Beauty Beyond Boundaries: Explore the Best Cosmetic Brands of All Time

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We have always been thriving for the best when it is mainly in the fashion and beauty industry. We look for the best make-up, the best dress-up, and the best cosmetic brands that would uplift our image in no time. But if you wonder what are the beauty brand names that will make you look out of the world, then here are the ones that you need.

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So, let’s get started with the best cosmetic brands that you should keep on your bucket list.


L'Oreal - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
L’Oreal – Best Cosmetic Brands

L’Oreal is an internationally acclaimed company as well as the best cosmetic brands. From being a pioneer in the fashion industry, they have products extending from make-up as well as a wide range of skincare cosmetics. Therefore, they have bagged a few awards for their success as professional make-up brands.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
Estee Lauder – Best Cosmetic Brands

Founded in 1946, Estee Lauder is one of the best cosmetic brands that has been popularly ruling the fashion and beauty industry all over the world. It has specialized in not only make-up but also skin-care products, fashion technology, and personal care products as well.


Maybelline - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
Maybelline – Best Cosmetic Brands

Maybelline is one of the best cosmetic brands based in New York City. However, it is sheltered by the parent company L’Oreal itself. But as one of the individual make-up brands, they are doing their part with success. They have launched a range of make-up and skin care products, which helped them enlist themselves among the list of the best cosmetic brand around the world.


M.A.C. - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
M.A.C. – Best Cosmetic Brands

We all know what position M.A.C. is one of the best cosmetic brands when it comes to quality as well as professional make-up brands. It has a price base, which is a little higher than a few other beauty brand names one might get to hear daily. But M.A.C is used usually by a lot of make-up artists from Bollywood as well as Hollywood.


Dior - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
Dior – Best Cosmetic Brands

One of the fanciest brands among all the other best cosmetic brands is Dior. Primarily it was functional as a fashion brand. But later it has extended into make-up products as well. It is basically a luxury brand that has acquired its place in the top four brands in the year 2021. Their specialty includes the evocation of sensuality through their intricate designs.


Lancome - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
Lancome – Best Cosmetic Brands

Lancome is a France-based company that is popular for selling make-up, skincare, fragrances, and other cosmetics. Although it is also a brand extension of L’Oreal it is also doing great as one of the best cosmetic brands. Their products range from high-end products especially available for people who believe in quality over price.

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Bobbi Brown

Bobby Brown - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
Bobby Brown – Best Cosmetic Brands

Bobbi Brown is also among the best cosmetic brands all around the world that have been ruling the realm of the fashion industry for a long time. Their specialty revolves around how they have focused their product as women-centric products. It is a widely used make-up brand in the fashion industry.


Chanel - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
Chanel – Best Cosmetic Brands

Chanel can be claimed as one of the oldest companies that were founded by Coco Chanel back in the year 1910. Started as a fashion industry and later has been proclaimed itself among other beauty brand names.


Givenchy - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
Givenchy – Best Cosmetic Brands

Givenchy is also one of the most popular as well as best professional make-up brands that has been functionally serving the world of fashion and beauty throughout. As an international brand, it has been serving the Hollywood as well as Bollywood industry for a long time.


NYX - Best Cosmetic Brands_derje
NYX – Best Cosmetic Brands

Last, but not least. Nyx Cosmetics is one of the popular names in the world of cosmetics. It is used by a lot of make-up professionals and other beauty enthusiasts all around the globe.

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So enlist the best cosmetic brand that you would love to see in your makeup bags. Keep your bucket list ready to own these professional make-up brands because you would certainly not like to miss the best suit for you!