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The world is already bleeding and suffering from all the ongoing pandemic. The numbers have outgrown the wraths that we have faced till now. Humanity is already is at it’s worst and people are not leaving any more chances to let it more than. The shameful and hurtful incident of killing a pregnant in Kerala has is what I am referring to today. The incident is an example of how humanity is ending.

The incident took place on 27th May. The pregnant elephant was given a pineapple which was stuffed with crackers/explosives. The explosives blasted in the mouth of the animal and she stood in the Velliyar River and died there.
The river falls under the Thrivuvizkhamkunnu forest section in Kottopadam grama panchayat. The Mannarkkad divisional forest officer (DFO)Sunil Kumar said that the elephant might have comes from the Silent Valley National Park’s buffer zone. There has been a case against the culprits. The officials are waiting for the post-mortum reports to know the cause of the death. There has been no arrest until now.

In a time, when we rely heavily on animals for our needs, the creaturs ask nothing just for love. But we being selfish creatures are not even capable of that. It’s so sad that we humans fight each other as well as on the animals who are there just for peace. Every year, numerous animals face brutality. A large number of animals either end up being severely injured or lost their lives.

A nationwide protest has set against the people who support animal brutality and do such unforgivable crimes. Silence is not a choice, not for human lives and not also, for animal lives. Silence is just a way to support the wrong going happening.
Raising voice for humans as well as animals is the way, to show we are uncomfortable. It shows that not just every life matters, along with every human life, every animal lives matters too.

Following on 5th June, an arrest has been made in the case, by the Kerala Forest Department. The official website of the KFD has confirmed the arrest. They also have managed to identify all the culprits and are on the hunt to track them down. The SP oF Palakkad said that the arrested man works on a farm. His companions will be soon behind the bars. A special investigation team of KFD is working on the case. The minister of Kerala, Mr.Pinarayi Vijayana, and the Union environment minister Mr.Prakash Javadekar has stated on Twitter that there won’t be any culprit left behind. The culprits will get punishments.

Post-mortem reports of the elephant show the cause of death is drowning and inhalation of water leading to lung failure. The reports also showed that it suffered severe wounds in the oral cavity due to the blast in the mouth.

There have been severe questions to the Kerala administration. As the goverment gives permission to use crackers-stuffed fruits to scare the animals. As it has caused severe injuries as well as deaths of many animals. The death of elephant is a shameful incident by mankind, as we failed to save two lives.

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