Elevate Your Makeup Game: Top 10 Fancy Makeup Products You Need to Try

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Makeup is itself one of the fanciest things to wear. A lot of people love to wear makeup for different reasons. While a few wear makeup to hide the little acne, others wear fancy makeup products to enhance their beauty. A lot of makeup brands produce a few fancy makeup products too. So let us get into all the makeup product lists under this section.

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Glittery Eye Shadows

Glittery Eye Shadow Palette - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Glittery Eye Shadow Palette – Fancy Makeup Products

Applying eye shadow is just a normal thing. Even if we talk about smokey eyes, it has become a very rare and frequent thing. But highlighting your eyes with bright and bold glitters? It is certainly one of the most fancy makeup products that you can avail of from any cosmetic store.

Eye Stickers

Eye Stickers - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Eye Stickers – Fancy Makeup Products

A wide variety of eye stickers are frequently accessible to people who love to collect fancy makeup products. It comes in smaller round, bindi-shaped stickers, heart-shaped ones, and even ones with random shapes and sizes. Interestingly these all are used on eye shadows and even at times can be worn as eyeliner too. Even semi-circular pearls are also doing a great job in the makeup products list of fancy ones too.

Fancy Freckles

Fancy Freckles - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Fancy Freckles – Fancy Makeup Products

A bunch of little freckles on the pink and peach blushes look pretty beautiful on your cheek and nose. But among all the fancy makeup products the floral freckles are not very much used. With colorful tiny flowers on the nose and cheek is what we watch in a lot of filters. But people love to recreate these types of makeup products to invent something new and out of regularity.

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Contrasting Eye-shadows

Contrasting Eyeshadows - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Contrasting Eyeshadows – Fancy Makeup Products

Eye shadows contrasting colors can be portrayed on the eye creases which will produce an effect of highlighted eyes on the face.

Glitter Lipsticks

Glitter Lipsticks - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Glitter Lipsticks – Fancy Makeup Products

After eye shadow, the next fancy makeup product to add glitter to is lipstick. The era of red and maroon lipstick is long gone. Now, people talk about bright and colorful lipsticks too. This apart, matter and glossy were the ones to rule the market of makeup. But recently the demand for glittering lipstick has gained hype. With various dark and bold colors, powder glitters are also being used widely.

Eye Pigments

Eye Pigments - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Eye Pigments – Fancy Makeup Products

Keeping all the ombre and monochrome shades aside, people are looking for some new and fancy makeup products for the experiment. Surprisingly, a lot of people are carrying these bright rainbow eyeshadows on their eye creases pretty perfectly. These shades are best for creating the junk and funky look that can be worn with bright and sunny shaded dresses.

Bronze Makeup Kit

Bronze Makeup Kit - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Bronze Makeup Kit – Fancy Makeup Products

Tanning a fair complexion is not a new thing, but without using tanning products, is what that makeup artists have come up with. Among all other fancy makeup products, folks love to buy bronze and copper-shaded tones to create a warm tan look with makeup. One can even blend these with nude makeup looks to get a perfect bronze makeup look that your outfit for the day demands.

Contour And Creases

Contour and Crease - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Contour and Crease – Fancy Makeup Products

If you don’t want to keep it simple, here comes the fancy makeup products that can be added to create an HD makeup look. To make the features more defined, people draw jawbones, contour lines, and nose lines too. But these look better on heavy makeup look, especially for a party or some other special occasion.

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Illuminator - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Illuminator – Fancy Makeup Products

It might be a new term for people who are not much into fancy makeup products. The work of the illuminator is to provide a special glow on the face. Although this is not much used as an essential makeup kit, people use it a lot to get the extra glow. Even after the matte finish, this illuminator never fails to bring brightness to the face.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes - Fancy Makeup Products_derje
Magnetic Lashes – Fancy Makeup Products

Tired of putting the eyelashes with the lash-sticks and watching them fall over, because your hands are not professional enough? Get a pair of magnetic lashes. You just need to hold the two parts on your lashes and they will get themselves placed perfectly. The best part of these lenses is that they don’t fall off suddenly, embarrassing you in the middle of your date, maybe?

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So, this is the list of makeup items that are fancy. All these fancy makeup products have gained popularity recently among the millennials. However, a lot of celebrities have always been role models for fancy makeup products. So you can choose your suit and get ready to rock your look!

How to Select Best Makeup Brushes?

How to select best makeup brushes?_derje

Makeup is an art in itself, and brushes are the tools needed for this art, heard it before? But little did we know finding best makeup brushes is a task itself. If you are someone who wants to learn doing makeup or someone already in this field, you know how confusing it can be to find the best makeup brushes for you.

If you want to buy best makeup brushes for yourself, the ones that last long, work well and the one which can be used for everything you need, this is the ultimate guide for finding best makeup brushes in India. We will let you know everything about makeup brushes and not only that, we will add our favourites within the article so that you might not even have to search more, sounds great? Here, we have step by step guide to know which makeup brushes you actually need and how to get the best makeup brushes in India.

Know Why You Need Makeup Brushes

Makeup brush how to use best makeup brushes in India_derje
Know Why You Need Makeup Brushes- How To Select Best Makeup Brushes?

Looking at the headline you must have thought, why would one need makeup brushes? We need it for doing makeup, why else would we need it? Then, let me tell you, I was asking about the purpose it will serve. If you are a professional makeup artist then you might need different types of brushes so you should buy a set which will suit your requirements and if not then a basic set of brushes should do.

What type of use you are going to make is definitely a criterion to find the best set of makeup brushes for you. For regular makeup or beginners makeup, a foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush is enough. Vega foundation brush is something for a beginner to own as it is budget-friendly and also it’s handle makes it easy to hold. For an eyeshadow brush, Colorbar eyeshadow brush is a best option available. These two brushes can be your go-to as a beginner.

However, for a professional two brushes are not enough so a good quality makeup set is needed. Best makeup brushes for a professional matters a lot as they are a part of their work. Sigma chrome brush set might go perfectly for the needs of a professional makeup artist.

Good Quality

Make up brush how to use , how to select best makeup brushes_derje
Quality of makeup brushes- How to Select Best Makeup Brushes?

Now that you might have the type of makeup brushes, it’s important to know that they will last longer and work well i.e. good quality, after all, we are on a hunt for best makeup brushes in India.

Here are some key points you should know, it’s a makeup brushes guide to determine the quality of it and find out if it is the best makeup brush or not:

  • The bristles must be soft when touched with your hand and before buying the makeup brush rub it against your hand, it’s normal to shed a few bristles if it’s a new brush but if it starts shedding a huge amount of bristles do not ever take it with you.
  • The ferrule i.e. the metal band that connects bristles with wooden handle, it must be smooth enough when you hold it. This way you know it is not just glued together to look good or is joined properly. This is a must to find best makeup brushes and to know that it will be long-lasting.
  • The handle must be comfortable to hold as you are going to spend a lot of time blending your makeup.

You just need to keep these three things in mind to find out if the brush is a good quality or not. Best makeup brushes are just these steps away from you, this was a guide about determining the quality of makeup brushes.


Makeup brush set how to use best makeup brushes in India_derje
Budget for makeup brushes – how to select best makeup brushes?

All of the makeup items are expensive we know that already if you want good quality makeup brush set then you might need to rethink about your budget but it is possible to find good quality makeup brush within a budget too. To find best makeup brushes it’s better to look at what price you want it to be around. To make it easier for you we have 5 best makeup sets for every price range and every need, have a look at these;

I hope we have met all the budget levels, you have some options and also you can keep different things we have said in the article in mind to find the best makeup brush set for you.

Cruelty- free

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Cruelty-free makeup brushes- How to select best makeup brushes in India?

Cruelty-free might not be a criteria for you to buy makeup brushes but it’s our request whenever you buy any product look out for cruelty free brands so that no animal is killed to bring you a luxury. Just think about it, you will be rubbing animal hair against your skin so go for cruelty free brands, it’s good for you and the environment too.

Here are 5 best cruelty free makeup brush brands in India:

That’s it for our guide to find best makeup brushes, we hope you got an idea about makeup brushes, types of makeup brushes, and how you can choose best makeup brushes in India. If we missed any point do not forget to suggest us what we missed.