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MAMI Cancels Mumbai Film Festival 2020

Mumbai Film Festival_derje

Mumbai Academy of Moving Image Postponed The Mumbai Film Festival

The Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) decided to postpone the 22nd edition of Mumbai Film Festival to 2021. It is evident that this decision has been taken by keeping in mind the current situation that is prevailing all around the globe. As the entire world is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak and with the increasing cases every day, the pandemic has clearly left the entire country under lockdown.

Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) of Mumbai film festival is among the latest international film festivals that have been canceled this year throughout the world. Although few other film festivals such as Kashish Queer International Film Festival and New York Indian Film Festival has moved for complete online celebrations.

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Postponed Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Mumbai Film Festival_derje
MAMI 2020

Initially, the Mumbai film festival was supposed to be held in November, but as it due to the coronavirus pandemic that it had to get cancelled and there is no hope that it can be celebrated this year. This was a hard decision that was made due to “the devastating pain and suffering across the country and uncertainty over the reopening of cinemas in Mumbai”, as stated by the press release.

Isha Ambani MAMI_derje
Isha Ambani – broad trustee at MAMI

As Isha Ambani, a part of the broad trustee at MAMI of Mumbai film festival, rightly pointed out that we need to be responsible to keep our communities safe when the country is facing the crisis. She has also promised that there will be the celebration of the festival “fullness in spirit and enthusiasm” for Mumbai, the beloved city.

MAMI, the Mumbai film festival, is usually celebrated in the month of October every year, which is considered to be one of the most popular cultural festivals. In this festival, a broad selection of many international documentaries and arthouse films are being shown. In the section of Indian cinema, especially the competitive Indian Gold Category rose as a reliable milestone that the Indian Filmmakers are thinking about. In this event, there is this Movie Mela, which provides an opportunity to interact with the Bollywood film celebrities.

Smriti Kiran Mumbai Academy of Moving Image_derje
Smriti Kiran – Artistic Director of Mumbai Academy of Moving Image

“There is absolutely no denying that the pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge to independent films and filmmakers, and there is no digital experience that can replicate a physical festival,” stated by Artistic Director of MAMI, Smriti Kiran, Mumbai film festival.

About The Other Film Festivals Around

International Film Festival MAMI_derje
International Film Festival

In a parallel way, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has already adopted a unique hybrid model to conduct their film festival amid the coronavirus pandemic.  They have also included drive-in digital press screening along with virtual red carpets. In this virtual film festival, TIFF has announced that there would be the line-up of 50 new feature films, instead of 200, which is supposed to be the actual number.

Several other film festivals from the international forum such as London International Film Festival will also be conducting the hybrid edition that will be held in October, whereas Venice International Film Festival, which is the world’s oldest film festival, will be celebrated with few rules and regulation, which will take place in early September. Cannes Film Festival initially announced its celebration in the month of June but later they cancelled the celebration and also confirmed that there will not be any virtual festival. Also, the Telluride Film Festival announced their cancellation this year.

Digital Initiatives by MAMI

Digital Initiatives of Mumbai Academy of Moving Image_derje
Digital Initiatives of MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Image)

In the last four months of lockdown, MAMI, Mumbai film festival has launched a virtual extension that includes the display of curated movies that will reach the registered audience. Besides this, they have also introduced online knowledge series, known as Dial M For Films. For the upcoming months, there will be other festival plans that will focus on its verticals such as Word to Screen Market, Young Critic Lab, and lastly the Industry Programme. This will be done exclusively to broaden their footprint all around the country. 

Although the date of the upcoming event of Mumbai film festival has not been announced yet, there is still a promising factor prevailing around that the celebration will surely take place.

In Conversation with Smriti Kiran

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