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Easiest Haircuts To Maintain While Looking Good For Men


A lot of men just want simple but stylish haircuts that they can quickly get and maintain without putting in much effort. Here are 10 of the best easy to keep and stylish haircuts that you can get –


This is definitely the entry gate to getting fashionable haircuts. It’s so easy to get, you can even try getting an undercut at home using your trimmer. It is extremely easy to get, it’s just shortened sides and back, while being longer on the top. The simple difference in length between the sides and the top makes this one look clean and stylish.


French crop haircut

A solid one. You don’t need too much hair or work to get or maintain this haircut. It is a smart one that most people can rock well and it will improve their appearance. Anyone can get it, but your style can really elevate with a beard and a side fade, don’t forget to try that out.

Faux Hawk

A toned-down version of the mohawk, this haircut has short sides and a slightly long strip in the middle going from the top to the back of the head. This too doesn’t require much maintenance, and this is one of those haircuts that reaches its potential when it feels unkempt. You don’t need a lot of hair with this one. David Beckham, the legendary footballer, had popularised this hairstyle on a massive level, back in 2002, during World Cup.


Standard Quiff

While a lot of people relate quiffs to high maintenance, that’s not necessarily the case always. A standard quiff, which is just a quiff with shorter or medium length hair, is easy enough to maintain while looking like you have put some effort into it.


Butch cut

This is the one where all the hair on your head is short and even. It gives off a rugged and manly look, which makes sense since this is a common cut for military men. Obviously, this is practically no maintenance at all and you can quite easily get this done by yourself at home. It’s also called a brush cut.


Man bun

If you are the type of man to want to have long hair and also not worry too much about maintaining it, then the man-bun’s your best option. It undeniably has the basic upkeep of having long hair, but wearing your hair in a man-bun can be fast and easy.


The slick back

A true classic. Haircuts come in and go out of trends, but not this one. The slick back is created by combing or brushing the hair back away from the hairline and keeping it that way using some hair product, like hair gel. Once you have set it, that’s it, you don’t need to do much more or think about your hair at all, aside from expecting compliments. The slick back has been in fashion for decades now. This haircut can work with any hair length and on most head shapes. It projects a feel or maturity and richness.


Hi top fade

Similar to the undercut, this haircut has shorter sides and is longer on top. The difference is, as the name suggests, there is a fade between the sides and the top, sometimes stretching all the way down to the skin.


Relaxed Pompadour

A lot of people associate the word pompadour with extremely high maintenance. That’s not true in all cases. Yes, the classic pompadour is probably the highest maintenance haircut you can have, but a relaxed pompadour is fairly easy to maintain and looks high-class and stylish. There is a sense of royalty attached to the pompadour due to how popular it was back in the day. Its still popular and definitely one of the most exotic hairstyles. A relaxed pompadour is a mix of an undercut with the classic pompadour. The relaxed feel is due to the hair being ruffled and un-styled at the top, which makes it low maintenance, along with the side being short.


Taper cut

The taper is for people who don’t want to commit to a hairstyle, but also don’t want a boring look, while also looking for low maintenance.  Similar to a fade, the difference with this is that the length shortens gradually and only around the neckline and sideburns, while a fade is generally stronger in its approach of shortening the hair at the sides and back all the way down to the skin, which gives It the faded look.



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