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9 Gorgeous Party Wear Indian Dresses To Rock The Eve!

party wear Indian Dresses_derje

A life without a party is like an Indian dish without spices, just can’t add a flavour! If you are a little too much into parties, you must be knowing the party trends that are prevailing around you. These trends can include anything, especially if it is about the outfit of the day. We are mostly aware of the western outfits that go with partying hard vibes. But we do barely notice the party wear Indian dresses. But they are getting back in the fashion.

So, let’s get into the Indian dresses you can select for your party and look out of the league for all the eyes on the floor!

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Dresses for party- Kurti

If you are wondering, how can kurti be one of the party wear Indian dresses, then here is how you can do it. You just need to grab the one that will go with your party theme. If you have a party with friends and people of almost the same age, then you can prefer wearing something of solid colour or something fancy to go to in the evening. However, if that is more like a family gathering, you can prefer wearing something printed with floral or geometric shapes.


Dresses for party- Gown

For party wear Indian dresses, Gown can go pretty good with traditional prints on it. You can settle for the A-shaped gowns, which goes perfectly like Anarkali Kurtis, just without the dupatta and the leggings. There are gowns that are exclusively for parties and evening hangouts. But those can be a little offbeat for Indian party wear.

Tops With Palazzos

Dresses for party- Palazzo & Top

A fusion of party wears Indian dresses with a tinge of western in it. If you wear a contrasting colour combination, with a mandala print, it is going to steal the eve for real. You can even settle for a tank top, with a shrug around. Adding a few pieces of jewellery can uplift your appearance to the boho like style.

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Sequin Dress

Party dresses India- Sequin Dress

Adding a little accent, a sequin lehenga can be a perfect choice as party wear Indian dresses. Be it a loud accent or solid and sober ombre shades, a sequin dress will readily rock your evening. Even a combination of a sequin blouse with a solid coloured lehenga would do if you can match or contrast the shades. Be it any occasion, a sequin dress is always worthy.

Traditional Dress

Party dresses India – Traditional Dress

A long traditional maxi dress can never be out of fashion as party wear Indian dresses. But traditional short dresses are new in the list of mini dress for the party. The traditional dress often comes with intricate designs woven, painted or stitched on them. It looks pretty exclusive and unique and can be worn as a western dress as well.

Dhoti Style Jumpsuits

Party dresses India – Dhoti Style Jumpsuit

Mixing the idea of the jumpsuit, which are entirely western, infusing the Indian touch, is all the dhoti-style jumpsuits is about. This has been trending a lot and is sure to feel you stand apart among everyone at the party. Pair it with a cool pair of jewellery and maybe a dupatta which will add a different accent to your look.

Long Skirt and Kurtas

Indian party wear- Skirt

Long skirts with heavily designed layers are back in fashion. And you can absolutely count it as your perfect party wear Indian dresses. You need to pair the skirt with a suitable kurta that will bring the best out of your appearance. Also, if you want to experiment a little, you can go for the tops, tees and even tanks. Add jewellery to match the dress.

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Kurta with Dhoti Pant

Indian party wear- Dhoti Pant with Kurta

An absolute and cool attire that can go perfect for the party evening is the combination of a frock style kurta and a dhoti pant. You can see this style worn by Rajasthani men a lot. However, the trend has shifted to the women wearing and flaunting this dress, which you can flaunt for your party evening too.


Indian party wear- Saree

Saree is never out of fashion. It has the ability to match any occasion. While the attire will make you look gorgeous, you can also experiment a lot with a saree and choose the style that suits your party wear Indian dresses.

So, now you can wear anything that’s traditional as you party wear Indian dresses. As long as you can carry your confidence with your attire, you are good to go with that.


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