Best Online Stores To Buy Your Engagement Ring In India

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Are you ready to make it official with your significant other? The romantic gesture of buying an engagement ring for the love of your life is an unmatchable feeling. However, finding the best engagement ring in India, especially online, is an exhausting and daunting job. The history of engagement rings is indeed fascinating, as it represents a promise for marriage. At first, the man wears the ring and on the wedding day, the ring is given to the woman as the start of a new life. As a fun fact, these circular rings indicate that the love for each other is endless and infinite.

Moreover, according to the Romans, engagement rings are worn on the left-hand ring finger, as it unites the veins of love between you and your partner. It might sound cheesy, but imagine the scenario, where you are proposing to your love, going down on one knee, and expressing whatever comes from the bottom of your heart. Wow, you have already won her. Nevertheless, nothing turns out wonderful until and unless you get to pick the perfect and best engagement ring. In light of this, we are here to help you get out of the bamboozlement. 

How to choose the best store for engagement rings?

First thing first, congrats on finally planning to buy an engagement ring for your lady. Having you by her side must be a great gift for her, yet, an engagement ring is a great one. Moreover, it isn’t an easy job to make commitments for the rest of your life. Having said that, here are the top 10 tips you should definitely keep in mind before finalizing the engagement ring online. 

  • Shape: The most important thing to focus on is the shape of the diamond. This specific factor itself narrows down the hunt tremendously. It is referred to as a cut. Different cuts have different price ranges and different carat values.   
  • Carat size: The second most important factor is the carat size of your diamond. The more the weight, the higher the price will be. 
  • Wedding band: Wedding bands are usually made from gold, platinum, and silver. And in recent times, rose gold wedding bands have made a hit.  Also, you must bear in mind, that 
  • Correct measurement: In case the engagement is a surprise, then you should secretly get her ring measurements right. 
  • Know the origin of the stone: If you got a family ring or gem, it would be wonderful. If not, you should consider listening to the backstory of the ring you’re planning to make a purchase. People really do love listening to the history of what ring your fiance has bought for you!
  • Certification: In India, the diamonds are certified by IGI (International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research India Pvt Ltd),  which also certifies lab-grown precious stones.
  • Price: Last but not the least, seal the deal like a boss. After considering your budget and style for your engagement ring, you can really make a well-thought-out investment for your significant other. You are, thus, ready to pop the question!  

Coming back to the topic, here are the best online stores to buy your impeccable and precious engagement ring in India: 

  1. Blue Nile: 

I would recommend purchasing your wedding/engagement rings from the Blue Nile as it is considered a supplier of ethically sourced diamonds that are handcrafted in Seattle with the utmost care by their skilled artisans, with finest-quality materials, and outstanding engagement ring design at an amazing value. The store offers you to create a custom range of filters from diamond shapes, color, ring sizes, carat weight, budget, cut, to clarity.

Besides, the store allows you to examine 360-degree-viewing options, 30 to 50x zoom view, and also view in comparison, so that you could get an idea of what you are looking for. The Blue Nile offers a form of gratuitous shipping, return policy & ring resizing within 30 days, and of course, a lifetime warranty. You can also either schedule a virtual appointment or visit the showrooms at Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, New York, and showrooms at various shopping malls. 

Engagement ring
Engagement ring in Indian style


  1. With clarity: 

Just like the name of the company sounds like ‘with clarity’ so do the rings at the stores. With Clarity offers you an amazing advantage of try-on-experience, where you get to wear a replica engagement ring for a few days before you commit to the real deal. The website makes easy financing available for you and also a 30-day free return policy  With Clarity offers you a limited selection of stones & settings to create your own engagement ring, according to the shapes(cushion cut, round, princess cut, and oval cut shaped rings), styles (solitary, vintage, halo, and side stone), and types of metals( such as rose gold, platinum, white metal, hidden accents, three stoned, etc.).

Engagement ring
  1. Mejuri: 

If you are looking for a unique and modern combo, then Mejuri is the best spot to purchase your engagement ring. Mejuri is an expensive store to purchase, which has a limited selection of ring styles but has a variety of designs with different stones & metals and has a 2-year guarantee. The company also makes hybrid designs with a large center stone and a cluster of small diamonds around it, making it shiny and high-look. Go for Mejuri only if you are looking to surprise your partner with a modernly styled ring and an expensive one.

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  1. Vrai: 

Vrai is renowned for the best engagement rings that come with the best free-conflict lab-grown stones with a unique setting. Instead of mining real diamonds, the company creates free-conflict lab-grown stones with the help of solar energy. Vrai offers a variety of filters such as shapes, styles, and metals. For those who are looking out for a budget-friendly engagement ring, then Vrai is the best option.

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  1. Ritani: 

Ritani is known for its innovative feature “clicks and bricks” business model, which combines brick-and-mortar stores. Where you could order or see the engagement ring online, then head to the brand’s store to try it on and buy it if it is to your liking, so there won’t be any pressure to buy it. Additionally, because the business holds the credit card as insurance, you are not required to invest your money right away.

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Engagement rings are very much important in a relationship, as it symbolizes love and devotion for each other. Not only do engagement rings strengthen the relationship but also embark on the start of a new life for the couple. Additionally, it also reveals to the world that you are special and important to someone. I guess, keeping all these things in mind, you can absolutely bag the fortune for your significant other.