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Sunny Leone Teaches Her Little Kids About Fire Safety


Nisha, Noah, and Asher; Children of Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber Enjoy Learning At The Fire Station

Actor Sunny Leone, along with her husband Daniel Weber is keeping these days busy in Los Angeles. There she shifted a few months back. They are working in the personal development of their little kids, Nisha, Noah, and Asher. There are various things she tried to teach her children starting from visiting farms to picking vegetables, riding classes for her daughter Nisha and so on.

This is not the first time that Sunny is working on with her children to teach them about anything and everything. She makes sure that her kids receive all the important lessons that are required to lead a positive life and also she happily answers their doubts that are taken from authentic and credible sources.

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The Family Has Taken Precautions

Sunny Leone photos_derje
Sunny Leone Life – Travelling With Precautions

The family has been already taking the necessary precautions that are required to keep them safe in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic. However, the lockdown and pandemic did not stop them from having a refreshing gala time out there.

Sunny Posted On Her Instagram

Sunny Leone_derje
Sunny Leone

It was on Friday morning, August 7, when the actress shared a photo in her Instagram account which displays the picture of the complete and happy family. The photo was taken with her husband, Daniel Weber, and herself holding the three kids with smiling faces.

To keep up with the spirits of the children as well as to continue with their life lessons, she took the children for one of the important lessons about fire safety as she took them to the fire station. She has shared a post in her social media talking to her about how the kids have learned various things about fire safety. She posted in her Instagram account, thanking the fire station officials as they have cooperated with her and her kids while they were learning the tips and tricks about keeping up with fire safety.

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber_derje
Sunny Leone along with her husband Daniel Weber

Sunny has also taught her kids how to fight with Nobel Coronavirus. She has mentioned in an interview with The Times of India that her kids are learning to adapt the new normal and had trained them to wear masks in the form of games since they are still small as they will find it hard to understand why would one day they will need to wear masks out of nowhere.

Sunny Leone Shared Their Raksha Bandhan Celebration Photos

Sunny Leone Babies

A few days back, Sunny also posted in her album of Raksha Bandhan celebration photos featuring her little kids. The actress shared with us a glimpse of the celebration where Nisha tied rakhis to her brothers, Asher and Noah. The little girl also tied rakhi to her daddy on behalf of his Rakhi sister. She also wrote in her post “Happy Raksha Bandhan to all our brothers and sisters out there! Love @dirrty99 (name of Daniel Weber’s Instagram handle) Nisha, Asher, and Noah and ME”.

Keeping The Kids Busy

Sunny Leone Photos – Sunny Leone Babies

Apart from these, Sunny kept posting how she has kept the kids busy and makes the days enjoyable for them in her social media account. They had been taking trips to the zoo, beaches, and parks.

Sunny and her husband, Daniel Weber adopted their baby girl, Nisha Kaur Weber in the year 2017. After that, they welcomed their twin sons Noah Singh Weber and Asher Singh Weber, who were born via surrogacy in the year 2018. She celebrated the birthday of Nisha with a post that is sure to make one emotional.

Sunny Leone Photos – Sunny Leone Life


How many children does Sunny Leone have?

Sunny Leone has 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Who is Sunny Leone’s Husband?

Daniel Weber is Sunny Leone’s Husband.


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