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10 Trends Of Quarantine That Kept Us Entertained

Trends of quarantine

Viral Trends to Keep the Isolation Away. Keep building odd hobbies!

As the world is struggling to adjust to the new normal, staying at home as much as possible, people have been trying out new ways to keep themselves occupied. In the initial days of the quarantine, people were cooking, baking, painting, and tried various other ways to entertain themselves some of which became the trends of quarantine

People are getting really creative to pass their time, and thankfully posting it on social media so that the rest of us are able to benefit from their inventiveness. In this article, we have compiled 10 trends of quarantine that went viral. So without further ado, let us take a look at it.

10 Trends Of Quarantine – Odd Hobbies to Build

1. DIY Tie-Dye

Not many of us thought we would ever see this return, but tie-dye was featured heavily on the runway this season and swiftly became the trending DIY quarantine activity of choice. Even the fashion elite experimented with the trend: Victoria Beckham snapped her tie-dye T-shirts with daughter Harper and son Romeo.

social hobby_Derje
Im feeling trendy – DIY tie dye tops

2. Dalgona Coffee

One picture of a Dalgona coffee is enough to make your mouth water, and fortunately, it’s super easy to make! The internet’s fave coffee only requires instant coffee power, water, and sugar. Somehow if you whip two tablespoons of each ingredient together it forms a thick whipped cream mixture, which you can then add to hot or cold milk and will satisfy your Starbucks cravings in seconds! No wonder it became the biggest trend of quarantine.

social hobby_Derje
Viral Trends – Internet’s favorite Dalgona coffee

3. Baking

In the initial days of COVID-19, the entire world decided to become bakers. The process of baking is very soothing and is often recommended as a calming, mindful activity. You use not only your hands but also the five senses, engaging yourself in an activity that distracts your mind from worry and the negativity around. While the specials remained Sourdough and banana bread, people also tried out different cakes.

social hobby_Derje
Im feeling trendy – Banana cake

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4. Instagram live

Going Live on Instagram came out to be a good opportunity for celebrities to connect with their fans while staying at home. A lot of celebrities were seen doing regular Instagram lives as Kendal Jenner, Justin Bieber, and J.Lo. Instagram lives are a great way for people to enjoy music and add some fun to their normal quarantine routines.

social hobby_Derje
Viral Trends – Justin Bieber during his Instagram live

5. Zoom calls

Living through a pandemic calls for virtual meetings, hangouts, happy hours, and reunions. Pre-coronavirus, many would FaceTime, Skype, or use Google Hangouts, but Zoom has exclusively taken over 2020.

Surprisingly, Zoom has become a big part of our lives and it will be interesting to see if it remains that way, or it becomes a service that we will never want to use again once the pandemic is finally over.

weirdest hobbies_Derje
It’s gone viral – Zoom calls

6. Posting Travel Throwback

It seems like people are scrolling through their gallery for old photos since everyone keeps posting throwback, pictures from old trips, and generally photos of being out and about.

weirdest hobbies_Derje
It’s gone viral – #throwbackthursday


7. Fitness challenges

In the initial days of the quarantine everyone around was enthusiastic and energetic. People gave each other fitness challenges and goals and posted their videos on Instagram tagging and nominating their friends. 

most dangerous hobbies_Derje
Quarantine Trends – Fitness Challenges

8. Dance battles

TikTok dance challenges came under the spotlight in the last three months, in turn, hyping whatever soundtrack they’re accompanied by. The Megan Thee Stallion Savage dance challenge became so popular, it’s been crowned the quarantine anthem. The Australian cricketer David warner along with his wife and daughters made a lot of Tiktok videos, on Bollywood songs too.

most dangerous hobbies_Derje
Weirdest Hobbies – David Warner in one of his tik-tok videos


9. Ludo and puzzles

Board games have long held the spotlight when it comes to indoor games and entertainment, but the stress of the pandemic required games so mindless and in some cases crazy too. Several others were seen competing over online ludo games and of course sharing their scores all over Instagram. 

most dangerous hobbies_Derje
Quarantine Trends – Puzzles

10. Pillow dress

In a world where people over-share out of sheer boredom, the pillow dress came out as a fun way to share a laugh with friends. Just find a pillow and add a belt around your middle, there you go, you are one of the Instagram models.  

Im feeling trendy_Derje
Wierdest hobbies – Pillow Dress

The past few months have been scary, stressful, and painfully boring for all of us. Participating in these trends helped people distracted from all the negativity around. While we still do not know when is this pandemic going to end completely, you could try these trends of quarantine out if you haven’t already.


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