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The 5 Step Of Skincare Routine For Men For Healthy Skin.


Top Tips Skincare For Men For Clear And Healthy Skin

Before we start with the tips, I just want to let know all the gentlemen reading this post, it is okay to have a skincare routine, and it’s got nothing with being “more feminine and less masculine”, and you have all the right to take care of your skin. Men’s skincare is as equal as women’s skincare. Don’t let society stereotypes get you and feel bad about yourself. Just like every normal human being, you also want clear skin and that is why you are here, reading this.

There is nothing different in the procedure, but the products are. The recommendations mentioned are especially for the men for their skincare routine since the men’s skin is different from that of the women based on thickness, collagen, texture, and of course facial hair. So, let’s get started by these top tips of the skincare routine.

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Wash Your Face

It is very important to wash the face before going to sleep. It will wash away all the impurities from the face and make it look fresh and healthy skin. This tip comes under one of the top tips that might seem very unnecessary since we all know this, but this is the first important step for men to get clear skin and we recommend Nivea Men All in One Charcoal Facewash and Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Pimple Face Wash for the purpose.

It’s okay to not follow the whole routine when tired and cleansing is crucial. It is also advisable to scrub the face at least twice a week to deep cleanse and pull out the excess oil to avoid pimples and unwanted rashes. Beardo Activated Charcoal Face Scrub and Dove Men+ Care Deep Clean Face Scrub got a reputation in the market and is skin-friendly.

skincare for men_derje
SkinCare For Men- Clean-Up Before Anything.

Moisturize The Face

Sometimes, all the face washing and scrubbing makes the face dry since it loses the oil. So, moisturizing the skin is very important so that your skin doesn’t lose any more moisture. The men’s skin demands a different kind of moisture so we recommend Beardo Ultraglow Men’s All in One Moisturising Lotion and The Man Company Essesncia Shea Butter and Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream, which are made exclusively for the men, keeping in mind the texture and thickness of the skin.

skincare for men_derje
SkinCare For Men- Moisturize The Skin.

Guard Your Skin Against The Sun

We cannot forget the fact that our skin is most vulnerable under the skin and damage it to so many levels. We have to protect it from the harsh rays. If we caring for our skin inside our house, we also need to care for it outside as well. In case of sunscreens, go for The Man Company Sunscreen Anti-Pollution Lotion for Men and Ponds Skin Fit Pre Work Out High-Performance Sunscreen. Whether it’s skincare for men or women, sunscreen is important.

SkinCare For Men- It’s Sun Against The Skin.

Release Stress Through Workouts

With regular exercise, your blood circulation will be improved which is beneficial for the skin and also for mental health. It also helps to throw out the toxins through perspiration. Workouts make your skin breathe and gives an extra glow. And with the regular work stress, it is very important to release that frustration. Now, it doesn’t mean that you need to immediately go out and make a gym membership. Even if you have got a busy schedule, 10 mins of home exercise will also work. Do some jogging or freehand exercise. And if you are really tired, then do some meditations, with soft music in the background. Taking care of physical and mental health is a key for good skin-care.

skincare for men_derje
SkinCare For Men- Workouts Or Stress Release.

Maintain A Diet For Healthy Skin

Maintaining a healthy diet for everyone, irrespective of gender. What is the use of the above tips if you are not healthy from inside. Cut the junk and consume home-made food. I am not telling you to follow a strict healthy diet. Have junk foods twice a week instead of daily intake. No one can cut the tempting foods entirely. Increase eating green vegetables and fruits. Consult a dietician if needed. Drink as much water as you can, it washes out the toxic elements from the body.

If you are a non-vegetarian, go for the fishes and eggs. Add oats to your breakfast. Follow as much healthy diet as you can. But most important, stop alcohol consumption and smoking. I am not only advising it for the skin but the entire body, and you already know the harmful effects. I am telling you to leave it all at once, but with baby steps. Lower the intake day by day. It is an important part of skincare for men.

skincare for men.
A Good and Well-Balanced Diet Is A SkinCare For Men.

So, these few simple, easy skincare for men tips for men to get clear skin. I hope you start following them and lead a better life. And having good skin is always a boon.

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