje
Jeffrey star – Most expensive makeup brand in the world

If you follow Jeffree on YouTube, you know how bold and glamorous he is and so is his makeup line. His eyeshadow palette has our hearts and looks pretty on everyone.

You can check out all of their products on their official site and have an eye on them also through their Instagram.

Estee lauder

Estee lauder most expensive makeup brands_derje
Estee Lauder is one of the luxury makeup brands that has most expensive makeup

Estee Lauder has a divine range of premium makeup products that anybody would love to own as it is one of the luxury makeup brands. From makeup to skincare you can have them all from their brand. It has the most expensive makeup but once you apply it, the dazzle it provides looks expensive too.

They keep on having sales at times so grab your perfect deal from their website and also keep in touch with their Instagram.

These were some of our favourite most expensive makeup brands in the world, tell us which one was your favourite.

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Which one is better drugstore or high end makeup?

Drug store makeup is improving its quality day by day but still, the high-end product is the investment for your better skin in the long term usage.

Are expensive products worth the price?

Some expensive products might not be that useful but most expensive products are known for good experiences for the customers so they are definitely worth the price.

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