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Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls | 2022 Rainy Season Trends


Wanna make a splash this rainy season just like Raveena Tandon did in her song Tip Tip Barsa Paani? Well, we gotcha! The rainy season has always been a blessing in disguise for girls when it comes to fashion trends. This pleasant-balmy season makes everyone not only fall in love with themselves, but with nature, people, plants, the sky, and you name it. Perhaps, this is why the monsoon is very special!

Usually, we picture these days with raincoats, colorful umbrellas, and waterproof dresses, but have you ever wondered if there are still other outfits you can rock in this monsoon. Of course, I understand, jeans-T-shirts have become our quotidian outfit not only in summers but every season. And for this exact reason, this blog will help you figure out the hottest trends that you can slay this monsoon. So now all you gotta do is sit back and pick the one among these top ten rainy season fashion trends that you can kill for sure!

No body-hugging fits

First thing first- never go out this monsoon with tight-hugging dresses. Certainly, they will make you uncomfortable no matter how beautiful you look. Anyway, no one wants to be all drenched and awkward in a lovely season. Palazzo and Patiala have become old-fashioned, uh oh, what can we replace them with? Jumpsuits are indeed a great choice to come up with, because of how easy to wear, and flowy, moreover, don’t stick to your skin at all. Tip of the day: You can also embellish this fit by adding on accessories (long pendant necklaces, scrunchy, sneakers, sling bags, and whatnot). 

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

You can check out the latest jumpsuits at affordable rates here- Jumpsuits for Women on rainy days

Maxi dresses

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Well, I am not expecting a long maxi dress, but a cute short maxi dress can do wonders for anybody. Everyone loves maxi dresses, as they symbolize style, elegance, and adornment. It is always considered a go-to outfit for any type of weather. No matter if it is raining, or flaming, Maxi dresses are the best that makes you a dazzling queen without a doubt. You know why because they are comfy, flattering, versatile, feminine, classic, low-maintenance, no wardrobe malfunction, and ideally good to go in rainy seasons.  


Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Doesn’t have anything to style your outfit with, do not fret, Scarfs can pitch in here! Scarfs are always fashion-forward, which you can wear now and ten years later too, and still work wonders. Dresses accessorized with a scarf will undoubtedly give a ‘material girl’ look. You can also check this out for more latest trends.

Bucket hats

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Bucket hats are not a recent discovery, and have been on the market since the 60s. However, pop culture has brought back the trend again, particularly by the Korean band BTS(I guess JHOPE is flashing across your mind right now, mine too). The latest trend isn’t only for spring or summer, but can also work in rain. Speaking of which, a bucket hat can serve as a rain hat if it is made of waterproof material, like nylon, or has a surface coating that repels water. The water droplets can easily glide off thanks to their downward-sloping shape. It complements almost any look because of its timeless design. 

Mini skirts for Rainy Season

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

In fact, mini-skirts are really a good choice to wear on rainy days, unless and until you are not going hiking. If you feel cold, you can also wear a pair of tights, stockings, or leggings underneath. One of my pro tips for people planning to wear mini skirts in the monsoon is, instead of opting for heels choose boots, I assure you, you will sweep anyone off their feet.  

Coats and Jacket

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Not only does it prevent you from getting drenched but also styles your outfit in every possible way. Staring from bomber to leather, denim, hoodie, quilted, blazers, cashmere, drawstring, trench jackets; jackets and coats are quite easy on the eyes for this monsoon. The attire will look chicer if styled with a bag, sunglasses, watch, rings, and other items of jewelry. 

T-shirts (Crop tops)

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

You are up for the gym but it’s raining outside! Well, not to worry at all. A crop top is a capsule wardrobe, which is an effortlessly beautiful fit that goes with anything(jeans, leggings, tights, skirts, trousers, sweatpants, and so on), thereby a totally winning combo. Moreover, it hardly costs money, because it can be worn with anything, right? Just grab a pair of jeans and a crop top, and you are all set to jump out of your house in this monsoon. 


Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Not so comfortable to wear skirts, well, shorts got your back! Shorts are every gym freak’s go-to outfit even in the monsoon. Trust me, a girl in shorts and a baggy t-shirt is dressed to kill. If you are planning to wear shorts on a drizzling day, make sure you have mosquito repellent with you! 

Packable Raincoat

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

A true haute couture raincoat is packable. If you haven’t got one for yourself, well, what are you waiting for then, go and order ASAP? Moreover, packable raincoats are tiny, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere. A gorgeous rain jacket is a crucial component of your travel wardrobe, especially if you’re going somewhere during a rainy season. 

Chunky-and-funky short Kurtis

Top 10 Rainy Season Fashion Trends For Girls

Sophisticated, elegant, high-end clothing that is feminine without being flouncy or frilly will make anyone look like a million dollars. Furthermore, they aren’t only famous in India but are in great demand abroad too. Feel old-schooled dressing in a Kurti, well, I have gotten some tips and tricks just for you: add sneakers, or a denim shrug, scarf, or shorts; they always catch on with the vogue. Choose your sneakers, which are just one click away!


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