Building Strong Bonds: Explore 9 Parenting Norms and Expectations for a Flourishing Relationship

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Have kids, they said. It will be fun, they said. Meanwhile, you dealing with all the fuss made by that kid back at home. Welcome to one of the most confusing phases of your life, when you will have something to think about. This counts in even when you are done with everything yet you cannot rest peacefully for a while. The reason is the kid!

No matter what you have been told by your wishers before, you would find it amazing as well as amusing while you will be unpacking parenting norms and expectations from your end. So let’s get to know what are the few things that you can input when your parenting phase takes off.

Here we are going to cover a few of the things you need to keep in mind as your parenting norms and expectations. Hope these could help you ahead with all the mess that you have to deal with your little ones.


Communication As Parenting Norms

Communication is the Key - Parenting Norms and Expectations_derje
Communication is the Key – Parenting Norms and Expectations

One of the key factors for a healthy relationship especially with your kids is to communicate. We fail to comprehend their understanding level at times, which brings in a collision. However, being the parents, it is solely your duty to work into talking things out.

There must be a reason why your kids are suddenly behaving weirdly. Sneaking around or just asking them to stop being cranky are never the ways parenting norms and expectations can be carried out. Instead, you need to be accepting enough and listen to them. It is after all your own kids that you need to groom. So, communicate as much as possible.

Make Yourself Available

Make Yourself Available to the Kid - Parenting Norms and Expectations_derje
Make Yourself Available to the Kid – Parenting Norms and Expectations

In a world that is too busy making money, it becomes difficult to allot a wee time with your kids. Chances are there that your kids will start isolating themselves and consider you to be out of their world. This creates a gap, which later becomes almost near to impossible to bridge.

Even if it is only a few minutes of your day, you need to devote that time entirely to your kids for your parenting norms and expectations. Keep all your business calls and meetings away and you can just sit and watch them. This in turn makes them feel special and they might add you back into their world.

Bridge The Gap

Bridge The Gap - Parenting Norms and Expectations_derje
Bridge The Gap – Parenting Norms and Expectations

You as a parent would obviously have seen life and experienced a lot of things. But for your kids, they are yet to face them. You have every right to restrict your child from doing any mistake, but this in turn is harnessing their growth.

Create a space for your kids and let them decide on a few trifles that will not make much difference if it fails. These can be counted as the smaller steps to their growth but will add up to their self-confidence a lot. They will try to grow with the independent decision and be willing to take responsibility for whatever path they choose. It is an important phase of parenting norms and expectations.

Know Their Generation

With the evolving time and technology, people’s perspective also changes. The way we might have grown will completely change when our kids are growing. So you need to keep on track with all the popular trends, at least the ones that are prevailing around your city or locality.

Try to distinguish between the positive and negative changes incorporating the parenting norms and expectations. You might not become trend-savvy but will surely get an idea about what your kids are up to.

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Try Befriending Them

Try Befriending Them - Parenting Norms and Expectations_derje
Try Befriending Them – Parenting Norms and Expectations

This might sound like typical mainstream parenting norms and expectations, but friends are something that your kids will not be missing out on. It is simply because friends are fun and easy to deal with if compared to parents. It will be bliss entirely if you can make them your friend by keeping up with the spirit. You just have to be supportive and accepting, and that’s it. Instead of getting upset over the little mischief, appreciate them.

If it goes something beyond their limits but is not at all harmful, you can rather scold them in a mocking way, so they can learn without being guilty. Also, who knows, you and your parenting norms and expectations can also become a part of their circle kicking each other off in a video game too?

Expect And Accept Mistakes As Parenting Norms

Expect and Accept Mistakes - Parenting Norms and Expectations_derje
Expect and Accept Mistakes – Parenting Norms and Expectations

There will never be anyone beyond parents, who will be there for their kids even after they have made a mess. Teaching them about right and wrong needs to be done from the elementary level. But if you are waiting for them to commit a mistake and then rectify them with a set of rules and regulations laid out, then you might be failing at parenting norms and expectations.

At times you need to broaden your heart and accept their mistakes, especially if that is not something, you have made them aware of before. Also, don’t put another layer when they are already facing a guilt trip.

Don’t Be Too Caring

Being too much at anything is not tolerable by the kids. If you care too much and keep on invading their personal spaces in order to monitor all their activities, then you might end up fighting. Allow them to fail too. Don’t throw them into high parenting norms and expectations from your end because that is the opposite of good parenting norms.

You need to let them be the ones they are. It is alright to be worried about your kids, but it is preferable if you do not let your insecurities open directly at them. Being too much strict might result in your kids doing all the things that you might have warned them about. Therefore, it is up to you to decide when to hold it tight and when to let loose.

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Make Them A Part Of Your Decision

Make Them a Part of Your Decision - Parenting Norms and Expectations_derje
Make Them a Part of Your Decision – Parenting Norms and Expectations

It is a perfect step to make your kids aware that they are growing up too. You can share your thoughts about a certain thing and seek affirmation. This way, you can make them learn about a few important things like managing money, bank-related documentation, and about taxes too. These parenting norms and expectations will ensure that your kids get the right idea about these important aspects which need to be placed as the priority.

Accept Your Mistakes

Accepting your mistake and apologizing for them, that too, in front f your own kids, might hit you at your ego. But in this way, you will only set an example for them, but also let them know that it is not necessary to be perfect all the time. Make sure you learn from your mistakes too and overcome them, instead of tripping over them.

It is because this is an important part of parenting norms and expectations. Remember, everything you do, has an impact on your kids. Therefore, your mistakes will not lead you in the wrong direction if you can teach them how to deal with them.


Parenting norms and expectations have never been a smooth path to walk down. But if you ask your child, it is not always easy with their lives too. Therefore being kind and loving parents is something that a kid needs even before the smart gadgets or the favorite dress at the store.

With the right parenting norms and expectations, you can essentially teach your kids the rights and wrongs of life. Therefore instead of blaming their friends, take over their minds with love and trust. We can assure you will always win over their heart and mind too.