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The twitter hack

How The Twitter Hackers Were Found?

The twitter hack on Wednesday has taken the world by storm. Over a period of time, Twitter is known for everything trending. From Kanye West’s presidential announcement to Elon Musk’s controversial baby name, it is the home for everything sensational and controversial, from celebrities to business tycoon, to music magnets to music CEO’s, politicians, it has everyone’s account in it. But, in the wake of today, several high profile twitter accounts like Jeff Bezos, Kim and Kanye West, Barrack Obama, Bill Gates’s accounts faced the Twitter hack scandal.

Twitter Accounts Hacked - Elon Musk's Twitter Account_Derje
Twitter Accounts Hacked – Elon Musk’s Twitter Account

The hackers made dubious tweets like ” Everyone is asking me to give back,” from Mr.Gates’s account, along with “You send me $1000, I send you back $2000′. These kinds of tweets were made from the accounts.

Twitter Hackers Get Twitter Accounts Hacked For A Bitcoin Scam_Derje
Twitter Hackers Get Twitter Accounts Hacked For A Bitcoin Scam

In the USA, on Wednesday hackers hacked the high-profile twitter accounts and causing the stir in the social media world. The tweets indicated a Bitcoin scam. It reportedly earned its creators nearly $120,000. Following the scandal, multiple law enforcement including the FBI is holding an investigation. It shows a deep concern which is the vulnerability of Twitter and how social media can cause a lot of damage to the public and a threat to the security of the powerful individuals or company on the platform.

Twitter Accounts Hacked - Joe Biden and Barack Obama_Derje
Twitter Accounts Hacked – Joe Biden and Barack Obama

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It has enforced a huge step of blocking every new tweet from the verified users, whether compromised or not, and also looking at all compromised accounts on the platform. Twitter has also declined access to the user until they make sure that all the accounts are secure and ready to operate.

In a tweet, Twitter explained ” We have locked accounts that were compromised and will restore access to the original account owner only when we are certain we can do securely”, following the twitter hack.

Further Twitter, also mentioned that they have taken significant steps to limit access to internal systems and tools while their investigation is going to find the hackers behind the hack. Twitter also mentioned that there’s has no evidence of password steal of the accounts by the hackers, in the twitter hack. And also, they have locked any account which has attempted to change any password in the last 30 days.

Based on the data, approx 130 accounts were the target of the hackers and they are the part of the hacking scandal. The scandal began when absurd tweets were sent by Elon Musk’s twitter account to run a bitcoin scam, then Bill Gate’s account also saw some similar activities, It continued to post such tweets from both the accounts and then further deleted the tweet, resulting in identifying the twitter hackers.

After the investigation from the FBI, IRS, and Secret Service, UK resident Mason Sheppard and Nima Fazeli, of Florida were charged. Additionally Graham Clark aged 17, was charged with 30 felonies in Hillsborough County, Florida. The complaints filed in the cases offer a complete account of what happened on that day and how weakly the hackers covered their footsteps.

Hillsborough state attorney Andrew Warren said “He gained access to Twitter accounts and to the internal controls of Twitter through compromising a Twitter employee…He sold access to those accounts. He then used the identities of prominent people to solicit money in the form of bitcoin, promising in return that he would send back twice as much bitcoin.”

The twitter hack has raised some serious concerns in the security of the most popular people and their security in the social media and the effect of such tweets on common masses.

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