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10 Qualities of a Simp person – Find out if you are a simp or not!


I don’t know why but Gen-Z has recently gotten the notoriety of always coming up with new phrases that no one can understand until they Google them. And one such phrase is SIMP.

Simping is what we once used to call ‘One-Sided Love’. It refers to someone who is so into the other person, regardless of the attention being reciprocated. Simping has now become a ubiquitous word on the internet, especially to define a person who is always ready to go the extra mile for someone they love.

Simping is mostly attributed to men who are desperately showering love on women. Besides, the saddest part of being a simp is pouring out their total effort to someone, who doesn’t even share the same feelings or motives. Well, all is fair in love and war! If you want to know whether you are a simp or not, read on to find out if you fit these 10 qualities of simping! 

Fast texter

Whenever your phone dings, you always hope it was her. The funny part is you consistently replying to the second you get the message, while she takes longer to text back than usual. A simp typically is someone who constantly hits on her via texts, even though she clearly shows her disinterestedness in not having an acquaintance with you.

So it is always best to not text or annoy her with your spam texts. Only continue if she gives you a clear sign and not mixed signals. Don’t be fooled, anything can be turned into nothing, make sure you choose your next move carefully! 

Submissive approach

The fundamental definition of simping is someone who puts themselves as being subservient for the sake of trying to win over the person; who is completely not showing or feeling anything mutual. Submissive individuals are those who refrain from upsetting others out of fear of detachment from that person. Eventually, simps will merely hurt any feelings. And surprisingly, many simps think being attentive and submissive to the ‘attracted person’ will get them laid.

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Overvaluing the person for no reason at all

SimpValuing a person is good but overvaluing, undervaluing, and devaluing are not good ideas. Overvaluing and devaluing responses badly impact any type of relationship; no matter how gorgeous or handsome you are, your personality ruins everything. In the abstract, these simps are categorized as omnipotent-role people in psychology, as they believe that the other person is capable of achieving more than they can. In this case, simps look upon these attractive people as the queen of all hearts. 

Being too nice, and using it as your manipulative tool for a date

Well, there is also one more point to add to the list of definitions of Simp, and that is being too nice to a woman for no good reason, but to roll in the hay. It is only a fine line between being nice to and simping over a person. So weigh your words around her, as such things can escalate quite quickly. 

Not accepting that you might be in the friend zone

Considering the women don’t share the same feeling as you do, sometimes they prefer to put you in a friendzone rather than completely ghosting you. Which sounds better to me, since anyhow, who likes to be ghosted right away, right?

Simps got to understand that being in the friend zone is an end to any chance of romance and should stop wasting time thinking that you will get out of the friend zone and be welcomed into the love zone one day. No caps, it is a long and no damn good process! 

Defending the person no matter what

SimpMost people do get defensive in relationships, but that doesn’t make sense every time you do. Defending the person even if they are the ones at fault, is a corny move, my friend! And that is one of the reasons why simps are sus.  

Seeking their validation for your effort, time, and energy

What is done is done, and there’s no going back. True love never expects anything in return. While a simp is someone who always seeks validation, and often forgets to give the other person their space. A simp is who oftentimes seeks the other person’s approval for everything they do, including the reciprocity in the situationships. 

Keeping yourself available 24/7 for that person

Giving time and space to one another are two important things to be taken into consideration while committing to a relationship. A simp is perhaps a loafer, who always wants to be around the girl 24/7 in the hope of getting thier desires fulfilled. 

Throwing money and attention over the person

In addition to undue attention, and niceness, simps are also inclined to throw money over the person excessively. Well, spending money is fine, but too much can only make you look like a bougee rich dad who is spoiling his kids. Moreover, impressing women with money is an old-school and gauche gesture. It seems simps gotta upgrade their levels. 

Putting the person’s needs above yours

SimpSimps typically hold the opinion that putting the other person’s needs above theirs is one way of winning her heart. It is all good in understanding and being selfless but at the same time, it is a really good example of cringey behavior. 


On the other hand, sometimes simping can stir up a hornet’s nest of commitments and fear on both sides of the parties. It is considered one of the toxic approaches in a romantic pursuit. Moreover, a serious simping might lead to stalking, eventually, bringing up only fear in one’s life.

Besides, simping is not a flawed perception, unless and until your intention doesn’t involve getting in her pants. In addition, simping can affect the simp as well, such as falling into depression and loneliness. Plus, simping is commonly viewed as the last straw for desperate men who are trying to curry favor with women by being extremely nice and calm. 


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