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Sonu Sood Promises To Help the Children Of The Deceased: Punjab Hooch Tragedy

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Sood Helps the Migrant Workers and is not Stopping from Doing More

Actor Sonu Sood has never failed to surprise his fans with his kind and selfless social initiatives. This time too, he has promised to take care of the little children of the one of the deceased, who lost his life due to the hooch tragedy that took place in Punjab.

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sonu sood twitter and sonu sood instagram, sonu sood family, sonu sood, wife_derje
Check out Sonu Sood Instagram to stay updated – Punjab Hooch Tragedy

After consuming spurious liquor, that was manufactured by Rajesh Joshi, a Ludhiana-based paint shop owner, there was a death of at least 112 people in three districts of Punjab. The places are namely, Tarn Taran, Amritsar Rural and Batala town in Gurdaspur. This is the worst hooch tragedy that Punjab has witnessed in three decades. As per the test, the liquid consisted of materials that included denatured spirit that is mainly used in paint and hardware industries.

Sonu Sood Twitter -Sonu Sood Family and Sonu Sood Wife Helps People

After three children of Telangana, the four children from Punjab, whose father was a rickshaw-puller, received a very unfortunate death due to the spurious liquor tragedy in Tarn Taran, was temporarily accommodated by their uncle Sarwan Singh (the brother of the deceased Sukhdev). However, he has reported his failure to look after his brother’s children due to his own financial limitations. He himself has a wife, three daughters and a son, who are totally dependent on him.

Sonu came to know about the difficulties of these four children, namely Karanbir, Gurpreet, Arshpreet and Sandeep, through his friend Karan Gilhotra, who is the chairman of Punjab PHD Commerce Chambers. He has reported that a children’s home Mata Chaya Ashram in Abohar has already been shortlisted for these poor children. They are waiting for the permission by their parents. They will be taken to the home as soon as possible.

As reported by The Tribune, Mr. Sood has stated: “They are no longer orphans now.” He himself would be taking care of them as the tragedy of for children from Tarn Taran moved him deeply. He would be looking for the best place for the matter of their accommodation and also ensure good education and a bright future.

Sonu Sood Helped The Migrant Labourers To Reach Home

sonu sood twitter and sonu sood instagram, sonu sood family, sonu sood, wife_derje
Check out Sonu Sood Instagram to stay updated – He Helped Migrant Labourers

This is not the first time we have seen him devoting himself for the sake of mankind. He emerged as a hero for the people for the social work he did for the migrant labourers. As we all are aware of the current situation where the entire world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, a country-wide lockdown for a few months had been declared by the Indian government. It was a very cruel time for many as many people lost their jobs while some others got stuck in different parts of India, away from home.

He came forward to help these migrant labours reach their homes states, as a part of the campaign “Ghar Bhejo”. He arranged transportation by hiring buses for more than 350 migrant workers to travel from Maharashtra to Karnataka. Also, he obtained permissions for migrants to travel to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and many other states.

Sonu Sood Stood For The Health Workers

Not only the migrant labours, but he has also helped the paramedical staff and doctors by providing them Shelter. He offered his family-owned Shakti Sagar Hotel (named after Sood’s late father), which is located in Juhu, Mumbai. He also added his statement where he said that he is happy to help the health workers with food and shelter in this pandemic situation.

A Farmer Received a Tractor

Sonu Sood Twitter -Sonu Sood Family and Sonu Sood Wife Helps People

After a video went viral where the two daughters of Nageshwar Rao, a farmer from Chittoor were seen ploughing the field, Sonu Sood took the initiative to help the farmer’s family by giving them a tractor.

Sonu Sood’s Reply To A Tweet

Sonu Sood Twitter -Sonu Sood Family and Sonu Sood Wife Helps People

In a recent tweet, he has replied to a user who tweeted about the Mumbai rainfall, asking is he could do anything about it. He said, “Ofcourse..बोल के तो देखो ”. This is how he is becoming a real-life hero among the world of fictional heroes, whom the people worship. A true legend like him is surely a blessing as well as a pride for the entire nation.

Sonu Sood Instagram

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